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Da Mob, A Look at Democratic Party Election Practices—You Heard it Here First, Aug 4, 2018

(Rush Limbaugh has a habit of reminding listeners that he’d been the first to spot an issue, and then playback the sound byte. I called this attempted heist of the 2020 election fraud in August, 2018 and you can go here to see the proof, and that not one word has been changed. I wrote that piece because I had been doing election studies of Virginia counties and precincts going back to Obama. I did that because in 2013, Terry McAuliffe, under the nose of get-along Republicans and Bob McDonnell, which actually ran the Virginia Elections Commission then, with GOP election chairs in every county, stole that election, in part because the Virginia GOP got their blue noses in a snit over the GOP voters’ preference for Ken Cuccinelli over Party pick (a fine man, btw), Bill Bolling. Understanding Mob politics better then most (a close financial friend of the Clintons) McAuliffe built a new Mob in Virginia, which has ruled ever since… and all they needed was to control four urban areas. They were even allowed by the charitable Republicans to redraw districts to that end.

(I was just in my late 60s then, a young pup, and studied all this for hobby, but now just turning 75 I wish I’d come out of my cave and spoken with VA insiders, for to anyone with an ounce of statistical training, as displayed by that Wall Street analyst who did the statistical analysis in the Arizona hearing. I paid close attention as his professional work mirrored by own amateurish numbers, going back several elections, only more professional and more complete.

(Hopefully, it’s catching on, since Donald Trump might just give us a second chance to end this Mob madness.

*   *   *   *   *

I read enough to know that most people believe the Democrat Party acts like a criminal gang, but still won’t draw an image in their minds as to just how a criminal gang works.

I’m going to give you some leads here, and then, no matter where you live, red-blue, urban-suburban-rural, I suggest you sit down with other friends and begin to war-game just exactly what the criminal wing of the Democrat Party might try to do to steal or suppress votes in your area in the 2018 and 2020 elections.

Forget media advertising, that’s mostly background noise; an artillery barrage before the ground assault. It rarely determines the outcome of an election. Donald Trump proved all the media money in the world can’t help if they don’t have a powerful message.

Your county could be 90% blue, or 90% red, no matter, there are people there who are paid to steal 5, 500, or 5000 votes in any way they can. What should matter to you most is they are not volunteers. They are paid and everyone has some sort of quota to meet, like a traffic cop.

All I can try to do here is to get you to adopt the proper frame of mind about this Mob. You have to think like a mobster…a small-time mobster, working at the front end, like Vinnie and Augie, whose primary job back in the Chicago protection rackets days, was to go into small businesses up and down the street, and squeeze the shop-owner for the Mob’s end of their monthly revenue.

Democrats squeeze a lot more than you know.

Trust me, they’re there. Only you will likely never know who they are by name.

What I want you to do is learn to think like them, so you can know how their system works, who answers to who. just so you can picture in your mind an accurate situation analysis, as they see it.

Every great general knew what his opposing general knew about his own assets, especially his limitations, and then used his troops to go after those vital weaknesses. Democrats are very knowledgeable about Republican’s weaknesses, especially the things we won’t do; fight dirty, kick a man when he’s down, Marquis of Queensbury sorts of things.

Knowing matters.

Just try to think like a mobster in the 20’s, who were almost all first generation immigrants. They stated out as gangs but ended up as vertical criminal enterprises, by a simple Darwin formula of survival of the fittest.

They’ve been a part of American lore since the Civil War at least. How many films have you seen in which the central characters were mobsters; among the better ones, “The Godfather”, and a dozen spin-offs, (about 1950’s Sicilian mafia), “The Gangs of New York” (Civil War Irish gangs) and “The Sting”, or “The Untouchables”. (1920s Prohibition gang wars.) And lately, the 2014 “The Equalizer”, a really good look into Russian crime gangs in New York.

The Democratic Party was re-branded in 1896 as the Party of Labor, the party of the working man, and they were able to label themselves that all the way into the middle of the Obama Administration, despite the fact they had jettisoned the American worker nearly two decades earlier. This was in part because Marxism carried the Workers’ torch until the fall of the Soviet Union, and the Democrat Party of the United States had a close working relationship with the Marxists as far back as FDR’s first term, beginning in the major cities when the various criminal gangs were able to go big time, because of Prohibition.

