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What is to be Done?

Leo Tolstoi and V I Lenin both wrote monographs by this title, both about the Russian soul; one moral, the other not.

Toward A Well-Appointed and a Well-Regulated Resistance


The illness of Rush Limbaugh has given a lot of lovers of the Constitution a heightened sense of their own mortality, especially as it pertains to the struggle we find ourselves engaged in today. Only four months ago at least Rush’s generation (and my own) believed we might live to see this fight finished in our favor.

But now?

The dark days are back upon us and this piece is a notice, or plea actually, for deep-pocket conservatives to up their game in fighting the Left, who have clearly gone medieval…and ’round the bend. Abandon the Karl Rove model of musical chairs which created a new political wealth sector that hasn’t succeeded in much  since 2004. Their days are gone, but by continuing to play along, attempting to hold onto that false reality in light of revealed truths about the intentions of the Left going back 40 years…and that the moral corruption of many Republicans have given aid to putting America in the place we now find ourselves…we seem to have slipped into a twilight zone where down-is-up and dark-is-light and that a mentally-challenged man can actually be elected president, or that several hundred thousand (likely millions) more actually voted for that demented man over a sitting president who was on the path to restoring America back to its original contract.

My father was a genuine AuH20 bumper-sticker Barry Goldwater voter, a “Barry’s Boy”, and through him, William F Buckley, Jr, who he introduced to me later in college. It was en route with my brother to bury Dad in Phoenix in 1991, somewhere across the Staked Plains of the Texas Panhandle that I first heard Rush on the radio. Being self-employed, except for the months I’ve spent in the old Soviet Empire, I’ve been free to listen to Rush almost daily ever since. Almost 30 years now.

My brother and I talked about how nice it would have been had Dad known about Rush Limbaugh. In his last years he had become very dark about America’s prospects. It would be that trip to the USSR where I was first able to see the darkness first hand.

Rush Limbaugh has been the most important American since Ronald Reagan, and without pressing the New Testament metaphor too far, he did more than any other American in not just keeping the pot stirred, but the table set for the arrival of a Donald Trump. Many from our generation had been looking for his private-sector kind anyway, and after quality time spent with Herman Cain in 2010, arranged by a friend at, I believed Herman might be “that guy”. I was even cut from RedState’s contributors-list when I telegraphed that I would push for Herman’s nomination in 2012.

Nationally, that generational vision of American exceptionalism had largely been supplied and defined by Rush Limbaugh, who just turned 70 a month ago, five years younger than me. (Donald Trump a few months younger than me.) Rush’s illness has given us all a greater awareness that time may be short for us to change the composition of the political game board. Many of us are uncertain that enough of the next generations will be aware enough of how things once were, or worked, from say the Lyndon Johnson, Vietnam and hippie anti-war hawks days. Rush and I have the benefit of having come up in a generation where our “at-the-knee” education of our own parents’ generation…the World War II and Depression era…might have been the last of its kind, replaced by pop culture and pop education.

There is no longer any question that the game rules and original board layout have changed. The question now is, can we rescue it? Obama’s regime made it clear that they wanted to achieve certain things that likely could not be undone once allowed to take root. (Modern Russia is the perfect example of what is left over once a Marxist design finally collapses in upon itself, in their case 75 years, with now 146 million people spinning aimlessly in space, with no historical or cultural memory, even of family, that extends past four generations, and virtually no moral compass to plot a path forward. They are still at the mercy of a system that has gone from Marxist to Fascist, still leaving the vast majority to fend for themselves in the basic task of survival. This fact alone tells us all we need to know about the underlying psychopathies that guide the sorts of political ideas pursued by the American Left today, a suicidal game of musical chairs based entirely on the hope that they will be the last one standing….all guided by indifference.

That thinking is what we have to confront today, and it is way ahead of the vision of our side’s crack political analysts like Karl Rove, who’s made hundreds of millions of dollars for themselves, by defining our world in four-to-eight year rotations, while the Left’s destroy-and-replace strategies have been built on generational models, going as far back more than a century.

In short, the Left feels strongly that they have the “law of generations” on their side…as each passing generation seems to know less, and feel less about America-the-Great, and along with it, a growing detachment, if not outright animosity toward the God that has served as the cornerstone to our self-identity since the beginning.

