Moving Against the Big Lie, Part III, A Strategy Down a Dark Alley


Summarizing Parts I-II, the Left is who it is, and they feel they’re in the catbird seat now. For the most part they are. It has national politics pretty much sewn up, depending on how the states respond to the encroachments to their constitutional sovereignty, which has already been significant. For many years they have bought their way around the states’ dinner table, and now the states are financially unable to ask them to leave. What was prophesied in the 1950s has come to pass.

And the American culture is safely stowed away in  #7 Priority Box, property of public schools, the academy, and entertainment industry, awaiting shipment directly to Hades. All that is needed is sufficient postage.

As Mark Twain once said about Satan: You have to give some credit for executive ability to the spiritual head of half the world, and the political head of the whole of it.

Unimpeded, we all know where this leads. So, who’s left to fight? And how?

The Last Chastisement

“I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just.”(Jefferson)

“Evil triumphs when Good Men do nothing.” (Burke)

For over three years I’ve tried to lay out in several articles what we out here in fly-over country can do to reverse this. Like professional Christians off in Amen corner, by now you probably know this sermon by heart. This is my last one.

But that Jefferson quote, from the very beginning, was directed at us, not Reince Priebus or John Boehner. Jefferson always knew how their kind would behave. And Burke’s quote was also aimed at us, for no libel ever accused the political class of being made up of good men. It is the good men who hold those politician’s feet to the fire. It was always the free yeomen who are the Good Men who resist tyranny. Not toads like Priebus.

Yes, I know all the reasons men with careers and families can’t just lay down those earthly pleasures and run off to run the ridges and fight the forces of darkness. George Washington faced the same problems trying to keep his army intact. But all I’ve ever asked is that you make your area of combat your own town, your county, your local school district, and conform your battles to that territory, within your means, only occasionally venturing to the next county or state to help your neighbor.

Offer up what you can. Just drop the love affair with DC politics. That’s a vanity, not a revolution. Start turning over tables in school board meetings. Washington is a milestone around your necks, and quite frankly, irrelevant.

Still, many seem content to sit in the bleachers, sending in plays to Priebus and Boehner from the sidelines, then going to bed at night feeling they’d done their part for the Cause. Many are content to sit this one out until someone finally rides out of the sky on a white charger and smites these philistines…

…without once offering up to God one single reason why we  deserve this sort of special dispensation.

The fact is, we don’t. Especially me, since I’ve known all this for twenty years, not four.

You may know a little of the story of Moses Sands. I met him in Moscow in ’91, and we began working together “tricking the government” throughout the region; Russia, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Macedonia, even Kenya.  It was 1998, during the Lewinsky scandal, that he called me up, mad as hell, wanting to write a book, because his entire 20-year stint behind the Iron Curtain was predicated on the belief that the American common man would never give up his House, as it seems he has, without a whimper.

For 8 years I helped Moses with that book, but never really bought into his belief that the Clintons and the Democrats represented a real threat to the foundations of liberty in America. To me they were just ordinary crooks. Truth is, I was having too much fun “sneaking down dark alleys” in the Balkans to believe that maybe I should be sneaking down dark alleys in America instead. I even thought the first term of GWB validated my thinking.

But a lot of what happened in Bush’s second term unnerved me. The pieces no longer fit. And with the campaign of Obama in 2008 (the election was a foregone conclusion) I found myself right back where Moses Sands was in 1998, sick to my stomach, and mad as hell…at myself.

I had been fighting communism in one way or the other for over twenty years, but on foreign fields. I should have seen the handwriting on the Wall in 1992. But I left it up to someone else to fix things, through the political process, when, in truth, that boat had sailed even before GW Bush was sworn in. The war was on since 1988, only no one noticed.

When I finally did see the light in 2008, what did I do? Instead of picking up a pitchfork or box of matches, I decided to take pen in hand, and fix those bastards by writing. All is vanity, or so Ecclesiastes reports. Realizing this error two-three years ago, I began reaching out to other like-minded people, who also knew something about sneaking down dark alleys.

So, I have earned every bit of misery that has befallen me since Bill Clinton took office.

