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The 2018 Election Heist, If Democrats Can Pull it Off

Published once, in September, this is just a reminder. Tell your well-meaning Democrats, just in case they haven’t been paying attention.

Why would the Left be puffing up numbers of a Blue Wave when the numbers don’t justify that…unless they have an alternate plan as to how to make those numbers seem real?

The numbers don’t add up.

It makes no sense for anyone with a family, unless wealthy, or works for Google or Facebook, or has a position anywhere other than a university, or a 6 x 6 cubicle inside a governmeny office building, to go out and vote for a Party that has thrown in 100% with full-fledged enemies of freedom.

Except for their Few, that is.

There are a lot of them; 1) the Democrat Party all the way down to grass roots operatives, 2) as well as some portion of the deep state, (the entrenched federal bureaucracy) 3) as well as the most prominent members of the national media, such as network news organizations (ABC, CBS, NBC), cable news (CNN and MSNBC), national print media (New York Times, LA Times, Washington Post). and virtually every big city print daily in America, none of whom are owned by residents of their cities anymore.

These are the “Elites” and they make up 3-4 million people, 1.5%-2.0% of the total population, about 4% of the voters.

But they have their client base, a group that follows national and world events, at least rhetorically, for it is through a prism provided by the groups named above, and who have an unnatural love of themselves alongside a down-the-nose antipathy for all others. I call these the “In-Group”.  They amount to little more than 15 million adults, and maybe another 10 million if you throw in wannabe one-issue college students (pro-abortion, anti-freedom of speech, global warning, gay-transgender rights) who will actually bother to vote.

Then add another 20 million from the “Client Group”, people who live off the fat of the land, who do no work today, and who are content to stay that way. (This group is diminishing almost daily, for every new job costs Democrats 1 -2 voters).

Fact: Today, the working people in America who work outside the government sector, once the backbone of the Democrat Party, can find no virtue in voting for a Democrat anymore.

And of course, there are the illegals, who (some say) can’t vote. There are at least 11 million of them.

In short, of the 68 million who voted for Hillary in 2016, only 45 million can the Democrats count on as sure things.

Still, while only a third of the voting strength, the elites already own the

“Means of Education” and the

“Means to Information”

and are only one step always from owning the

“Means of Production”, Karl Marx’s Holy Grail of Communism, which they nearly control in America’s boardrooms.

These are the stakes…as Democrats see it.

To Democrats and corporate statists, the shock and significance of Donald Trump’s 2016 victor was that so many people showed up to support his victory. Democrats know better than any conservative how much larger that number could be in 2020 unless something is done quickly.

They’ve run out of promises and their lies are as stale as Miss Gertie’s bloomers. They’ve been backing and filling inside their own alliances for close to 40 years, trying to insure against such a show-down, for internally they are weak and wobbly, probably no more than 20 million, 6%. (These I call Bolsheviks, but only because of their size and radical disposition. They are more like radical fascists in the snot-eyed, inbred nature of their hatreds.”

Their miscalculation was always in the original Constitutional math of the Founders, which placed the power of governance in the hands of “the People” (the people they despise most), and in the mistaken belief that “the people” had been generally going-along with their changes in government structure those 70 years.

Then boom!, inside 8 years the People went straight into survival-mode.

They didn’t see that coming.

So, today, all signs point to an all-out charge to end it now, not 2020, “by any means necessary”,

No more Mr Nice-Guy.

So for persuasion-by-bribery, the “come-hithers” of  promises of Democrats in past years won’t work. In fact, Democrats have abandoned that approach altogether, coming out-front in their disdain for the institutions and culture they once hypocritically defended…and only mocked in private. No more.

Today there is no truth other than “All human behavior shall be subject to the political process”, which the New Left first enunciated in 1976. It is now out-of-the-closet Holy Writ and shouted from the rooftops.

So there are now two world views, two realities.

And from Democrats’ view only one can be allowed to survive. Co-existence is not a consideration.

Besides, Democrats are experts in re-education to bring the other 65% around to their way of thinking. (Both Stalin and Hitler had detailed plans how this could be accomplished, Stalin’s better field-tested. 45 years after his death, it was still evident in Russia.)

If the Democrats had a plan to win over voters the old-fashioned way, they would already have unveiled it.

Past Masters at the Heist

Democrats are past-masters at stealing votes by every method known to man. But to steal a country in one fell swoop is a gargantuan task, especially against a president who has largely delivered to the people what he has promised.

Can Democrats pull it off?

Well, actually no, but not because of the things that will happen during the election. They can’t win the aftermath. But in Democrats’ eyes, they simply have to derail this train, then figure out the next step once that’s done.

Every state government, EVERY state government, even the bluest of blue states, needs to be alerted that the citizens are aware of the heist that is about to be attempted. Remember, in federal election(s), the federal government has a duty to insure the sanctity of elections in every precinct, and the right to inject oversights that local election officials may not like.

