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An Open Letter To “Never Trump” Republicans Before the 2020 Vote (A Guest Editorial from Haystack)

(You’ve read comments from Haystack here before, “The Fascists Among Us” trio; George Floyd, Part II, and Epilogue and his three-part series: “Post-Covid Decalogues”, Part I, Part II, Part III

(While fumbling around on Twitter and the daily media threads looking for a simple train of analysis to make sense of any it of it, you might come back to see what Haystack has to say about it. Then all the pieces will fit. And he’s not even a lawyer.)- VB

My dearest fellow Republicans:

We, the ‘rest’ of the Republican party and its Conservative wing, along with the agnostic and independent American voting public, hope this letter finds each of you and yours healthy, safe, and prosperous. We want you to know that, while many of us continue working through our feelings of betrayal, disillusion, and abandonment after you turned your backs on us starting in June of 2015, we continue to stand steadfastly behind your rights to the pursuit of your own personal flavors of life, liberty, and happiness as was promised to us all by our founding fathers.

This letter comes to you at a time in the history of civilized humanity, not unlike many that have come before. And, while it may be true that, in a few instances, those societies recovered and moved forward, by and large, these civilizations collapse under their own weight and disappeared as they were swallowed up and crushed by their conquerors.

As of the date this letter was written, the American experiment stands at a crossroads. Each of you, and all of the rest of us, have played a role in how we got where we are now. It is critically important that, before Election Day 2020, we collectively take stock of how we got here and what we are going to do about where we are headed as both a political party and a constitutionally-based and Bill of Rights- constrained civilized society.

I feel your pain

To put you at ease it should be noted here that I am not, personally, a fan of Donald J. Trump the man. I find him, on a personal level, impossible to look at, listen to, or defend. As well, I understand that many of you feel very much the same way. And don’t get me started on his Twitter account.

To be fair, I will even go so far as to agree with many of the things that have been said about him by his enemies and offer that they are more than likely mostly true.

Having said that, however, as of January 20, 2017, he was no longer a private citizen. On that day, and for the last 3 + years, he became my president. And he is YOUR president. And he is the president of nearly 400 million other people that, theoretically speaking, still want the Great American experiment to succeed. And although I shouldn’t have to, I will remind you that you have a responsibility as an American citizen to do your part to make sure that it does. And, at the risk of sounding harsh, let me be straight with you:

While The Rest Of Us Might Understand Your Temper Tantrum And Your Hissy Fits And Your Decision To Take Your Balls And Go Home Once He Entered The Primaries, You Were Never Given Permission To Exercise Your Right To Be Against His Presidency At The Expense Of Our Collective Right To Get On With Our Lives And Work Within The System We Have, Playing The Cards The American Voters Dealt Us, And Making The Most Of It Once He Was Sworn In.

Have you forgotten how the left treated you when HopeyChangey was sworn into office? Do you not remember no longer being taken seriously on any important national issue because you disagreed with Obama? Did you forget how you were treated by the left and how you were mocked and called a racist and your voice was drowned out simply because you disagreed with the president? Well, that’s what you did to a lot of people in the Republican Party that went with Trump because they were sick of that very same treatment from the left.

Get over yourselves… Despite your behavior in recent years, you aren’t liberal progressives (yet) and this isn’t all about you.

Primaries have consequences

The Bush-era happened because disparate GOP factions couldn’t get over themselves and their high-minded conservative Purity litmus test standards. He cleared the primaries almost solely on the basis of sucking the least of the surviving competition. And even at that, it was all he could do to beat Gore who ran, more or less, on the promise of solving climate change and being less of a horn-dog than Clinton. And the price the GOP paid, once Bush’s second term kicked off, was four years of damage control over Bush Jumping the Shark and suggesting that’s Social Security was dead for future Generations while advocating for essentially a free-for-all of illegal migration across the US border.

You guys continued you’re failing ways when it was time to find a Bush successor, by letting McCain clear the primaries because, you know, it was just his turn and he deserved some form of repayment somehow for being a squishy moderate his entire political career.

Not to be outdone, you doubled down on moving the party to the middle and decided that the “pretty” squish from Massachusetts, Mitt Romney, was a good choice to try to unseat Obama and prevent his second term. We all know how that turned out, don’t we?

It seems pretty clear to those of us Republicans and Conservatives who are trying to stand against the tidal wave of forces waging war against our principles and our democracy and our constitutional rights that you are far more concerned with being right than you are with being free. Your Collective guidance and Leadership over the last four presidential elections, however, have done nothing more than embolden and inspire a progressive liberal insurrection, a looming Civil War, and the overthrow of the United States.

Shit or get off the pot ,

Hatred and anger and vitriol for our sitting president started long before he was sworn into office. As a never-Trumper, you are a part of that problem, and it is a demonstrable truth in the national dynamic in which you helped play a significant role.

As his term has progressed this has only deepened and been more widely embraced by literally every faction on the left, from the usual suspects in the media to the elected officials running the cities where the anarchy has taken hold, to the talking heads on TV and across the spectrum of social media where, again, you have played a significant role. Queue George W. Bush: If you aren’t with us, you’re with the terrorists.

What has bubbled up and spilled out of this cauldron of deep-seated hatred and self-loathing is indiscriminate violence, chaos, and mayhem against both our country and everything it stands for, as well as the victimization of innocent civilians and, far too many cases, their innocent children. Sorry guys, but this is on you too.

On November 3rd 20/20 you get your once every four-year chance to make your voice heard and cast your ballot for how you want the next four years to go. As of this writing, you have about six weeks before you will exercise your constitutional right to be heard. In the time between then and now, whether you like your situation or not, you have to choose between holding your nose like you have made us do for the last 20 years, and doing what’s right for the country, or staying up on your high horse and being part of the reason the United States collapsed and was taken over by the Neo Bolshevik Revolution and the radical extremist Progressive liberal socialists. Failure to comply with our request will be considered your silence. Your silence will become OUR violence. Are you willing to live with that on your conscience? If Trump loses there will be bloodshed on streets all across America until all resistance is squashed… And if you think that’s not possible, look at China and no this is how our new regime will deal with anyone that disagrees with them.

Look… This is a no-brainer; you’ll be rid of Trump soon enough and your grandchildren might actually have a shot at raising their grandchildren in a free and independent Society. And once you have voted no on the question of whether you want a socialist America, you can get busy finding better options for 2024… God willing.

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