But my children haven’t. I have a son and grandchildren, none of whom deserve what 20 years of me sitting around on my duff has bequeathed them. Everything we have conveniently shoved to the side these past fifty years will land in their innocent laps, and with a much greater weight than it ever would have been for me had we just accepted this charge in 1992, ’96, or even ’08.

There’s a whole generation out there that  doesn’t deserve what the “good men” of America have bequeathed them by doing nothing.

The New Underground

Here I will lay out what can be done by one of you, or a thousand of you. If you can’t afford to offer more, you can still offer an hour a day. Or even an hour a week. I will lay out a general strategy here that will allow you to join the underground and to “take up arms” (just a figure of speech, Mr Holder) all by yourself, or with others in your community.

Why I bother is that we, the grass roots, the common men and women, are the only part of America the Left hasn’t wrapped up. We’ve been overlooked. They’ve ignored us, or taken us for granted. And when they think of us at all, they think of our guns. In fact, they can’t imagine us without them.

And that may be their undoing. They should be paying more attention to our rolled up newspapers.

Think of us like the halflings of the Shire. John McCain actually had it right, only for the wrong reasons, when he called us “hobbits.” In his plan to take back the world, the Dark Lord had accounted for all of Middle Earth except for the outliers of the Shire, but from that place issued the ones who would bring all his plans down. Tolkien told his story that way for a reason.

We are the only ones left who can fight the Left effectively. We are the odd men out. No one else can do this.

I’m also laying this out for you in such a way that you can participate even if all you do is pass messages, like the French underground, or swing a lantern from a church tower (does anyone even know the name of that guy or gal?). All you have to do is get up out of your bleacher seat and find out where these people in your town are, and then start conspiring.

The work will come to you.  It’s a target rich environment.

Down a Dark Alleyway

I have been associated with a loose-knit group-with-no-name for about three years. They are spotted all over the country, and have an assortment of skill sets, including military psy ops, (Agitprop) and covert activities.

During this period they have been developing local stratagems for use against people of the Left who “act out”, but only using very narrowly defined, mostly legal, tactics, lest you think them vigilantes. No ropes.

Their mission is to make public officials and other assorted and sundry bad people afraid. For once it becomes obvious to the Left that there are faceless, nameless people out there that go bump in the dark, this fear will trickle up.

The group-with-no-name believes the more politicians are made afraid the more they will steer clear of behavior which they know the people don’t approve. Lying is just one. Politicians lie because they think they can get way with it, not because they think people are too stupid to disapprove. Pushy and arrogant indifference is another sin we like to highlight. (Being talked down to.) In this way, we can split the herd, for then only true leftists will continue to push this envelope.

The reasoning is simple: a law of politics is that public officials fear the people’s wrath more than they covet money or power. This is based on the ancient axiom that the people’s opinion represents their public reputations, their public legacy, while all the money, ill-gotten or not, is perceived as having arrived under the table.  Forced to choose, most will choose their personal legacies. They’d wear sack cloth and ashes if they had to in order to stay in the people’s good graces. Getting caught is the politician’s worst nightmare, and with the media sewn up, and often, law enforcement as well, they haven’t had to worry for many years.

It’s our job to cleave this association, this protective shield, starting at the bottom.

As I stated in my last piece, it’s when politicians and public officials begin looking over their shoulder that they know the people really mean business. Nasty emails have no way near this effect. Only a guilty state of mind that brings this about.

But punishments must necessarily vary. We’re following a story right now in south Florida where a college prof, who also doubles as a Democrat Party official, required his students to place a picture of Jesus on the floor, then stomp on it. One student (which is a story in itself, only one) refused, and was suspended for it. The university backed up the professor. There’s a whole lot of bad people out there who need something washed out with Ivory soap. I’m trying to round up a crew to get to the bottom of it.

But sometimes teachers will act out on their own, at other times, backed up by administrators who are co-conspirators. So, punishments can’t be premature, nor cookie-cutter. If we can teach a lesson, we do. Others, have to feel a colder fear, or maybe the taste of fresh cow patty. Sky determines.

