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Robert Mueller, a Theory of the Man

There have always been two theories about Robert Mueller, actually three, which I laid out in a piece a little over a year ago. I still hold that how he sees himself in History may be outcome determinative. (I listed “History” at #8 in that list. )

Using the laws of unified theory, my theory of the man, Robert Mueller, was that he would do nothing, for no amount of money, to cast a black spot on his place in History, including his military service record as a Marine officer.

But patriotism, as our generation saw it, may have little to do with this.

I worship at the altar of the People of the United States as the Founders saw them, you know the riff, “to pursue life, liberty etc., without permission of state” and to be able to manage our governments from the bottom up.

I have many veteran friends, and even co-host a site for veterans (VeteransTales.org) where we, among other things, cook up ways for veterans to have a greater relevance in the lives of our young people, as teachers and mentors.

I know many Marines, and agree with them, that, except for John Murtha, former Congressman from  Pennsylvania, there is no such thing as an “ex-Marine.” I have always wondered how this might play in Mueller’s thinking today, and that may depend on how much law school and a legal career in government might have diluted that.

The culture of law schools often can shape those beliefs. I was at the Army JAGC School at the University of Virginia the same time Mueller was a law student there. The only difference was I did my military service after law school, where my Army experience purged law school elitism out of me. In fact it turned me from being a liberal to a conservative. Mueller was a decorated Marine officer in Vietnam before attending that very elite law school, so the reverse may have been true.

I can’t say, except that it might be a consideration in developing a theory of the man.

But it would be difficult for me to believe that Robert Mueller has become a cynic about government or the role of the state in people’s affairs.

But neither has he taken on a dreamy-eyed vision of his elite station as has the next generation, as we have now been able to see in the emails, texts and personal appearances of Peter Strzok. Mueller’s idea of power is more pragmatic, as are most members of the government class. Strzok just showed the world, including Robert Mueller, that the generation succeeding him have a totally different view of “the people” than his generation.

Consequently, I think Robert Mueller has come to an existential crossroads, where he must look himself in the mirror and admit that he, on behalf of the state class, is locked in a toe-to-toe fight to the death with “the people” of the United States, much more than just the likes of Donald Trump.

I doubt he saw this going in. But he should now.

Therefore, his place in that all-important History I mentioned, is genuinely up for grabs. It’s 50-50 right now. Unlike Strzok and his sonnenkinder, I doubt Robert Mueller has any deep spiritual desire for America to return to a top-down royal arrangement from whence we arose.

He now knows that History will be written by the winners, and there can only be one in this struggle as it has shaped up. He may not have known that when he took the job.

So does Mueller really want to pick the losing team based on a fake allegiance to what is in essence a return to aristocracy, as now practiced in Europe by tacky hand-me-down bureaucrats, who like to diddle little boys only because they think the lords of the ancien regimes did as perquisites of rank, or as practiced by Russian mobsters who instead take their sport by gutting their enemies?

If he were sure he could win with these guys, I personally believe Robert Mueller would go forward. But he has to be absolutely sure.

And he can’t.

The reality:

If it’s great wealth Robert Mueller seeks, he has to know there is no place he can hide to enjoy that wealth, except in a fortress villa on an island, with a security payroll greater than that of Ernst Stavro Blofeld. Or under the protection of Moscow, Beijing or Tehran.

If, as many believe, Robert Mueller is in this to either curry favor with, or seal his place in, the New World Order, which I personally doubt,  again, as I just said, there is no place he can run or hide, especially now, in just 18 short months, that New World Order is showing cracks and in fact, teetering…all because of Donald Trump…and those damned People who support him.

The world is still taking their cues from America, especially in Europe, but those cues are coming from a rambunctious populace, and not government bureaucrats.

So, for you kibitzers, in order to have a real Theory of the Man, Robert Mueller, you have to ask yourselves, Is he really this mercenary? Or, is he really this ideologically stupid, as in Maxine Waters ideologically stupid?

He is now at the point where his place in history depends entirely on who wins? And who wins entirely.

This is not a good time for men like Robert Mueller, who do care about History and their place in it, to be rolling dice.

If Vegas were laying odds, I’d bet on the People.

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