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A Letter to a Few Patriots in Congress

Dear Jim:

Happy Christmas! Many Blessings on your House.

Always Remember that the solution to any condition begins with a unified theory.

Then remember that throughout History the primary struggle has always been between Man’s innate desire to be free and some other men’s pursuit to exercise Absolute Power over those Men. Power has held the upper hand almost all of those years.

You already know this, still every unified theory must begin with this simple fact. It is History’s most enduring struggle. This competing desire between Human Freedom and Absolute Power existed as far back as the building of the Pyramids, and roughly in proportions from 80%-to-20%, varying only on the size of the army and bureaucracy required to maintain that Power.

This hunger for Power is just as natural as the thirst for Freedom, only it tastes better and being exclusive feels better than merely being equal with one’s neighbors. In short, the vices of Man got a several-centuries jumpstart on his virtues. But both are innate in Man’s wiring. Just know, giving priority to the Power impulse and burying the “love thy neighbor” impulse is first an internal struggle in individual men before it can be institutionalized in their governments or their subsidiaries. “The Washington Post” cannot sin, only men and women of the Post can.

Never forget that.

By 800 in Rome, this impulse was so imbedded in pagan man that the early Church automatically forgave this sin just to be able to gain access to the pagan kings’ people, of whom they rescued many. (Along with a protection clause.) Still, it was a 50-50 bargain with the devil, at best.

It would take another 1000 years for Man’s innate desire to be free to take center stage, in a city called Philadelphia, on a continent still unknown to the Church in Rome or the kings of Europe for another 700 years.

History also proves that Man cannot accept Power half-way even if he begins with just a little bit of power as his purpose. Power is a narcotic, so in short order he must pursue it absolutely, at first feigning the appearance of a council or central committee until a strong and ruthless man finally emerges. Rule by committees are always short-lived. So don’t believe for a moment that this leap for power in America will long be held together by an alliance pact. A strong leader will emerge. They always do.

But in all cases, the 80%, the herd, the rest of mankind, have the innate power to “wreck” (Stalin’s words) any absolute ruler’s plans…to deny the ruler his ambitions…but also sometimes to its own detriment, witness the blind journey of the Russian people today since the fall of Stalin’s empire in 1992; still soulless and lost after 30 years, all because those survivors of three generations of the Soviet holocaust are still shorn of their historical and moral memory, their cultural identity today a mere whisper of what they had once been. (This same could be said of Manhattan since the 1940. And remorseless is rising worldwide.)

This begs the question of how America might be in 40 years: How long will it take Russians to once again learn that stealing or killing is “wrong” by a much Higher Law than merely being “illegal” by man-made law. That Higher Law is America’s moral foundation, and I doubt that it exists in 30% of the European populations today, and zero in China.

The Feudal System of Europe enslaved its 80%, the serfs, to the land for half a millennium, then was largely destroyed by the Black Death in the 14th Century, but the Absolute Power of kings survived another 500 years, itself dying from more natural causes, such as inbreeding and depravity. But compare with how long it took for the European monarchies to be replaced by the social democracies after World War I resulting in the European Union. All the accoutrements of royal power, except its Orb and Crown, were simply replaced by business suits, but still wielding super-national power…and it took barely a century.

The basic structure of Absolute Power has been remarkably unchanged in five millennia. Only its dressing has been modified to suit the times.

The United States was not created by accident. It had a purpose from the beginning; to light another way. It has that same purpose now. But it has only been around for 250 years, still in knee-pants by European memories, and diapers by Chinese.

And while our Founders were probably not fully read into the realpolitik of how this “new Nation, conceived in Liberty” would impact the rest of the world, the rest of the world recognized the threat right away.

But our Founders did believe in the role “the Invisible Hand” had in our creation, even if not read into Its grander scheme. (Interestingly, George Washington, a military man  and not a philosopher, may have been the most visionary of the Founders as to America’s potential impact on the world.) Our Constitution, much like Moses’ Decalogues, was a moral compact of not only universal freedom but universal survival based on “reciprocate with thy neighbor” as an old friend once told me, and not just a new legal creation and code of conduct for a new generation. But today, nearly half of Americans, especially our younger ones, no longer know of that Invisible Hand, or that creed, so, not unlike those poor Russians, may be swimming upstream to find a prize behind Door #2, not even knowing that Door #1 had been stolen from them.

America has finally reached that crossroads, not unlike the inevitability of that “great event” that would settle the issue of slavery. Only our struggle today is a thousand times larger, for those forces of Absolute Power today have gone through three entire makeovers since the era of absolute kings in 1787, and have finally been able to band together to strike America from within and without with a concerted blow, to end this mad notion that “the  lower 80% of Mankind” can actually govern themselves without the permission of their betters, under the arrogant and foolish notion that they can actually build upon what our 250 years have produced simply by importing a better front office, much like a third generation at Disney believes, having had absolutely no skin in the game in the “creative” creation of that company. All they are doing is bleeding the brand dry. As one front office MBA planner in a Fortune 500 manufacturing company of 40,000 told me… in 1988, “I can train monkeys to run a factory”. Indeed, China makes their product today, those American factories closed.