Our group-with-no-name knows how to bring these sorts of outrages to a head. And they know how to let the broader public, not just locally, but all over the country, know how the matter was resolved. This is how fires are started, by broadcasting them, which carries its own set of security issues.

They only need the means to make these things happen.

Since thousands of such occurrences happen each year nowadays, we believe that if even 25% of those incidences are met with (publicly-broadcast) consequences, there will be a trickle-up that will cause the Left to change tactics, for it will take them into a tactical territory they have not been in over a generation.

Light and Dark

But to accomplish these things, just like the Left, we must adopt an operational philosophy of Light and Dark.

In the Light there are all sorts of things we can do with internet, Twitter, even blogs, we are not really employing. For the most part we still only talk to each other. But as I described in my last article, the Left has used the internet as a means of command and control since 2004.

We must be more clever, but also more surgical in approaching our real objectives, for they are not the same as the Left’s. One does not fight their Big Lie the same way the Left fights our Big Truth.

So since our objectives are not the same as the Left, so must our tactics be different.

Consider any conservative politician (e.g, Joe Wilson of “You lie” fame).  He tells the truth but offends a protected class (anyone not white, not Christian) or Leftwing shibboleth (gay marriage, abortion-on-demand), in this case the Immutable Righteousness of Obama, and is treated to a volcano of very concentrated and coordinated anger from every corner of the empire, and by every known means of communication, from email and Twitter, to resounding denouncements by his Democrat colleagues in the House, the mayor and ALF-CIO leader in his home town, and of course, the condemnation of the local newspaper, who endorsed Obama anyway. His office is deluged with angry letters, and also death threats. And so are his wife and children threatened, so many and of such a caliber that threat assessments have to be made. The same for the state GOP office in state capital and local GOP in Lake Wobegon. His party leaders in the Congress are also deluged. China, North Korea and al Jezeera are all amused, but never fully understanding.

Mechanically, the Left literally had thousands upon thousands people lined up, for no more than 1-2 minutes each, not in random, mind you, but in Busby Berkeley precisioned choreography, all just to cause one poor congressional schlub who had uttered an inconvenient truth to be shamed and have to march before a microphone next day and say he was in error. To apologize.

A week-long story, interestingly, it could have been over in just a day had any member of the GOP walked before a microphone, or David Gregory, and  asked “What’s the story here, what’s the outrage here…that Joe Wilson was ill-mannered and out of place, or that he told an ugly truth?”

You see, the Left succeeded in causing an entire political party to know fear for speaking the truth! Thirty words or less, and there would have been no pain, no scar, no fear. And no deterrence.  All that choreographed bombast would have gone for naught.

If they can do that with a Truth, don’t tell me we can’t do that in the target rich environment known as the Big Lie.

But we don’t seem to know how to choreograph such events. This is because we don’t seem to know how to “shame” people who have no sense of shame. (Answer: the shame part occurs in the dark.)

Peeled away and laid naked, this strategy is rather easy to understand, although we cannot attack them in the exact same way. But neither should we need to, for this is their strategy of how a great Lie is protected after it has been elevated onto the stage as a Truth. It has nothing to do with how the Great Lie got there in the first place, as I discussed in Part II. That requires a different preventive strategy altogether.

Our objective should be to achieve the opposite, remove the Lie, and displace it with the Truth. They are not the same. Remember, when Good stands firm, Evil blinks. It is in the nature of both Good and Evil to act in accordance with their nature, so the stage naturally belongs to Truth. And Evil knows this. As long as the Left holds onto the stage, if even for a thousand years, they will still know that they are the illegal possessors of that piece of real estate.

That they possess it now is because “good men” allowed it to expropriated.

Now you can understand why I think that only the “shirelings” can topple this current form of evil that confronts us. We are America’s last repository of Good.

Our advantage has always been that Truth is easier to sell than Lies. Ronald Reagan did this about as good-naturedly as anyone in living memory. Truth arrives on the stage differently than Lies, and quite frankly, it is only in America that Good ever had a firm foothold on the national cultural stage. We are unique in this regard. In every country you search, Good only lives in pockets, which in Europe especially, is being ferreted out one hamlet at a time, and marked for extinction.

