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Who to Blame at the Kyle Rittenhouse Trial (Amended)

One of the problems with many on our side is they don’t bother to familiarize themselves with facts that generally aren’t found on Twitter.

While the instincts are right on the nose; loving America, wanting to fight to save America, we often run with a boatload of things that are not as they appear, but could easily be learned if you just bothered.

I’m going to lay out a few facts about the Kyle Rittenhouse “events” that many of you may not know or have pieced together.

Rittenhouse, a 17- year old kid from Illinois, armed with an AR-15 rifle, on Aug 25, 2020, had joined a group in support of police and a police-shooting of a man named Jacob Blake in Kenosha Wisconsin. The rioters were your usual suspects, BLM and Antifa and as we now know, a few simpatico members of the media. One of those, of BLM, was a fellow named Rosenbaum, who was killed by Rittenhouse.

Therefore, it was only natural that the FBI would be there to film action on the street. (It was still Donald Trump’s FBI, and is still Christopher Wray’s FBI. Everything else at the federal level, has changed.

We don’t know when the FBI gave those films to the Kenosha County’s District Attorney’s office, but the FBI had no duty to leak it to the media for public use. It was known, and the Rittenhouse defense team would have known, of its existence, and there was no way the prosecution could have sneaked it into evidence without the defense being able to see it and make any objections.

As you know, this film, offered by the prosecution, has probably been enough to cinch Rittenhouse’s acquittal, maybe even without having to take it to the jury.

So, we have to ask ourselves why did they bring charges against Rittenhouse in the first place.

The short answer is probably “political” because of the national burning and killing taking place all over the country because of George Floyd’s killing in Minneapolis just 3 months before this Rittenhouse shooting in nearby Kenosha.

Kenosha is a city of 100,000, over 300 miles from Milwaukee but very close to the Illinois state line. This was at no time a federal case! The Kenosha County DA’s office consisted of the DA, a man named Michael D Gravely, and who Wikipedia has declared deserves his own page because he is now “famous”. Under him he has 15 assistant DA’s (9 women, 6 men) and has named two of those men, the lead prosecutor named Thomas Binger, to bring this case to trial. An elected Democrat, he’s been DA for 15 years, teaches at nearby UM-Madison and was named Minneapolis Prosecutor of the Year in 2016, four years before George Floyd became Minnesota Citizen of the Decade.

Now, every lawyer in Kenosha County knows these two prosecuting the case, so already knows what we can only guess at…and that is that these two fellow’s were pretty much hung out there, to take one for the team. They had no say in bringing the charges, and probably didn’t even have any say in who to call as witnesses, since both witnesses seem to have only sunk their cases.

Releasing the film wasn’t even a last-minute revelation of an attempted stealth. It just wasn’t any of the public’s damned business until the trial started.

It was a dirty job, but somebody had to do it, and I, for one, have no intention of hanging photos on Mr Binger and his pal over the dart board at the pub. I don’t know if DA Gravely called these guys in because they were his best, or his least. Or they just drew straws…although I doubt the ladies were invited.

There was no way the state could not have brought charges, since people were shot by a civilian. From another state. And the Chauvin/Floyd trial was still in progress.

The only way Kyle Rittenhouse can be convicted (there are some minor offenses, such as underage possession of a firearm, or violating the 8 PM curfew, which I assume would have applied to the witnesses as well.

And of course, there is the judge, Bruce Shroder, whose rulings so far seem to have been spot on, unlike the Judge in the Derek Chauvin trial, who single-handedly handed a conviction over to an already proven tainted jury, knowing the time Chauvin is now serving will likely be all he will serve before the conviction is reversed.

So, if you’re looking for political shenanigans, look for it from BLM.

(Amended Note): Those shenanigans may have already begun as some black-activists have boasted of having photos of jury members, and the Judge has so noted earlier this AM. Threats to jury members is good cause for a mistrial, so that the next jury can be sequestered and better security arrangements made for their travel to and fro and sanctuary during the trial. Better, it also allows the prosecution a chance to honorably bail out, and choose not to re-try Rittenhouse, since all the film evidence will still be introduced, tho probably by the defense instead of state, and the testimony of prosecution witnesses will be preserved to insure key they don’t try to walk back their earlier testimony, regardless of who calls them first to testify. Thanks to some show-boating BLM-types this case now could just go away, and it would be the duty of Kenosha County law enforcement to make sure they don’t take to the streets to try to win what their own bold misconduct has just given away without a fight.


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