The Modern Left was keenly aware of what a Donald Trump “type” could mean to their long term plans. And he wasn’t supposed to win the first time. They miscalculated.  2016 was the “steal” that wasn’t. But we snoozed so it was bigger and better in 2020.

It was Rush Limbaugh who kept that drumbeat of the Left’s intentions in focus. He not only challenged their day-to-day outrages, but their deeper institutional planting of crab grass in the popular culture and schools, which has been spreading like kudzu for 40 years now, serving as a cultural alarm as serious as the political one we’re seeing unfold. They are just a few years away from choking off the American sunlight altogether.

As Mark Twain remarked, “the man who actually grabs a bull by the horn comes away with a hundred times more knowledge than one who’d only read about it in a book”, and Rush’s generation can see these threats with much clearer focus.

As did Donald Trump, the consummate situational analyst, doubly-blessed because he had no excess political associations to fog his vision.

So what the Left pulled off in November, 2020, so daring yet also predictable that they’d try, (from 2018—this is my only “I told you so”) puts us where we are today, where one side of the poker table has clearly gone all-in, while just 100 days ago, we were licking our chops, wondering how we might plan out the next 35 years of a new American Renaissance. Then suddenly, we’re one step into a surreal twilight zone where we now feel powerless to do anything about what even the next 12 months will hold, wondering if we can somehow politically baby-step our way back to where we were in say, 2004?

Rush’s illness has put many of us into a deeper sense of our own mortality, and that maybe, like Moses on Mt Nebo, we may well not be allowed see the final act. I think of Herman on this account, too. For five years Donald Trump had us looking ahead optimistically toward that constitutional renaissance not un-like those 37 years between Washington and Monroe when they all shared the same personal memory of the Founding. Trump’s tenure was an exhilarating time. He was able to awaken tens of millions to just what it meant “to be American”, from all generations, and to make the people’s skill at common sense respected and feared in the political arena once again. The constitutional Golden Rule, “Reciprocate with thy neighbor as you would have your neighbor reciprocate with you”, was back into vogue, irrespective of class rank…scaring the bejeezus out of an entrenched government class.

Rush Limbaugh has had much to do with this awakening. But that road back has been untraveled for 251 years, come March.

Still, it must be considered.

Bone Fides, of sorts

I started out traditionally; law school, overseas military service, private practice, a Fortune 500 corporate slot in manufacturing, not law, for almost 20 years. Then, with a gained expertise in labor-intensive manufacturing and technologies, I was lucky enough to spend almost 20 more years treading around the Soviet Bloc trying to help small businesses, whose lives before the Fall had been trying to “trick the government” just to make a kopek. Then suddenly, 1991-1992 the Hammer & Sickle came down, and they could come out into the light. And I just happened to be there to see it.

I got to show them a thing or two while they showed me a thousand things or two.

My autobiographical bone fides are found on this website as I like to weave life-stories into my observations. I’ve been fortunate enough to see the world from the other side of the political and economic spectrum for years, and I enjoy writing about the good sense of “common people” I have been lucky to know, with many more still in queue. In “the Russias” I learned the difference between “good mafia” and “bad mafia” since under Soviet law the mere practice of offering one’s services, even auto repair, was a crime (unlicensed business) and had to be carried out much like getting into a speakeasy during Prohibition. All were called “mafia”. I knew one good “oligarch”, a Central Committee member in Gorkiy (but on the losing side when Putin came to power), a man I liked very much. My focus in the Russias, including the Balkans, was to assist small businessmen improve their business on turf similar to what was common in America in the 1930s, (“retrotechnology”), their principal obstacles to biznez other than ordinary competition and “location, location, location” being that triad alliance made up of the State, various mafias, (one couldn’t beg at a subway station without having to pay a local mafia for the spot) and the oligarchs, who didn’t use that term at the time of Fall, but who would go on to own all the USSR’s state industries. They owned enormous wealth that they had gained from conquest, and then, much like medieval kings, passed portions of those businesses along to subordinate “barons”, or lesser oligarchs.