For you technological wizards out there, just change your frame of reference and you can see open up strategies to both remove the Great Lie from the public highway, as well as replace it with Truth. Bernie Chumm is developing our own, but I encourage you to develop yours and share them.

Out in the light of day, this is the only fight really worth fighting, and our little group-with-no-name means to fight it.

Bringing Rolled Up Newspapers to a Knife Fight

This does not mean we must fight with kid gloves against spiked knuckle-dusters. Karl Marx, with one “technology,” Saul Alinsky with another, and the Democrat Party-Left Alliance with the latest technological edition, still all subscribe to the same workbook hammered out during the First International, that of manipulating opinion against opponents. In other words, it’s battle tested. But its weakness is that it relies in part on the predictable behavior of those opponents, i.e., good manners, collegiality.

In fact, under congressional rules, I’m not sure anyone knows how to defend the Truth now that it’s been booted from the stage.

But the Left and Marxism are so full of weaknesses, Achilles heels, it really isn’t difficult to develop all sorts of strategies to combat them.

Unmasking the Left’s Tactics

Now, I’m not a secret society type guy. If you’ll recall, Dan Brown’s Da Vinci Code was based on a non-existent one, but was so well written at least half the people who read the book came away as if they’d read history. (Time will tell how that will turn out.)

But I have studied them a little and found that people find a little romance in them, for it’s grating for people of good will to see other people get away with almost every indecency and suffer no consequences. It becomes gratifying to know someone is out there, in the dark, setting things aright. This seems to be universal, from Robin Hood to Zorro to Batman, to vigilantism, which is always popular at the time, but fails almost every time it’s tried because the players don’t know when to hang up their rope.

(Just be careful, for much of the Left, and most terrorists see themselves in exactly the same light. See Part I. So serving the wrong god of justice, or simply getting the big head, can get you hung in the end. Be sure you’re right before going ahead.)

The Left is obsessed with broadcasting it’s tactics and successes, even as they are able to disguise their true purpose by controlling the message. We have to be more blunt. Clandestine sneakers for many years, now that they feel they control the universe of the Big Lie, they also feel they don’t have to sneak anymore. Consequently, they are more vulnerable because they are now comfortable discussing their true purposes out loud in ways they never have before.

The assumption that they live in a consequence-free universe is apparent. And about to change.

Add consequences to their boasting and they will have to retreat to an old universe of reality 90% of them have never known. Only, can they?

You see, their loud braggadocio isn’t just a result of this sense of invulnerability. It is also out a kind of arrogance and vanity going all the way back to Karl Marx. One of the things Marx’s modern adherents all seem to share with him is the need to rub their enemies’ noses in it. They have to drum their chests. It’s a need.

Take that away and you take all the fun out of it.

You have to understand that Marx was a viral hater, and his entire philosophy was built on his pathological hatreds, not any rational sense of wanting to fix things that were broken. But most of his adherents through the years, who never knew him, were more focused in their hatreds; toward capitalists, capitalism, ostentatious wealth, etc. You would have to hunt some to find a genuinely visceral hater in FDR’s administration. Or LBJ’s. In the 1930s thru 1960s the haters were still being laughed off soap boxes at Grand Central Station.

Today they are everywhere.

American “communism” is unlike any other socialist/communist experiment ever tried, as we see in public schools today where the destruction of academic excellence is still a major objective…a thing no sane communist regime would ever permit. Those kids would normally all be wearing uniforms, marching and singing the “Internationale,” learning physics by 5th grade, and speaking fluent Mandarin by middle school. And those who refused to learn would be culled away from the herd and sent-off to Playdough Gulag to learn how to recap tires. And yes, they’d have to fire three out of every four teachers in the public schools to do that. A good commie apparatchik would have no problem putting all those teachers into the bread lines. And justifying kids to be either gay or straight horndogs would be a Gulag offense under true communism. Communists have always known how to condition kids to be virtually indifferent to sexuality except as one of the only two or three free pleasures they can experience in a true socialist society.

