2022 Midterm Elections, How Things Work

Early AM Notes of the Big Red Sweep in Virginia, Nov 3, 2021

I know the vote tally isn’t certified, the Democrats haven’t conceded, and lawyers in Virginia (this is, remember the home “Political Lawyering” in America) are having to get out of bed a couple hours early today. All that will shake out in short order.

But what has been won and cannot be taken away is the way to beat these mobsters with a ground game. And it was all conceived by a bunch of tired-of-this-bulls**t citizens hitting the pavement with their shoes, going door-to-door, and working voters up.

And it was all started by a team, including one of the founders of Unified Patriots, Jaded by Politics, and by a template first conjured up by Dan Schultz, or ColdWarrior, a Phoenix-area lawyer, which he called the PrecinctProject. I was lucky to be among the small group of then RedState.com activists who met with Herman Cain in his hotel suite in Las Vegas in 2010 to lay it all out. His presentation stole the show. Never giving up, through 2010, 2012, 2016, Dan caught the attention of Steve Bannon who gave the idea the national attention and access it deserved.

And what Jaded and her friends achieved in northern Virginia was more than anything else, a warning to the arrogant, down-the-nose, aristocratic “bratling” Left, the children, of children, of children of wealth who’ve taken over positions in city government and school boards, imposing their will over the still-majority of the people living in their districts as if they were private kingdoms.

And in Virginia at least, going back to Terry McAuliffe’s first run in 2013, they’d been able to create their own dark alley ground organization, partially bolstered by Obama’s OFA (Organizing for Action).

The only major thing different from what OFA had done for the Left’s ground game and what Jaded and her teammates pulled off in areas of Virginia where Blue Dem’s were carrying precincts by 70-30 margins, is that Jaded’s side has the Constitution and God on their side, and quite truthfully, a meaner look in their eye.

The final tallies aren’t yet in, and may likely be visited in court, but while Democrats may still win those counties, the margins will be closer to 53-48, and all those preening school boards and county government members will have lost their high steps. They may even start whistling past graveyards. Like those weak little princelings of previous eras who suddenly got a bloody nose, they will tread more lightly, and maybe even show a bit more respect…for you see, we will always outnumber them 70-30 on any given day, and in any given city or town or county in America.

So, even if they can get some court to intervene in their behalf (and they may try) what our friends Jaded and Dan have achieved is to make them afraid.

So, I suggest you look up the Precinct Project, and follow Jaded and Dan on Twitter (@B_gawk and @DanSchultz2) and start meeting with your friends face-to-face.

Get off your arse. For we (you) have only one year, not five and you already know what they have in store for this coming year. Trust me, you will see some of you favorites in Congress stir the pot even faster.

You don’t have to wait til the election to make them be afraid of you. Give fear a chance now.

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