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How the Left and Political Establishment Want to Steal the Momentum Away from President Trump


I recently published an article about the Richard DreyfussCivicsInitiative, which, as I wrote it, I realized the stalling game is probably the only one the Democrat-Left can play against the Trump presidency. For the Democrats it’s a numbers game, and a waiting game, and highest among that is waiting for my generation, Baby Boomers to simply die off.

To the Left it’s a simple plan of demographics and time.

Territorially, they are as weak as they have been since the days before Jim Crow. You’ve seen the electoral map, small islands of concentrated blue in a large sea of red.

But don’t be fooled. Inside those blue specks are locked away about 40% of the American population, and well over half of America’s institutions, especially its centers of higher education. And every place there is a city or county government center, there is a blue nest that controls at least half of it. And in even the reddest of places, Kansas, Oklahoma, or Georgia, we hear of some school teacher having a 5th grader arrested for picking up a stick and pointing it at someone else. It’s true, if you use the Google Earth zoom-button, you can zoom into to see that almost every public school has pockets of blue, especially in social studies classrooms,which also explains, as I found out recently in a visit to an affluent Atlanta bedroom community north of the city, why there are also large pockets of red homeschool centers. Large ones, the size of convents.

The lesson here is that at least the people get it, even if their politicians don’t, or don’t really understand their contract with the people.

Since a successful 25th Amendment removal or impeachment-type coup d’état seem improbable, the Left believes they can still wait us (Baby Boomers) out, until our mortality rate out-grows our replacement of like-minded citizens, and they can continue to pump out new voting citizens streaming forth from those blue fortresses of academe at the rate of 1m-2m a year. The Baby Boomers who pushed Donald Trump into office in November even sense this creeping mortality, I think, in that most of us know that we no were no better than 50% successful in passing on the key elements of citizenship to our children, in part because of our naive reliance on public schools to do that for us (when we should have known better) alongside a steep increase in the divorce rate, which insured far too many of our Generation X children would walk through those schools largely with only one parent..

As I noted in the cited article (above), my generation’s voting for Trump was as much about our failure as parents as it was about our failure as good citizens, hence this sense of urgency.

It’s also this sense of urgency that propels the Trump momentum that the Left most needs to stem, for they know there are things he can do in eight years that could seal their fate for at least fifty.

What is now clear is that not just the Left, but the entire Washington Establishment, including a majority of the Republican Party, (if the truth be known) need to restore the sense of a slow, plodding, business-as-usual bureaucratic government, as a device to throw cold water on all that “urgent enthusiasm” the people brought to the voting booth in November. They must bury this notion that the government can be torn down, almost to its bare-boned foundations, without also destroying the very fabric of the Nation…when in truth, all that is at risk of being destroyed is their special niche in it.

As most of that red portion of that national map know to be true, we could return most of Washington back to pasture for grazing sheep and no one outside the Beltway would lose a night’s sleep because of it.

Though not exactly sweethearts, the Democrat/Left and The GOP Establishment are enough on the same page as to be at least holding hands; the GOP’s job to take all the steam (momentum) out of the Trump engine by slowing his (our) agenda down to a snail’s pace, while the Left’s focus will be to put on a nationwide parade of false animal displays, like gorillas beating their chests in the jungle when humans come into their territory…only they want to make it appear that are actually attacking our territory rather than defending their own.

Apes understand this difference, but I doubt Democrat voters do.

Optics is everything the Democrats, and with the help of the media, who believe they are still relevant, they want to convey to America that they are streaking across the American wasteland, in their hoodies and masks, armed with sticks and cans of gasoline, as if they were the Great Khan and his hordes, sacking and pillaging American cities …

….when in fact they are hiding behind the Big Blue Fortresses of Berkeley, Chicago, San Francisco, Philadelphia, and a dozen others…

…and while none of them dare sally forth into red country to actually taste their own sweet blood trickling from their nose onto their upper lips.

This is not a new subject, as we’ve talked about this all before, and it’s all quite funny, except for the role the GOP Establishment can play in bringing this “restoration” to a grinding halt. They can be a game changer. The GOP-e haven’t made “the people” their focus in anything other than ceremonial terms for years, so only see this Trumpian revolt in terms of their loss of station and entitlement. (Did you see where George Will just signed on with MSNBC, Bonnie Prince Charlie crossing the Channel. as it were, to continue his Jacobite revolt in France, still claiming his Crown as the only legitimate heir to the throne of conservatism, as if the French even believed in such things? )

So, a curious kind of war reveals itself. But a real war, nonetheless.

