DarkAlley Tactics: Piercing the Administrative Veil

You can also file this Tactic under “Neutralizing High-Profile Targets”.

Some bad actors on the left are high-profile simply because of their celebrity. But others are high-profile because of their conduct, a mere incident, such as doing something that gets a lot of attention. Sometime it’s intentional, sometimes they just get caught.

Learn to think past the headline, even though you might find yourself right back at square one once the exercise is over.

Take Professor (sic) Deandre Poole, of Florida Atlantic University, and Student Ryan Rotela, a junior.

If you don’t know, last week Student Rotela was suspended from the university because he refused to stomp on a sheet of paper with the word “Jesus” written across it, as required by Prof (sic) Deandre Poole in a class on Intercultural Communications (for the Dark Ages).

This may not be exactly the truth, but it is how early stories reported it.

I’m citing a report here by an atheist at Forbes, who does a good bi-partisan job of explaining the facts, although there are some gaps I’m still looking into. But the author seems to be uninterested in pursuing the notion that maybe this professor (sic), and his textbook, and the class curriculum, and even the administration, seeks to ostracize Christians as policy.

Prof (sic) Deandre Poole is also a local Democrat Party official. You can look him up. He told the students to print the name JESUS on a piece of paper, put it on the floor, then stomp on it. Ryan Rotela refused. Early stories also indicted that he was the only one to refuse. Believe it or not this stomping exercise was taken directly from the textbook, in which it was stated that students should be allowed  to opt out, if they wish. There is no indication such an offer was made, or how many other students also refused.

So this exercise did not arise from the mind of Mr Poole, but that does not mean he did not carry out this class exercise with enthusiasm. (Yes, you’re asking what possible place does this sort of thing have in a college classroom, or a college textbook, or that matter,  in a college, but there you have it. That’s why we call this a target-rich environment.)

Still, everyone seems to want to blame the  Democrat-cum-professor (sic).

On closer inspection it seems Rotela was suspended from the school by the school, but not because he refused to participate in teacher’s Jesus-stomping game, but because he sounded “threatening” when he excoriated the professor (sic) for demanding he stomp on Jesus. (Understand, these days a big “How dare you?” can be construed to be a threat. Yelling “Ouch” out loud another. Private “ouches” are still allowed, I’m told.) Instead of having been the one who suspended Rotela, it seems Prof (sic) Poole was the one who ratted him out to others in the administration, on the far more serious charge of disputing a professor’s authority on matters such as whether Jesus’ name should be stepped on in the first place.

I’m not sure who got to his complaint bureau first, Student Rotela or Prof (sic) Poole, but within two days, Student Rotela was advised he had been suspended, as you can read in the Forbes article. He had been held in violation of the inviolable Student Code of Conduct, (follow the Fox News link in the story), where it names an associate dean, Rozelia Williams, who reported all this. We don’t know which Bureau she works for, as just a messenger, or as the actual ax-swinger, but it was clear that Prof (sic) Poole beat Student Rotela to the courthouse steps, so was never required to answer publicly for his own conduct. In fact, in the tying up loose ends department, we don’t know what happened to Student Rotela’s complaint at all. Probably still working its way into File 13.

In other words, Rotela was not suspended for refusing to stomp on Jesus but for complaining about it publicly, which, while the former is simply a little good natured sport at the expense of Christians, and always guaranteed to bring them down a letter grade if they don’t play along, the latter is a stern refusal of the cosmic authority of the university. A big deal, not a little deal.

And also why our group (w-n-n) is now involved.

End of story, the governor’s office got involved, the Liberty Institute‘s lawyers got involved (who, if you’re going to donate money, I recommend) and the university quickly backed down, issuing an apology.  Just who, and how far up the line, we don’t know. But the apology was one of those “sorry anyone was offended” types, with no remorse or judgment about the act, and certainly no hint of sanction against the responsible parties.

The university apologized with clean hands.

There are all sorts of bad guys here, friends. For it’s those “clean hands” and foul mouths that need a taste of Ivory soap.

Finding: This is why we dig deeper. Deandre Poole is the only person of interest who made the 6 O’clock news. His picture is out there, and trust me, he is basking in the lime light. Shameless.

He is also untouchable as any focus of an Alinsky-style campaign. He wallows in this sort of infamy.

But where does Rozelia Williams fit in? Today, virtually every university has a jack-booted Politically Correct Department, the keepers of the scrolls, where gestapo officers are often called associate deans. Is Rozelia in Poole’s direct chain of command, or in the subterranean Hate wing of the university catacombs? (Some day we’ll be big enough to root out every one of those PC departments, so look for it in a theater near you. We may just begin with FAU.)

But there are other culprits. How about the textbook (author James W. Neuliep, PhD, who teaches at St Norbert’s College, Wisconsin), a Catholic school, or its publisher, SAGE Press, whose textbook offerings suggest a soft-science slant? Now there’s a network to put under a microscope.

Finally, what about the university administration, all the way up to the big deans and president? Ayn Rand reminded us of an old law of administration in her 1970 recollections of the students riots at Berkeley and Columbia in the 1960s. She stated that while the students groups all issued strong statements on virtually every Marxist paranoid delusion, the schools’ administrators really believed in nothing (other than their own survival), so were absolutely unable to match any wrongly-held belief with any rightly-held one. In short, they administratively collapsed because they were already morally collapsed. Today we would call them upper-end low-information administrators, and if you believe Hayek and Rand, they’ve been around at least as long as the word “triplicate” has been in use.

It seems we’ve seen this at FAU this past week. Anything to make the public issue disappear.

So how do we approach this?

I won’t carry this out to its natural conclusion in broad dayight. Our group (w-n-n) has been on the case for a few days.

But there is much we can do to many people, as long as they are not named Deandre Poole. But we can still cut him and many others like him in that school (I’m certain there are many others. It’s that type of school.) off from their support system. They are all part of a gang, and their weakest link is that hidden support network behind them who protects them when they go astray or get caught, as Prof (sic) Poole has proved.

In all likelihood the system behind the perpetrators are the far greater law breakers in this case anyway.

But for you interested observers with dark alleys on your minds,, the lesson here is 1) never be too quick to rush to judgment based on a single story. Conservative outrage-miners are as bad about this as lefties; 2) identify all the guilty parties by names and design plans for dealing with them, 3) never go after the guy in the limelight, he’s untouchable, but  instead 4)  find his invisible support group, who is very touchable, then separate them from the hero.

In the end it will be Deandre Poole who will find it less fun to go to work.

There’s good Alinsky wisdom in all this.

Our people are on this, but feel to send any leads, especially copies of university rules, to francisxavier1232@gmail,com.



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