Background: Bill Still is an interesting man. He’s near my age and does regular video reports (over 3400) about various conservative issues. He’s on Twitter, @BillStill, but with just over 11,000 Followers, so that is not a major medium for broadcasting his reports. Instead, he has a website and charges $3/mo or $30/yr to see.

“The Pence Card” (Still Report #3418) shown here, was posted on Christmas Eve, (that’s the 24th of December for serious-denying atheists and out-of-towners). And thru the 26th, just two days he’s already produced another five (5) more, up to #3423, so this is not a hobby with Bill.

He also sort of flies under the radar, in part I suppose, since being my age he comes off as kind of dull. Not a lot of Rock ‘n Roll, not flamboyant bombast, not even cussing and as I said, he doesn’t spend hours a day doing “Oh, yeah, well so’s yer ol’ lady”‘s or “there, there, there, now”‘s on Twitter. He’s not the sort of fellow who would grab Trump’s “new army”, who’s looking more for pit bulls. Nor does he frighten the rabid Left, who knows he hasn’t a chance in hell of reaching out and touching their base, so swallowed up in their own separate reality as to never see such a video as shown here.

Only 6:43 minutes, they’d be asleep before he got around to his point at the 1:00 mark after a pitch for a sponsor.

Then he goes straight to it.

Analysis: What Bill Sill says is entirely plausible, although not necessarily probable, since that answer can only be found inside Donald Trump’s mind, plus a few well-briefed members of his circle, including Mike Pence.

This is all according to law as it would come into play on January 6th. And yes, Bill Still also acknowledges that Nancy Pelosi and their crack team of reactionaries in the House, the Senate, the toe-tapping “Biden Inc” president-elect team, plus stand-by elements of the deep state in virtually all federal departments, not to mention a few soon-to-be-indicted old hands from the Obama years, plus select media, also know of this possible move by Trump on the 6th, with possibly a couple of lead-up days.

What we have been seeing in the Media the past week, this last week of December, may indeed be a lot of misdirection, possibly weighing their options about not even covering a national address should Trump decide to make one. (This would include weighing their personal options about potential arrest should martial law and other civil unrest options be available to the President. Few members of the left have ever had to actually march up to the brink before.)

Not knowing exactly what Trump might do…Is this Pence Card his landing on the Normandy Beaches or will this be his feint attack on Calais?…the Dems have to already be feverishly making contingency plans A, B, C, and D, trying desperately to gain some insights (confirmed reliable tips) that will give them some edge…because there is no legal impediment they can try to stop Trump once he decides which beach he will hit. The Dem’s basic problem (that they can’t admit to themselves) is that they really aren’t very good once they get past Plan B, witness the ham-fisted, blatantly naked and panicked manner in which they just shut down seven states’ vote counting around 10 PM on Nov 3rd, to grab those additional few million needed votes. Largely based on their implanted-from-childhood, spoiled rich-kid, adolescent notion they could find a way to clean the blood off their hands the next day, they just assumed the Media could insure no one in their gas-lit audience would notice….an audience far smaller than Trump’s, by the way, only far less “significant” in their world view.

Other than a few wobbly-kneed Republicans in Congress, all the media help in the world has not been able to make a dent on the 77 million citizens who voted for Trump.

And interestingly, since I’m a big believer in historical precedence, Bill Still even invoked the image of the Democrat’s first theft of respectability, the martyred St John F Kennedy. I watched that speech with my family. (We only had one TV.) I was 2 months shy of 17, and in little more than a year, we’d all be gathered around the same TV watching the various events associated with his assassination.

(This is only 4:17 of an 18 minute address)

I can only assume that if Donald Trump does as Bill Still suggests he will also address the Nation and will already have the full support of the military plus the having key officials of the intelligence community give briefings to the Nation.

This may even (should) obviate the need for the Supreme Court to be involved at all, easing Chief Justice Roberts’ min about the Court being involved, unless the Dems should like to appeal to them. Only then the duty will fall on Democrats to able to show, with proof, not only what the President has been saying for the past two months to be false, but also what the intelligence community is saying is false.

I doubt the Democrats have even considered a Door E at this point, unless E stands for Exit.

Fingers crossed.

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