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Limousine Liberals in the Dark Alley

I’ve been doing an overview of our Dark Alley Strategies to offer to a group of people who may be able to carry this strategy to the next level. I’m not sure how much time we actually have.

But one of the groups that have received a pass all these years, in part because they were often more in control of the Deep State than even the Congress is a group I’ve bunched together to call “LIMOUSINE LIBERALS”. Like most post-modern organizational charts, they run from a board room conference table to several departmental chiefs, COO, CFO, etc, down to a multitude of action wings.

People on the right often use the straw-man term “Soros” to define who in fact are very many men and women commanding billions of dollars of both NGO non-profit money and GLOBAL CORPORATISTS (Managers of corporate Brands that were created and developed 2-3 corporate generations before they came onto the scene, and whose core wealth is now built on off-shore labor, at the expense of American workers, and even French, German and English jobs, which here are in turn linked to the AMERICAN CHAMBER OF COMMERCE, which has become something of a shill for their Globalists’ clients political agenda.

Many of these are known in various economic and political, even social circles. They write, not advise but write (through their staffs) much of the legislation for both political parties, such as that 400-page unread-trillion dollar budget deal that cleared the House recently. In some states they’ve transferred the money to accounts that write the checks that paid for the staffs that carried out election antics in several states in 2020. (And before). From correspondence with voter integrity groups in several states from 2013, I was able to discern three levels of money-passing events involved. And they were all largely known by name by these integrity groups, only they didn’t want to risk reprisals or lawsuits. Obama had his own network, OFA (Organizing for America), which with the aid of the deep state he left behind intact when he left office, still able to raise money and pass it around into all sorts of illegal activities.

Down the organization chart, there are several branches, such as the ENTERTAINMENT INDUSTRY; i.e., Corporate Hollywood and those really very tiny minds and familiar faces they employ and which these days have become a real whore’s bargain). Another is PROFESSIONAL SPORTS (The NBA, NFL, MLB, FIFA, and arguably the NCAA in all their sports categories), even NASCAR, who possibly will be the most interesting to watch inasmuch as God, not the Flag, may be the first icon to be tossed aside…if the “central committee” should want it.

The only connecting link between them that I can find, but a logical one, nonetheless, is that they are all now run by lawyers, whose dream from the time they were 20, was to belong to a Limousine set, and no higher god.

(Resume note: I witnessed all this Gordon Gekko-morphing of American business going on in private law practice in the 70s in Arizona and the corporate manufacturing world in the 1980s, which is why I quit to become an “old-style liberal Peace Corps do-gooder”, to teach the 1950s American business style to the small business sector of the old Soviet Bloc. I’m irredeemably old fashioned and if you’ve read any of my “Famous Common People I Have Known” stories, from East Kentucky in the 1950s to the Balkans and Russias, 1991-2008, you’ll see that common thread.)

There is also, of course, the TECH SECTOR which I believe has its own global designs, and would like very much to be sitting at the head of that Globalist conference table some day. But for now their ability to affect Media’s power, and to threaten certain constitutional freedoms, such as Speech and Expression is worthy of examination. Their general demeanor is that they are not friends of liberty, but understandably since many (or most) have not been fully accultured, still in their first and second generations in America. Still, they are rather, elitist, in a club of their own. They feel about the same about Nancy Pelosi as they would Junior Samples.

Finally, with the rise of BLUE CITY COUNCILS and MAYORS since Obama, then adding a very vindictive authoritarian attitude since Donald Trump became president in 2017, and the very coordinated way in which they were obliged, or at least allowed Antifa and BLM to riot, burn, loot, deface and destroy virtually anything that suited their political fancy and ends, there’s no doubt they are also allied, funded and being counseled by the big money and big-picture authoritarians mentioned above. This the the center of voter corruption in America and needs to be ferreted out.


I’ve been suggesting  big-money conservatives, at least every once in a blue moon, get together and discuss what they might be doing to affect this. Perhaps they have actually done this, although I doubt its been given a high priority. And I think I can speak for the rest of America, if a collaboration has taken place, we’ve seen no evidence of it.

Still, all these people should be listed, by name, with dossiers, and then targeted. Plus their staffs. (Just leave the police alone, for while I know a many are dirty, many more are more loyal to their communities that the mayor’s office. Let a better scheme of law enforcement take care of them.)

Their capital sources are different, for much of NGO money is from inheritances by children, trust funds, some, even in their third generation, who never had to any work. Once upon a time they bought a big science-lab boat to study sharks (“Jaws”, 1974) or tramped around the Brazilian jungle looking for lost cities, (1925), but now, as often as not, after becoming tramps of another sort, they still attend the finer schools and take up residence at up-scale institutions and universities with PhD’s, teaching, or doing research in soft sciences, or some empty sinecure, at least until, once shown a Queen of Diamonds, one may suddenly rush off to Washington to read some prepared lines and then testify before the world against a Supreme Court nominee, then fly back to California.

A kind of zombie jamboree.

This is now their third generation, and instead of thousands and there are millions of them. Nancy Pelosi was a 1st generation Baltimore debutante, who, before she went to Congress, had already played a major role in flipping the Democrat Party hard to the left at their convention in 1976. There are now, 3 generations later, dozens more of them in Congress, with thousands more in elected politics all around the country, and even more in the streets just earning their first set of spurs.

This is no small matter.

As you consider the purpose of our Dark Alley strategies, many of these are the foot soldiers who do the dirty work, but who in all likelihood, are just as much the victims as the store owners in Kenosha. Our dark alley purpose is to prevent that screechy little bratling (above) from growing to become this shrew-witch below:

The purpose of Dark Alley strategies should be to put real names to those many and varied activities. They are a cornerstone of not just anti-American political activities, but also a body, a very large body of shared ideals\. (Marxism and Global corporatism are not the same, globalists believing that once the Love-America-first threat is subdued they can then turn and gobble up their Marxist partner, inasmuch as they control all the First World money and markets and military strength in the United Nations, while the Marxists’ strength, including China, is still best represented by the bar scene in the original “Star Wars” film (another hat-tip to Rush Limbaugh, who used this mental image many time.)

For your consideration.

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