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History Part III, Abortion, Our First Leap into this New Reality that is now Trying to Abort our Constitution

I can only issue a “damned-if-you-do, damned-if-you-don’t-warning” here.

This is a continuation of on-going discussions about critical thinking (common sense) and a map of “How things work” by understanding Unified Theory as it applies to Natural Law and the Left.

This modern incarnation of a separate reality of the Left goes back to 1964 and what Ayn Rand described as Haters, Appeaser, Manipulators , Profiteers, and to which I have added Protectors.

I’ll deal with a ground strategy for dealing with the Hater-Appeaser-Manipulator-Profiteer-Protector Gang existing today in a follow-up, but first need to point out that 350,000 Union volunteers had to die to remove the first “new reality” that was arbitrarily imposed on a free people by the Supreme Court in the Dred Scott case in 1857; namely that Dred Scot had “no standing to sue” because all people of African descent, free or enslaved, were not United States citizens and therefore had no right to sue in federal court. It was a 7-2 decision, by the way, so Roger Taney shouldn’t have to bear all the shame, although the shameful opinion was his own.

That was the new reality in 1857, and it guaranteed the rise of the Republican Party and Abraham Lincoln in 1860, quickly followed by a civil war that would finish it, as just noted, at the cost of those 350,000 white volunteers who died to free a people they had never even seen.

Let that sink in.

America’s “new reality” began in 1973, although the underlying craving began earlier. Of course I’m speaking of Roe v Wade, a decision which on its face was ostensibly to grant women a power over their bodies that the individual states and Constitution (10th Amendment) had determined only they could decide. The decision itself was also very sketchy, finding that the “right” to an abortion is found in the right to privacy, itself from the 1965 Griswold Supreme Court decision.

Young women thus freed, let’s say the first million that first year reached, would be in their late 60s by now. (The year-by-year death toll in 47 years can be seen here, and  it’s estimated that 62 million babies have died by abortion since 1973.)

Today, we have just entered a third generation, so unlike 1857, that new reality from 47 years ago has dramatically morphed. That a female can choose to kill her unborn child, for whatever reason, medical necessity or not, has little to do with her choice versus the life and welfare of the child, even up to the point that “it is not a person” (per Hillary Clinton) until that little head peeps out… (while also leaving the floor open for discussion, witness the current governor of Virginia, as to whether the mother can even wait an extra day or two to decide whether she wants to keep it, or, instead of passing it over to adoption agencies, it might also be sold for spare parts on the open market by middlemen like Planned Parenthood.

This signifies the morphing process is not yet complete with regard to abortion.

But for the Manipulators and Profiteers, killing the baby by whatever name they choose to call it is now far less important that in killing the morality underlying the baby’s existence in the first place.

It is “her choice to do whatever she damn well pleases, without fear of consequence”, that drives the political process into creating an endless production mill of haters.

So, after an additional generation, this new reality has morphed into new powers for certain protected classes of people, having very little to do with abortion, and everything to do with special rights that can be created from the top for whatever immediate or long-term purpose…requiring nothing more than the certification of the federal courts to set into stone that they are indeed a special class.

“The answer to every diagnosis begins with a unified theory”

Since the season’s upon us, perhaps we should conduct a deeper inquiry into the minds not of the people who still want abortions, but rather the Appeasers-Manipulators-Profiteers-and Protectors who breed their separate realities and cause them to survive, and to proliferate. Miss Rand would have identified these abortees as “haters” had she lived long enough to be able to track them generationally, only not because they wanted to kill their babies, but that they generally felt entitled to have whatever they wanted, when they wanted it. And that their hate is born out of envy, of “hating the Good because it is good”.

Which is where I will take up in coming days.

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  1. The banality of evil
    By David Sylvian

    Benevolent Mother
    Smothers the child
    The benefactors
    Are in denial

    The perpetrators
    Are in denial

    The banality
    Of evil

    I would recommend
    Hearing this

    The helplessness of the father
    When the child stands to be executed


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