The sadness for these ground floor small businessmen, who really did have to start out just like an off-the-boat Jew on Delancey Street or Italian on Mulberry Street in 1900, was that they loved American businessmen more than the German or Italian investors because of the things they’d seen about us on television, from old shows on a bootleg station called Channel 2, mostly from the 70s; “Dallas” very popular. I knew young bankers in Ukraine who affected the manners and gestures of slick mobsters. All from American television. I once even shared a sleeper from Moscow to Ukraine with two Palestinians returning to the Intifada after a semester of political training at a Soviet technical institute. My escort spoke French and Russian, I spoke French and English and the Arabs spoke Russian and Arabic and English and Arabic. A mess. But once they were assured I was not Jewish, (they drank all my vodka) we enjoyed conversation about America. “If only I could go to America, I would be rich!”.  What the small businesses of Russias didn’t know was that the American business model of the 90s was no longer the America of the 60s and 70s. American business, managerially and entrepreneurially, was moving into its Gordon Gekko phase (where it remains, I suppose), who thought of nascent small business in Russia as either easy marks or mere hirelings, not partners. I “fired” over half my clients on this account alone. But I even became friends with several Sunni Lebanese businessmen in Bulgaria who imported and sold sneakers and clothing through a chain of small shops. I was fortunate to be their guest at an Arab restaurant, the only Gringo in the room, and watch the men do their line dance (dabke). And for once, they bought the booze. They learned the hard way how to hide their earnings from shakedowns from the triads. It was tough for these relatively wealthy Arabs to have to drive old East German Trabants instead of new cars, just to keep from attracting mafia and tax attention to themselves. All the way into the mid 2000’s they still kept all the signatures of their wealth hidden in their apartments. I even got to consult with a tile producer in Macedonia during the Kosovo War and sit in on a large outdoor business meeting at a restaurant in the hills near Kavadarci. All the businessmen wore black suits and white tee-shirts.

Finally, on my flight from the USSR in 1992 I sat next to a Commerce Department officer. I may have been one of the very few private-citizens in the USSR at that time, so he peppered me with questions, so upon returning to my office I mailed him a summary of my findings from my stay in the USSR in that historic time. He never replied, but later I saw portions of my summary repeated, almost word for word, at a House hearing on the Peace Dividend from the Soviet Collapse by US Ambassador to Russia (and former DNC chairman), Robert Strauss.

I’ve never spoken with any other American government agent since.

About Antifa, which I discuss in greater detail in the bibliography below: it found its origins with some Washington University (St Louis) seminars that led directly to the Occupy Movement in 2011. My old dark alley friends from the pre-Obama years knew there had to be big money involved, and we assumed other watchers, with deeper pockets, were also taking notes of who those people might be, and maybe even compiling dossiers or discussing how money worked its way through the many hands to those “manipulators” running the seminars. We may have been wrong on that account.

But Occupy morphed into Antifa and BLM, and their coordinated activities, only I’ve seen little from our side’s deep pockets in even the basic accumulation of information that the Norwegian Resistance, 1940-45, (which I like better than the French Maquis) would have accumulated on every Nazi in that county, including names of every Norwegian considered to be friendly with the occupiers. (In France, after the war, virtually every prostitute who consorted with Germans had her head shaved in public. In most cases that was their only punishment, only, they had to hole-up somewhere until the hair grew back…minimum 6 months for women…before they could move to a new town to start over.)

I had retired friends trained in various ops who pulled a few “raids” and I reported them, all before Obama, then shut it down in 2009. I once considered turning some of those episodes into mini-series along the lines of “The Equalizer”, only they ran out of interesting stories when Obama took office, fearing reprisals (see below).

(A note on “vigilante-ism” about which I generally disapprove. Vigilance committees more often then not end up on the wrong side of history because they let their power go to their heads, and never know when it’s time to hang up their guns. This is true. But I came across a book by a Rev Wm Barrows, a Methodist cleric, who published in 1888 The United States of Yesterday and To-Morrow about western history of the post-Civil War, range and mining wars in the West. He gave an entire chapter over to “Lynch Law” towards which he was favorable, citing several examples and certifying that the hangings that took place were all by the book, and justified, only lacking a judge and rule of law. His view, for your consideration, is that vigilantes ban bed a good thing as long as they know when to hang up their guns.)