Donald Trump, like Richard Dreyfuss and myself, is a Baby Boomer, and while expected to live into our 80’s, enough of us will die off to diminish the Trump voter base in 2020. In order for the “new Trump-conservative voter alliance” into the 2024-and-thereafter we need to cement this new type of governing structure into place over a period of roughly thirty years, just like our legacy-presidents who set the constitutional foundations for the Republic, 1796-1824.

To do this,

1) The Swamp must be genuinely drained. Washington as an establishment-fortress must be unrecognizable by 2048.

2) The rest of America, fly-over country, must be transformed (or re-formed) into a genuine republic of free men and women, with little living memory of the swamp that once controlled their lives by 2048, and

3) a genuine appreciation of the original blueprint and the process by which that blueprint is passed on from generation to generation, only within an education framework that is 21st Century in scope rather than the sketchy educations of the 1820s that allowed an Andrew Jackson to so easily intervene and derail that process.

(Richard Dreyfuss holds that key with his Civics Initiative, and has adopted exactly the right pose about how to go about insuring that children can be educated into the “theology of American citizenship”…my term, not his…as it pertains to their place in a free society, as well as a part of a continuous handshake extending generations in both directions. Without a citizenship base, studies in American Government or American History are no more life-skills relevant than a shop course in the workings of the 6-cylinder engine.

(In like manner our friend of several years, Dan Schultz, known in other places as Coldwarior, has also adopted the same posture in insuring that people who carry this special “theology of American citizenship” around today are able to secure a power base inside the Republican Party. I’ve outlined Dan’s Precinct Chairman Project here, and recommend you read them.

(I don’t want to turn this into a symposium, but both projects are outcome-determinative on a magnitude of 1000X what we normally see and hear compared to political fixes lasting normally no longer than a month. Both the Dreyfuss Civics Initiative and Precinct Project are calculated to stay with America with the passage of generations.)

In this context what Donald Trump most brings to the table is their sense of urgency, the momentum, the hurry-up, and the notion that are no endless number of tomorrows to fix this anymore,

And this is what the Left fears most.

Trump-GOP legislative successes, should they be compelled to accept the commission, will create a new voter base from cast-off Democrats as well as men and women who have been able to re-enter the workforce, as well as millions of fence-straddlers who had always taken a wait-and-see attitude, some not voting in 2016, still others having voted for Hillary. (Not every Californian is stupid.)

So know, the Left and the Washington Establishment are not “potted plants” (Brendan Sullivan during Iran-Contra Hearings) in this war against the new world the people have asked Donald Trump to jump start. They have a strategy and a plan of action, and it is all based on what they perceive to be the weaknesses of the Trump voter-base, and the belief they can slow it down to a snails pace without firing a shot, so that Nature (the dying off of our generation and its knowledge) will be replaced by the Nurture of the generations they are pumping out at a rate of 2 million a year, to replace our aging skeletons, kids who even today are already resistant by 9th Grade to the sort of love-of-liberty-and-country drivel Dreyfuss is pandering with his Citizenship booshway.

Hence the Urgency

Alongside defunding entire department-size college programs that are anti-American, I can think of no project more urgent as Dreyfuss’ Civics Initiative, along with associated programs to begin kids as early as 4th grade to once again begin loving their country and its heroes, as a starting point for all the other things that will later on become revealed to them in a lifetime of citizenship…including a strong basis, as I’ve mentioned before, of what both Darwin and God consider to be a survival-enhancing moral code. It is entwined with citizenship.

In like manner I can think of no greater way for the citizens to seize control of the political process than by moving inside and take all the empty seats of the political parties that party elites think they own even though they are empty, i.e., employ ColdWarrior’s precinct plan.

But both projects require a lot more money than they are attracting now. They not only need a lot of money but a loud, loud megaphone, a constant drumbeat in fact, to sell the idea. I’m not talking Jerry Lewis- loud, but Donald Trump loud.

The real tea parties elected Donald Trump. Thousands of them. The faux tea parties and their Donate buttons simply organized gala mixers with adult beverages where self-important people could glad hand. All that money needs to be redirected to things that must become center stage in this movement to restore America to the people and the constitutional blueprint.

Donald Trump can not only make this happen, but can create a shape-up-or-ship-out environment for a slothful and craven Congress that will create an excitement, much like our Navy steaming across the Pacific or armies streaming across North Africa and into Europe in WWII. As Patton said, “Attack, attack, attack!”. As long as Trump is on the offensive, high-stepping, two steps ahead of the Left, and unafraid to take a few light casualties, the ball will stay in our court for several more years.

Then, the new foundations can be laid.




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