A meeting of mutual interests, shall we say.

Prohibition lasted until 1933 when it was repealed by the 21st Amendment, but not before the hundreds of small ethnic crime gangs in America’s cities had grown into several very wealthy criminal organizations, many with us still.

But not before they had taught the Democrat Party every trick in the book.

Of the greatest sins in American politics, Corruption predates Leftism by close to a century, the Democrats having introduced it into national politics in the 1820’s where it remained small for nearly a century simply because of the Constitution.

The struggle inside the Democrat Party today is whether it can be both True Left and Corrupt at the same time. And the natural law answer is No. (This is because the current Democrat leadership, Da Mob, were once themselves true-blue ideological Leftists in the 1970s. They are now living proof of where forty years of living the political high-life will invariably take an ideologue. In short, expensively-tailored suits with finely-creased trousers are more preferred to wool Bernie-cardigans and blue jeans. The transition is inevitable. Just ask Lenin’s USSR, Mao’s China or the Episcopalians of New York City.

“Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.”- Baron John Acton

This is important to consider since this is exactly the predicament the Democrat Party finds itself in today; a struggle between a corrupt wing seeking absolute power and a new generation who are just like Nancy, Chuck and Hillary were in 1976, when the Party went from “Liberal” to “New Left.”

What we want to consider here is what this will mean to the coming 2018 and 2020 elections.

I invite you to watch “The Sting” or “The Equalizer”  (both available on YouTube) because they both give you an inside look at the way a criminal gang handles its money;  Protection, Prostitution, Direct-sales (speakeasies) and later drugs, and the way that money was passed through several hands before it finally got into it final destination in a bank in New York. How money trickles up, and how power trickles down.

Following the votes is not much different.

To a front line mobster, the most important part of the job is to know how much cash he’s supposed to take in, and how much he’s supposed to hand over to the courier who will pass it off to the next boss up the line. Those two numbers always have to match, for the boss already knows how much he’s supposed to get, and has a small army of people at desks to count the cash, and give him a report, with a note if there’s any discrepancies. Just like a bank teller.

Democrats, Da Mob, see votes in the same manner.

Using the criminal gang model, Da Mob, step back and take another look at the coming two years in the context of its catastrophic miscalculations and failures of 2016. Using three states, PA and MI, which Trump won, and KY as a benchmark of Republican voting behavior, simply compare their 2008, 2012, and 2016 statewide voter totals.

                        PA                                  MI                                    KY

                 D-R               Votes        D-R               Votes        D-R               Votes

2008       54.5%- 44.2%  6,105     57.3%-40.9%    5,010      41.2%-57.0% 1,828

2012       52.0%- 46.6%  5,753     54.2%-44.7%    4,731      37.9%-60.5% 1,797

2016       47.5%- 48.2%  6,165     47.3%-47.5%   4,799       37.6%-62.6%  1,924

The Democrats looks upon elections as a thing to be heisted. 2008 was historic, 2014 was played off 2008, Da Mob’s generals knowing exactly how Romney would play his hand, and then being there to interdict him.

Six-fingers Louie vs Dudley Do-right?— no contest.

But in 2016 they lost. Big. Probably even bigger than you imagine, for it put them on the course they now find themselves today, cornered.

(Aim between the eyes, Joe, sometimes they charge when they’re wounded.- Bill Mauldin, 1944.)

Which makes them all the more dangerous.

(If 2018 and 2020 were just any “next election” I wouldn’t be writing this.)

You could write volumes about al the things Da Mob took for granted in 2016, only we’ll never know entirely, even after all the indictments have been served, for the failure of Democrats came entirely from their top floors. Vinnie and Augie did their jobs for the most part.

1.) Both Kentucky and Michigan proved there was such a thing as Trump’s “hidden army” out there, mostly white, male factory workers and their families, all of whom had been jettisoned by Obama and Da Mob in the expectation of being able to forge a more rainbow-colored coalition of voters.

Da Mob didn’t see this coming, and while I doubt any of their soldiers are swimming with the fishes, a whole new slate of operatives are manning the several desks that make up the planning and ops section of Da Mob’s state and county units.

