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Regardez de Deluge! But from your Home Barricade

The timely, or untimely (your call) passing of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg this past week may define the already-planned national insurrection landscape all the way up to Election Day, maybe even beyond, so whatever mayhem was planned, say for the last week of October and the first week of November, may now begin as early as this weekend, 9/27, or as quickly as President Trump can nominate a replacement for Justice Ginsburg and the Senate can speed dial the hearings to a vote.

It’s all been done before.

So think 2-minute drill in the NFL. Whether 35 days or 45-days in advance of the election, once Donald Trump makes his nomination it will amount to the referee’s whistle announcing the 2-Minute Warning.

And the moving party, the Democrats and their Left, (two or more bodies, not one) will have to score plus get the 2-point conversion to win.

Of course, think 3-D chess, for there will propaganda campaigns designed to enrage some voters while discouraging others, all according the various playbooks and profiles. These will appear in one form by the respectable media, in another by the sewer media, from CNN to Twitter.

But fronts are already being planned for the Courts (plural) expecting bridgeheads to be established with some of the most bodacious of legal theories, among them, which at least one side with argue, the Constitution, which in this final game, will finally be cast into the pot as a chip to be won or lost.

There will also be the traditional ground game, both at the polling and counting places, in this time, a life-and-death contest between the tightest security of the Vote and the least possible control of the Vote.

Finally there will be the ground game under arms. We’re already seen weeks of previews of this in the Weeks of George Floyd in Minneapolis and Portland, then Kenosha, reminding me a little of the Spanish Civil War in the 1930s, where surrogates for the Soviets and Nazis squared off testing various types of weaponry and ground tactics.

For the coming days I’m mostly interested in how this “shooting war” might spill over into places where Americans actually live. We’ve seen a few forays already, and I’ve written about it in the past.

Just remember, regardless of the election outcome, the President will be in charge until 20 January, 2021. Odds are high that it will be a repeat of 2017, hence all the preparation for violence. But by being in charge that means the President controls federal law enforcement, including use of military troops to quell violence if it gets out of hand. All he has to do is invoke one word: Insurrection and then set loose the dogs of order.

The President knows these are his cards to play. That he very well may play those cards is probably the greatest deterrent against the Democrats actually going all in by actually tossing the Insurrection chip into the pot to counter Trump’s Constitution chip. All we can do is watch and wait.

But this is not to say that the Democrats will be entirely in charge of deciding what will, or will not take place in the streets between now and November 5th, for there is a large wing of the party who very much wants to set the country on fire, a la the Bolsheviks in 1917. And since the Bolsheviks were successful (in a limited span of history way of speaking, in the end better remembered for their own incompetent rot and collapse than for the boldness of their victories ) they had all sorts of romantic, heroic versions of Bolshevism available for them to copy. The Bolsheviks did indeed have some true believers who shared the same nudity of mind we see today, and who were not the least bit cowardly about blowing themselves to smithereens if they could take out a handful of Jews, store-owners or reactionary free farmers in the process. (We haven’t seen this sort yet, but history dictates there must be out there. Just keep the idea of rogue bands of…the samurai called them “ronin”…unaffiliated Bolsheviks running around in the back of your minds. They are often confused with ordinary gangs. Shoot to kill.

Regardez. And study some American history from the “why we fight” section of your history shelf. A history of our own Revolution, 1777-1782 would be nice start, especially as it involved the militias (my own family rose from the North Carolina militia). And Larry Schweikart just did a Twitter post about the 2000 film, “Patriot”, an educational Mel Gibson film about the kinds of people who made up the militias then and who were very instrumental in allowing George Washington to bottle up the English at Yorktown in 1782, ending that war.

Again, remember, it’s our side who are up riding on the horses now, and the Left who is afoot. Democrats only have offices now and no power…but if they can ever get back upon those mounts, they will ride us down. Only then to still have to face down their own Bolshevik wing, for the Democrats are more like the far more numerous Mensheviks who wanted to be able to put on an air of respectability. Lenin wanted everything torn down so they could start over, and by God, he won.

So, whatever they start this week will likely continue through Inauguration Day.

One has to wonder what a continuation of violence will do for the Democrat’s long term cause. Well, the destruction of the private sector small-business class would be one. They did a good job in several cities, especially with the help of the governors and mayors in the using the China-virus to decimate small-businesses, which was a major aim of Obamacare as well. Much of the corporate class are in the hands of the several megacorp cartels who are now in their third generation of no longer even being friends with free markets and they represent the core of the Democrat idea of authoritarian government. I call it “fascism”.

No matter, radical street gangs can serve their purposes just as well, and then, some day the Democrat leadership could just declare a night of the long knives and kill all the Antifa and BLM leadership, and turn their street gangs into uniformed school crossing guards.

It’s all been done before.

After 2020, it will likely become more clear who and what guides the cartels and drives the street mobs.

But seriously, think about it strategically. Unless in a small town we (you) don’t have to go down town to fight the rioters you’ve seen on video, many thanks to Andy Ngo. That’s the police’s job, and if that doesn’t work, the federal government’s job. At which time, many of those people will simply fall out of sight. (Hopefully, Gitmo.) And I think Donald Trump has is mindful of what he can do, and most likely will do.

Just be concerned about the streets and neighborhoods where you live.

A little deterrence works. But more than that, the bad guys know if citizens won’t confront them they can own the neighborhood with a bunch of stray mongrels dressed in black talking bad to every citizen who drives down the street. This is no different than Tombstone before the Earps came to town.

Very few of these raw-bone punks come from the streets of hard knocks. Most are shrill school teachers and indulged brats who’ve taken up a new cause because of some Professor named Diedre. They are a type, have never had their nose or lip bloodied from a back hand, much lass a stiff shillelagh across the shin.

I’ve written a lot about these people for several years, and you’ll find a general description of the original Antifa here, and updated comments in the past month by a three-part series into the psychology of the spoiled brats, and several updates on the modern Antifa, just by searching “Antifa, Bushmills” on Google. Those analyses lead us to various conclusions about those people an how to neutralize them without killing them.

For one, once they know that some of them will likely be injured on a raid, (as you know, I prefer woundings which puts them on the ground) fewer will show up the next time. And whatever they’re paid won’t be enough. Most won’t come back.

Your neighborhood “militia’s” only purpose should be to send clear signals to these bandits about the risks of bodily injury should they want to operate up and down your street. Unless combat vets (there may be a few) and trained in small unit tactics, after the first shot, or the first of their pals goes down, screaming to high heaven for “Momma”, their first reaction will be to seek cover or the safest route for retreat. This is when, if you work with your neighbors, you can play the “Now You Can’t Leave” card. It would require 3-5 of you minimum to pull this off, and a sit-down planning session would be needed.

You build a bridge that they can’t cross, they won’t come, and suddenly, it will stop, and the brats will just disappear.

Some will get jobs thru dad’s connection, or a professorship through mom’s, others will go whole-hog into drugs and die off in a teat-fit overdose, still others will retreat to a basement to build bombs. We’ve seen all this before.

What will be different though, is that there be a smaller number of places that will hire them as teachers, as those university departments will start to disappear, and foot-stomping Keren’s will become a minority.

But that will take 1-2 generations for our free culture to seal the deal

If Trump and his successors do this right, there will be 2-3 generations that will be able to rebuild the institutions that made this republic great…

For now, just work with your neighbors to keep your home places secure. The rest will sort itself out.

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