Also, contrary to my earlier warnings about “boasting about dark alley successes” through social media, that may be a good idea today as there is propaganda value to broadcasting successes today as more people, and of a wide age-range are now paying attention. I think daily “wins” would have great morale benefit. And worry to the Left, once they find they still can’t trace anything back to the actors.  Such a sites(s) should become very popular, as “samizdat” was in Russia, and probably still is. It can serve to build up courage among the people on the front lines who suffer the most from the Left. (Just don’t hire any Blaze editors to set the site up. Vet “your communications people” closely.)

Sadly, what I’ve been unable to find is evidence that “our side” has been creating those inventories and dossiers or sharing them. If anyone reading this in fact does collect this sort of information I’ve seen no evidence that it has been used to any effect. This does not mean that these things don’t go on, but there is a morale benefit, whether in Brooklyn, Seattle, or even nationally, to be able to broadcast these little victories; that a college professor or city council member quit their job, transferred to Syracuse, or that a city council member in Chicago had red paint poured over her car…for a third time…or that the side of the home of a  Newsweek writer had been tagged “LIAR” for things he or she published knowing those things not to be true, or that some person had skunked a $2500 Gucci purse carried by Maxine Waters on the elevator between the 1st and 10th floor, only no one saw a thing because it took two floors for anyone to even smell it.

It’s an even larger target-rich environment, and once there are enough of sorties going on, from sea to shining sea, and no one still knows who might be doing it, the Left’s fear will increase proportionately.

One Final note:

This is not a job solicitation, although I am willing to consult on-line and maybe even travel. ( Nor is this a solicitation for money, but if you find this information useful, any payment via Paypal to will always be appreciated. I have a special use for that money.

Everything I’ve provided here is public domain, and you can make of it what you will, except republish it as your own. But it’s high time that the deep pockets of American conservatism realize that our current method of finding, vetting and electing congressmen is not the way to win this ground war. And that putting their money, connections and management skills to better use outside the political world would be more beneficial…especially since that’s what the corporate Left has been doing with their millions for several years.

I’ve been working with some men around the country in developing tactics to “blight the Left’s path” since before Obama. We used code such as “killing rosebushes” or “rolled-up newspapers”, and later “skunk” (referring to a foul Israeli spray used to break up mobs) to signify various ways to cause leftwing actors in government and the academy (that list has grown considerably), to begin looking over their shoulders simply by creating that uneasy sense that someone is out there watching. I’ve known that sensation in dozens of knee-knocking situations around the world; Ukraine, the Balkans, Korea, Hong Kong, the wrong part of town in Cincinnati at 2 AM, even an unlit strip mine site, which was also where I heard my first gunshot fired in anger.


We invoke the right of subjugated people everywhere to declare war on unelected masters, only we choose not to kill them. Or most often, not even draw blood. We prefer a low-violence form of warfare in part because of our sense of civilized morality, and part because in many psychological ways we also know that many of the people the Enemy sends out to riot, pillage and burn are themselves victims, and that their cure is rather simple and relatively painless, sometimes no more painful than jumping out of their skins every time they hear something go “bump” in the dark. (We’re learning more about their inner fears every day.)

I’ve suggested many models for various target areas; corrupt government officials at every level, public education, K-12 thru college, the new Voting Sector, warned here in 2018, and again in 2020, but at least the GA-PA-MI-WI-NV-AZ-VA government apparatus that aided and abetted the 2020 vote fraud has provided a whole new range of Dark Alley prospects, from precinct election official to governors, secretaries of state and attorneys general. Maybe even a judge or two. And of course, there’s the Limousine Liberals and their Hessians and Cannon Fodder, all covered below.

In 2013 I listed what I’d learned into a A Strategy Down a Dark Alley, which is still a good outline for organizing small units and generally blighting bad people’s path. It lays out tactics to combat various kinds of lawless activities that ordinary groups of citizens can employ locally level. It is still a growing, target-rich environment, and if carried out nationally, can have a significant morale deflation, for no one knows who actually is doing these things, 10 or 100 or 1000? But success depends on absolute anonymity and secrecy, even among best friends and spouses, and generally insists on no physical injuries, only property misdemeanors, although I now believe a bloody nose may be worth the risk, having learned the wages of sin at age 12 by that route, from a kid who is now my patron saint,.,Mick Hensley, and who broke my nose…twice…for lying.