America is not your basic Karl Marx marxism at play.

It seems that Karl Marx’s greatest nightmare has come true, that he finally has an entire generation that has totally captured his core essence, hatred, but one which could easier make a sentence with the word “Rotterdam” than with “class struggle.”

American Marxism is almost entirely manned by know-nothings.

And they are the Left’s greatest weakness, for like cats, they are also almost impossible to herd.

With this brood secret groups (with-no-name) have to never be seen, nor heard. Only felt.

I believe this should be a guiding rule of going forward against the Left as the situation now stands.

In this way the principal strategy of our group-with-no-name leads down an alley, into the dark.

There are several reasons for this, foremost security.

Principally is that within a year, if we can reach our goal of x-number of successful ground operations around the country, someone on the Left will eventually sense that all those incidences may just be connected. Then they will up the ante.

(In a 2012 operation in the Midwest it was noted that no one they “corrected” notified the police. Why? First and foremost, a sense of guilt, plus the embarrassment of getting caught, which is not the same as shame. One cannot run off to the police to say that unknown “vigilantes” had pushed his face into a bucket of fresh cow manure because he had vandalized university property a week earlier.

(There has always been a certain insularity in tweaking criminals, and how this stupid was found was his bragging on Facebook.)

But if/when the Left catches on they will likely magnify every simple little flat tire into “right wing death squads” or language of that nature. If you’ll recall the time I mentioned whacking a female leftie across the nose with a rolled up newspaper (my weapon of choice), the infamous leftwing DC blogger Wonkette went a little ballistic. (She thinks I’m cool, I’m sure.)  But you can see how every misdemeanor will be treated as a serious felony. And some local police will go along.

So, we have to be out in front of this, for this is both a hazard, a risk we run, but also a great asset. For it will make us appear more gruesome than we are. We really don’t care what the general leftwing know-nothing public hears Or thinks) about random acts out on the hustings so long as the real targets become so afraid their behavior will change. We’re not Republicans. Like characters from Dostoevsky, they may frighten themselves to death from fears of their own making.

All in all, I consider this a good thing. Like fear, guilt can become a serious laxative.

You Can do this at Home

The point is, you can do this at home, and as I mentioned earlier, the better operations require a lot of volunteer work, paper-handling shall we say, between the development of the plan and its execution. For you see, the best operation uses no emails, only hand-passed paper messages. Stalking, cell-phone photos, plotting a target’s routines, locating security cameras, all require an hour here, and hour there, and usually up against to a timetable. Operations themselves are in-and-out in an hour or less. But the set-ups can require several hours, all set up by ordinary citizens “just passing by” in the neighborhood. This is the architecture of mayhem.

We were hoping to procure some sponsorship to speed recruitment and response time up, and this three-part series will be part of the resume, in case you think it unnecessarily long. We need to convince prospective sponsors that 1) we halflings are about all that are left who can be effective against the Left, and 2) our operations plan will succeed in stirring up confidence in the people at the local level, not to mention 3) dispensing a little much belated justice in several quarters, instilling a little fear and a certainty of judgment among people who now think themselves invulnerable, and to assure them that 4) no, we won’t break any serious laws, and absolutely no ones’ legs, and 5) it really doesn’t cost that much if you consider price-value.

What to do at Home.

We discussed “ronin” almost a year ago, i.e, people who might want to open their own front in the war without joining  our network. We were largely against it then, because we have rules of conduct that we’d like to see guaranteed. But there isn’t time. Since our ability to get the money to set our network up is lagging, I’m trying to reduce training to a pamphlet and encourage people just to keep in touch, so maybe someday in the future we can link up.