In August I did an overview of Democrat election practices, and that they should be looked at as a criminal would look at a jewelry store heist. Only with the willingness to take hostages. Democrats will come at an election from every side, from buying votes, to fake ID’s (in the inner city at least three people can vote in the name of a welfare madam, if she’s too sick to come vote herself). You know about dead people, or people registered in two states (college kids do this, one absentee back home, and a real vote near campus).

*** Inside voting areas: Where monitors/observers are allowed by state law, every precinct should have the maximum allowable number, a couple credentialed to make sure poll workers don’t try to pull fast ones inside the voting area where cameras may not be allowed. If a credentialed deputy wants to take a photo all he/she needs to do is flash a badge or card, and have a number to call one of his cops while the precinct captain attempts to call one of her cops.

A few hours of training should be involved, including a little history of past problems. Learn how to stand ground, breath down people’s necks, adjust language usage to the terrain.

90%, or maybe only 70% in San Francisco, and 20% in Philadelphia, should go off without a hitch, but every precinct should have a full complement of monitors.

***You know about facial recognition cameras. Even the threat of them, or fake ones, can serve as a lively deterrent if there is plenty of advance notices on posted leaflets or social media. And don’t forget to mention the felony charge and 1-3 years a student is looking at it if caught.

***Of course, the Democrats’ secret weapon are the illegals. At least 3 million in 2016, only in a state where they didn’t need the extra votes, just bragging rights for HRC.

This time they will attempt to spread them around. Trust me, they know who and where every illegal is right now.  Talk to ICE locally. Including ICE in Iowa. So take nothing for granted. The Dems need illegals voting in districts that can make a difference.

Illegals especially afraid of facial recognition devices (so are ex-felons) as well as the visibility of ICE agents or police in vicinity of voting. There are also many ways via social media and posted signage in Latino communities to give advance warning of what may await them in voting areas.

And yes, this is voter suppression…of illegal voters.

*** Dems will buy, cheat and steal votes even in a 99% Red county if there is a statewide election on tap, for they know 10 votes here, 25 votes there from some hick county election official can add up in a close statewide race.

***Watch out for ringer-Libertarians. Most young Libertarians are as pro-abortion and pro-pot as Democrats. All that separates them is Libertarians only look down 90% of their nose at regular folks while Left-wingers look down 95%. Pass this around. Make sure voting for the Libertarian only takes votes away from Democrats.

***Unless you have special insights or special skills, the use of computers in voting is the sole domain of the state government. For good or ill. But see below about “dark alley” tactics in dealing with Blue Cities. Your stealth involvement can have an unwelcome effect in their knowing they are being scrutinized. Give fear a chance.

And stay in for the long haul. Every election be should a kind of carnival event among you and your comrades, to remind state election officials you’re still out there watching and taking names. Make them worry they are being watched. Make sure they know someone is looking over their shoulder in the polling-place.

***So form a posse. Don’t just go vote. Take the day off. Make it a biennial event. Network, network, network. Let this be your tithe to the Founders.

This means you too, Texas.  Big time heists being planned down there.***Study the voting history of your county and precinct; nationals and midterms; compare over a 4-6 cycle area. Note differences, all the way down to the precinct level.

You may want to read my Dark Alley stealth strategies for working in a hostile environment.

Remember, they are crooks, so try to think like one. Do your homework. Meet them at the precinct, not on your couch. They’re trying to play this Philadelphia ’08 game again in Georgia.


Any discussions about the coming election, in any district or state in America, if they do not include these understandings of the Democratic Party’s true mindset going into November, is totally irrelevant.

7 thoughts on “The 2018 Election Heist, If Democrats Can Pull it Off

  1. An undercover video shows staffers on U.S. Sen. Claire McCaskill’s campaign describing how Planned Parenthood sends money to her secretly so she will not look as pro-abortion to Missouri voters.
    A pro-abortion Democrat, McCaskill is considered one of the most vulnerable senators running for re-election in November, Townhall reports. After voting against U.S. Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation, she fell behind her opponent, pro-life Republican Josh Hawley, in the polls.
    The video, released by Project Veritas this week, shows how McCaskill’s campaign appears to be trying to appeal to moderate voters in the mid-western state by downplaying her radical pro-abortion stance.
    “It’s f——- beautiful” how Planned Parenthood indirectly supports McCaskill’s campaign, one staffer tells an undercover investigator.
    Get out and vote all RED for the November election. Urge all of your Republican, Conservative and other friends to do the same and urge them to urger others. For the sake of this country NEVER vote for a DemocRAT again, NEVER, the future of this country, you children and grandchildren depend upon it.

  2. Fake ids have often disrupted American Elections. But you need to understand that showing your fake id in an election booth is just not going to let you cast a vote it has to be in the database of National identification which is not possible. There are fake identity maker services such as FakeYourID that deliver these at your doorstep and within a matter of few days. Forgeries have other uses and indeed it is a rigging technique that the Dems love to use but they couldn’t effectively use it under Trump’s administration.

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