2.) More ominous, Hillary barely won one primary, PA and lost MI proving the split between the Bernie and HRC factions ran much deeper than most thought. And that might explain the increase in 3rd party votes in 2016, and likely no-shows. Will this continue?

Despite general population growth between 2008 and 2016, total voter turnout in those three states were relatively flat, KY showing the only real growth in voter turnout, but none of which went in the direction of the Democrats.

FYI: You can find any state’s election results for any office in any year, and by going to state sites, even precinct totals going back many, many years. A useful tool.

Republican analysts tend to use these tallies to explain what happened, which is useful as far as it goes, while Da Mob uses them to learn what went wrong, and what they might learn from it as they plan forward…always looking for a new edge or advantage.

I would suggest gathering and using such stats as a basis for war-gaming, for the Democrats certainly are developing plans to reclaim their lost states, and stealing is a big part of those plans, especially since they have not yet developed any positive message, neither at the national, statewide, nor district level to gain living voters.

In 2016 Trump fooled Da Mob with his ability to draw in voters the Dems didn’t even know were there anymore. But the Bernie faction fooled them more.

The question now is what can and will Dems do to reverse it?  As a criminal, mind you, what would you do?

The big question is, will they let it happen again?…especially now that they know they cannot win a legitimate election anywhere except in deep socialist America, knowing those few states will never provide enough votes or congressional seats to carry them back to national power.

You need to war-game whether the Looney Tunes wing of the Party, the Bernie-worshippers, or the original Crime Mob, will be running the 2018 and 2020 campaign.

My bet is that Da Mob will out because they have tasted the fruits of the golden goose, but not before, like Sicilian families of old, they have gathered at a big confab along the Jersey coast and talked things over, and come to some sort of reconciliation. This may already have occurred.

Either side would wield power ruthlessly in terms of dealing with resistance from Christians, rednecks and regular Americans, but da Mob has a full generation of experience in governing, a real taste for the things that power can buy, and a real plan toward what they see as an oligarchic national rule by the nation’s elites, which, unlike the Bernie-wing, will actually keep the goose laying those golden eggs. They don’t have any immediate plans to turn America into a Venezuela, where, I might mention, the Have’s are still doing swimmingly. For proof, just see cities along the US west coast, where hundreds of thousands sleep and poop on the streets, while parts of those cities still make you think you’re on the French Riviera.

You can do this at home, in fact, I invite you to, but instead of looking at the numbers like a pollster, look at them like a crime lieutenant situated between the knuckle-breakers who collect the money, and the big bosses in New York.

Try to understand how the Da Mob’s game plan at the precinct level, (the blue base) works, where they have door-to-door precinct aggregators, as well as shills standing on street corners, passing out dime baggies, half-pints of bourbon, even sending a car over to houses on their turf to make sure Juanita Banks really is sick when she called into to say she can’t vote, then pick up her photo ID (the one Da Mob says she can’t afford) and give it to a substitute Juanita who can then vote on her behalf.

They have new dead voters showing up every year and people to scour the records for their names. Nothing new here. But in some states they also have forgiven-felons, in VA over 200,000, (which virtually guarantees the state stays blue for awhile) most of whom will never register to vote. But Da Mob has their names and their photo ID from prison, and that’s all they need. He’ll show up somewhere safe, so his vote can be counted.

Much depends on what the local Mob captain can get away with. In Philadelphia a lot, in rural Virginia, not so much. But even here, in statewide elections a few votes can still be bought, for da Mob is very opportunistic. Mob captains are trained to be vigilant, for sometimes a few hundred dollars, (family loan, a lawyer for a DWI, stuff like that) can mean 50 votes in a county where the Republican is going to win 85%-15% either way, so no one notices except at the final state tally. Da Mob understands the multiplier effect.

The Democrat Party is fully vertical, from national party, to state party, to county, then precinct level, with all the support they think they need. This election and the next, depending on how well they can work things out with the Bernie’s, moving entire squadrons of illegals (trust me, they know who and where everyone of them are) to states where they will be most needed. They simply are doing Da Mob no good standing around in California.

It will be a helluva undertaking, and is probably already underway.

So be a gamer the next 90 days. If your team can find 50 votes that be stolen, trust me, Vinnie can find 500.

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