The strategy is simple: 1) Find news of Lefties acting out. 2) Corroborate the truth, so there’s no innocent victims, 3) Use intel to determine if the perp is acting along or with assistance. (Most of these will occur in administrative situations. We have other rules for violent union-like thuggery). In other words, it’s important to know you’re right. 4) Unless especially egregious, such as the Jesus-stomping incident cited above, allow in-place rules and process to solve the matter all by itself. Due diligence. 5) Consider all options of punishment, and determine which will have the greatest deterrent effect, with the least invasiveness, i.e., Inconvenience can be greater weapon than the amount of property damage (changing a flat tire in rain vs a new paint job.) 6) Insure the perp understands the cause and effect between that truckload of manure in his front yard and his misdeeds. We have dozens of clever ways to send this message. 7) Understand your own legal risks. Technically, swatting a person across the nose is assault-and-battery, and even if threatened first, it still may require a lawyer and jury to agree with you. These are not schoolyard pranks, which is why we suggest mature adults only.

Operationally, you need to consider security above all other things, especially security in communications. I like land lines, but also throw-a-way phones. Snail mail is good, so is passing notes, if convenient. Just remember, never lick an envelope, and wear gloves when handling them, or their contents. (Scares hell out of bad people when they get a letter with no fingerprints, no DNA.) Learn to use little spiral notebooks. Store nothing on your computer, and keep open emails to a minimum, using code if need be. Send, print, delete.

The reason I say all these silly things is that if (we and) you are to be successful, like playing penny-ante poker, you have to have all your security habits down pat long before ever getting into the big game, when people are actually searching for the “three unknown men in hoodies” who were seen face-planting some creep in a bucket of cow manure (also assault and battery) out behind Arby’s.

Never underestimate the Left’s capacity for reprisals if they ever know who you are.

This isn’t just for your protection, mind you. Your greatest asset is the faceless anonymity of your acts, for the fear factor alone. Nothing frightens bad people more than the image  of someone leaping out of the dark shadows, and nothing encourages good people more than to know it happened.

It’s a difficult thing to discuss in an open forum things that should be done in the dark. Trust me, there are thousands of things that must be done, and millions that can be done. And they can be outcome determinative locally by repressing or deterring bad behavior by various kinds of public officials, and outcome determinative nationally if carried out in sufficient number.

But look ahead two years and ask what would Yahoo News look like if every week there was a trending story about yet another corrupt official having to wipe a custard pie off his face, or change a tire in a snowstorm, all because of a lie he’d told to a local reporter. As Stalin might say, “Two flat tires are a coincidence, but a million flat tires is a counter-revolution.”

As I’ve already stated, there are a few people already doing this. A true league of gentlemen. And also ronin (I think).  But hundreds more, even thousands more are needed. Also needed is a safe way to advertise these successes that show people there is a movement out there punishing bad behavior.  This is when the Dark comes back out in to the Light. We have a plan for this as well.


What has to be accomplished first, as I keep saying, is looking at the Left with the new fresh eyes of the 1940s and 1950s. Lay them bare, peel away the layers of vanities and you will expose weaknesses and fears. They all have them; fear of exposure, of appearing weak, stupid, incompetent, and corrupt. Fear of losing their position, job, or status. Fear of cow shite.

Alinsky proved, and Ayn Rand confirmed in her essays about the California student takeovers, that honest men, even clueless honest men, have different fears that Leftists.

Most of all they fear judgment…not judgmentalism, mind you, but judgment…of the inescapable, can’t-hide or get-away-from variety. The fear of getting a spanking. A harmless little sting on the ass.

And they fear inconvenience when they’d rather be doing something else (especially among the young, but still a signature red button with many of my generation), whether having to make their bed or getting rid of that horrible fecal smell, not knowing it has been affixed to the back of their winter coat while in an Occupy crowd. Watching a young woman strip off her clothes in 20 degree weather to get away from that odor is a sight to behold. And friends of mine have the pictures to prove it.

We believe with a thousand men nationally there can be a seismic national swing in just a short time about several commonly held leftish ideas that have become embedded in the national culture. All because we have done just one thing: attach consequences to the conduct, and at the lowest ring of the political ladder.

The Big Lie is how we know them, at least for now. The Left is still very proud of their Lies, and their freedom to broadcast them. Add consequences to those lies, and as in a snowball, and people will be less enthusiastic about listening, much less joining up.

America may be taken back by politicians to an uneasy peace, who can say? But the Left can never be driven down by politicians.  That must come from us.


But we’d really like for you to stay in touch, vbushmills@yahoo.com



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