I have appended, below, a complete bibliography of all my “Dark Alley” proposals and analyses, each pertaining to a different aspect of the Left. There is some redundancy there, but only a few hundred people have ever read them, and of course, I don’t expect any of you who I send this to personally to do that either. I assume you have a staffer read it and give you an executive summary, which exactly what my last CEO, in 1989, did.

I make this same suggestion to you, just to get the ball rolling.

The things I want to stress here is that our side does not seem to be doing much in the way of interdicting anything the Left is doing, outside of trying to field better candidates. From the viewpoint of the Left, I’d say that boat has sailed.

Unlike Rush, I’m not very tech-handy, but know that the Left relies on it. This could be a genuine vulnerability if they can’t even begin to find out who we are without the help of Tech. The paper methods of the Norwegian and Algerian resistance were all they had, but today, especially in communications, the absence of electronics can make it almost impossible to find, track or catch us. In fact, the French had to resort to torture. So, personal security up and down the line is paramount, especially now, because of their growing ability to use public shaming-ostracism and the threat of job loss. Never discount their psychological tendency toward reprisal. ( See below).

There were things we could have done to Antifa and BLM when they still fledglings, primarily by discouraging young people to want to enlist. But they’re now militarized and any confrontation on their turf would be bad. But there are many ways to tweak their recruits at the bottom, thus making the cost and reliable on-call availability of their cannon fodder element a concern. My belief is that the vast majority of their troops still have never known real pain. Thus, The rule still applies: Patriots will win over Hessians every time (even with firearms) if the Patriots can choose the turf.

Many of their plans involve the availability of foot soldiers (cannon fodder) who they believe will walk away from lawless behavior with little more than a temporary detention. In fact, they still promise that as P J O’Rourke noted when he hired out to work anti-War demonstrations in the 60s; a few bucks, beer, dope and maybe a little sex. And bail. They also have real shock troops who operate behind this shield, trained in higher levels of street combat, even with firearms, involving military command and control. They’ve grown from kids to organized para’s in about 6 years, And we’ve only watched. Deterrence has always been sort of easy.



                                             INTELLIGENCE GATHERING; Strategic and Tactical,  Dossier Creation. Including psychological and sociological studies (the                                                       GENERATIONS OF WEALTH IN THE 20th Century, about 6…starting with Leopold and Loeb in the 1929s, thru JAPS, MAPS and                                                   all the other princesses from Pelosi and Hillary to AOC.

                                            PERSONAL SECURITY—remember the Left already knows they are breaking the law. Only they think they are immune. If you find                                                them out and let them know you know, they will assume you will inflict the same level of injury on them as they would on you. This is                                              doubly iffy if the person(s) you wish to frighten are paranoid haters, which has become almost a by-word for behavior of the                                                            millennial bratlings such as AOC. She is a type,

                                            COMMUNICATIONS— As mentioned, Paper is still best, as are land lines, face-to-face talks in coffee shops, but always                                                                  compartmentalize on need to know basis.


                                            LIMOUSINE LIBERALS —To save space I wrote Limousine Liberals in the Dark Alley to discuss this subject…about NGO non-                                                      profits, GLOBALIST COPORATIONS, PROFESSIONAL SPORTS/LAWYERS, BLUE CITY COUNCILS and BIG TECH.

The purpose of dark alley strategies should be to put real names to those many and varied activities. They are a cornerstone of not                                                just anti-American political activities, but also a body, a very large body of shared ideals (Marxism and Global corporatism are not                                                 the same, globalists believing that once the Love-America-first threat is subdued they can then turn and gobble up their Marxist                                                      partner, inasmuch as they control all the First World money and markets and military strength in the United Nations, while the                                                          Marxists’ strength, including China, is still best represented by the bar scene in the original “Star Wars” film (another hat-tip to Rush                                                Limbaugh, who used this mental image many time.)

                                           THE BUREAUCRACY— A harassed staff member, especially communications/press liaisons can cause twice the difficulty for a                                                      haughty federal or state manager as killing the bosses’ rosebushes. A consideration.

Sever the connection between the bureaucracy and education sector…make government less attractive…set a goal of cutting                                                          government by at least 40% over 20 years.