This contradiction of two separate realities, one moral and the other amoral, begins with the un-seen, uncritical and unanalyzed truth that these low-born Americans not only financed but fought a world war to save its European betters from annihilating themselves, or that all that American wealth had been created on the shoulders of the sweeps from Europe’s own kitchens, Or that the reality that neither of the “genius” Marxist regimes in Russia and China had ever invented a single new thing from scratch, but rather stole all their designs, then constructed entire technological and research regimes to improve on those stolen designs, mostly of American origins…

…yet leads them today to believe that somehow they can kill America’s creative energy and return us to our original state of being low-born’s, yet build upon what we created with a more efficient and better-managed world system by the likes of third generation Gordon Gekko’s whose only skill has to move money and wealth around without creating a single new dollar or job, what I call the “Soros model”, all for the benefit of that top 20% while returning the 80% back toward a kinder, gentler form of peonage.

Any student of history knows how this turns out.

*   *   *   *

I know some Members of Congress also know how this scenario will play out in America should Joe Biden & Company be allowed by the Supreme Court or any other agency to assume office in January. But should Donald Trump be returned to office, as 77 million Americans believe he should, the threat against the Republic today will be reduced by half as many of the principal actors may find themselves in jail.

But in Congress, many more Members are too settled into the old system to see past next month. And a few are simply too mercenary or dull-witted to even know what hit them. They never felt personally threatened by the evolving drift toward statism. In 1787 they were called Tories and most moved to Nova Scotia.

I’ve been writing on this subject since Herman Cain ran in 2011-2012, always with the unified theory in mind. I’ll continue to do so. (And yes, I have the background…military, law, corporate America and the USSR…to know what I’m talking about.

This will be a 30-year effort at reconstruction, and Donald Trump can only manage a few of those. So I encourage a few of you Members to begin speaking to one another (clandestinely) about various scenarios. There are hundreds of “what-if’s” to consider, especially since tearing down what the Left has erected, including the Deep State, will be the sole responsibility of Congress. War-game it, as the Enemy is not a potted plant. That are poor at thinking on their feet without a script, but are artful at dodging. And are cruel and indifferent to casualties.

I recommend you begin as a quiet Rump Congress but with the plan to become a long-running, Long Congress.




1 thought on “A Letter to a Few Patriots in Congress

  1. Sir!
    As I recall
    In the final days of Rome
    The only thing exported from their cities
    Was manure

    A role model of mine returned to University after a 40 year career in music.
    He spent 4 years producing a paper on creativity.

    One thing I noticed that he left out.

    Freedom from distractions of external disciplines.

    This was- is- for my inadequately polished mind
    The most important condition for creativity.

    The founders of the American concept may or may not been aware of this
    They made this possible.
    A man can go after his thoughts under the unrestricted American conditions.

    When I was about 35 I went to a good lawyer friend of mine and asked her why I was not being successful at my undertakings at the time

    And she replied with a heavy Turkish accent
    Richard !!
    It is not you
    it is the conditions

    Which changed my theory

    First on the white board when confronted with a new situation:
    Assess the conditions
    Second :
    Create an executable implementable plan of action
    (A wonderful German word /concept theory known as
    „ Implementation skills/ ability“
    The normalcy bias is strong these days
    Kind a like the third generation of children after a wealthy man Long passed away. Living on his former glory. No skills necessary.
    I often detect a degree of hubris from those.

    The cycle of nations from slavery to freedom Back to slavery again
    Has a lot to do with the willingness to accept unacceptable conditions
    May be out of convenience
    Or want of security

    What I see now is that those willing to view a government as parents
    Have they given up all of their freedoms to receive some kind of false security ?

    Now they wish to give up your and my freedoms to receive the next level of security..

    And the patriots recognize this and are stating with a clear and loud voice

    I was inspired to write some thing this morning because you’ve touched on some thing that was my clear and definitive statement while closing down my last operation because I –
    Like Dagny Taggart in Rand’s Shrugged-
    Could no longer let them steal from me

    I stated at the end of my documentary film Unreleased but I titled it “fools gold -the start club tragedy”

    My final statement was
    “ if you want to change the outcome you have to change your theory “

    If it was 100 times it was once that I explained to the Europeans that America is concept and a theory based on the fact that a man is responsible for his own destiny and outcome and security

    And that the constitution lays the ground work and provides conditions for such
    Freedom equals responsibility
    Patriots know this from the moment They hit the alarm clock in the morning –
    And Are grateful

    I believe that there are more than 100 million patriots in this land

    And each and everyone of them can put five of the opposers in their place

    Donny has been one hell of a coach
    He’s running the clock out so that we get to see all of the opponents. —
    (Who have been posing as loyal team players)

    The guy is fighting on three or more Fronts.
    The central bank
    The CCP
    The deep state
    The stupid looting and plundering

    Not to mention his own staff

    I think we’re about ready to see somebody get bodyslammed

    By the don

    To protect our theory

    Merry Christmas Mr. B

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