                                            “Piercing the Administrative Veil”, Mar 2013,—especially the political correctness gestapos most institutions now hire

                                           EDUCATION:–Public schools, Public and private colleges

                                             Citizens Guide to Education Reform, with a Bandana (2017)

                                              Light and Dark Targeting of the Academy, Strategic Overview (2013)

                                            THE VOTING SECTOR–(noted above) assuming that in the long run the  “New State” will want to continue the facade of fair                                                          elections. At some point they won’t.

                                             MEDIA— Recommend you create and share dossiers on every media outlet, some of them old brands, but instead of leaving your                                                   card, just a constant torment of tagging “LIAR” on their car, house, window, purse, and once they know what your purpose is then                                                    you can simply step up to Skunking purses or clothing, (there’s a whole library of ideas) and let them settle into the rising cost of                                                   living, for it often takes only a few weeks for insurance companies to keep replacing the the Gucci or the new paint job on the car.

                                             Just let them know you know their name, and that lying is wrong and can be painful.

                                           THE MILITARIZED LEFT; ANTIFA and BLM- Discussed extensively in the Bibliography below

                                            Learn  their roots and both their management and battlefield command structure and tactic

                                            Recommendation: leave the para-military side to law enforcement, but strike at their base, their cannon fodder.


BEWARE OF REPRISALS- Just be aware that the higher up the ladder you proceed, and the greater the name-recognition, the greater the chances for reprisals. This doubles down on the precaution of personal security, because they have been at this business for several years. and if you consider the hate they feel for you and the things they would do to you if only given the license, then include the fear/paranoia that permeates a large portion of their, it’s not unlikely that if you harmed their car, or their rosebushes, you may be willing to up the ante on the projection that that is exactly what they would do to you if the tables were reversed.

Just understand the “Lidice Reprisal”, especially the type of mentality that can conceive it, once stung. (Lidice was an entire village in Bohemia, were every male over the age of 16 was shot and the women carried off to death camps, where theydied, as reprisal for the assassination of Himmler’s No. 2, Reinhard Heydrich, in Prague in 1942. Lidice was mentioned as having been involved in the plot, but of course, as a town of only 340, that was not true. But it goes to prove the lengths these types of persons, once in power, will go to terrorize the people they rule.)

With para-military groups the Left has the ability to carry out local reprisals, not unlike the Portland riots, only in neighborhoods, even in red states, counties and suburbs. This is why local defense organizations, generally better armed and more experienced, working with “dark alley” tactics will be very helpful to



A Commentary about Laws of War and Laws of Civil Society – Feb, 2021

A Strategy Down a Dark Alley  (2013)

War Gaming the Left, How Citizens Can Fight Back (2017)

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Voter Fraud

Da Mob; a Look at Democrat Party Election Practices – Aug 2018 (Nov 2020 repeat)


Citizens Guide to Education Reform, with a Bandana (2017)

Light and Dark Targeting of the Academy, Strategic Overview (2013)

“Piercing the Administrative Veil”, Mar 2013,


Ayn Rand’s Children of the Damned, a 1971 Prophecy Fulfilled – july 2017– (Ayn Rand wrote this 1971, in Gen1, we are now in Gen 3!)

America-Loving Democrats Meet their Grandchildren in Seattle – June 2020

When Fear and Paranoia Move Centerstage, Look for an Invisible Hand – Jan 2021

It’s Fear that Drives the Left’s Hate – Jan 2021

Are the Gas-lighters Gas-lit Themselves? Nov 2020

The Genesis of “Hate as a Religion” in America – Dec 2020

The Natural Law Case for Violence Against AntiFa – Vassar Bushmills

The Master Plan for America’s Mental Breakdown, Part IV –July 2020

Shutting the Door, the Federal Boarding School and Sanitarium: The Plan Part III – July 2020

How Things Work When Unworkable Things are Allowed to Work (Step Two) – July 2020

Dealing with Public Insanity as if Our Lives Depended on It –June 2020

Raising California – Sept 2020

When “Remorseless” is no longer an “Individual Symptom” but a “Social Condition” – Dec 2020

America, From Defense to Offense, Part II – Nov 2020

Depravity and Barbarism – October 2020

The Psychotic Playworld of Urban Terror – Sept 2020







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