Plumbing the depths of Donald Trump’s voter base, I wonder if maybe Mr Trump thinks it’s bottomless.

It isn’t, and while a master chess player in the art of negotiation, I hope he remembers that most of his voters are better at checkers.

Already I am picking up murmurings that Trump is actually favoring the Ryan healthcare plan which contains none of the major promises he made about ending Obamacare, and was one of the top 2-3 reasons America’s checker players voted for him in the first place.

A deal maker, or deal breaker.

I know this inconsistency is not lost of Mr Trump. I know that he is not being rolled by the “smarter” Paul Ryan, and believe that not even Paul Ryan believes this to be so. I believe that Trump has a scheme to make sure that by the time a bill ends up on his desk for signature it will contain all those promises he made to America’s checker players and its conservatives.  And I know that many of the players in the various factions of this still-early negotiation are in on this scheme. Maybe in whole, but more likely in part, more to be revealed as pieces fall into place.

About one of those possible wedges, we’ve seen stories that there is Wall Street faction(Jared and Ivanka) in Trump’s White House and a conservative faction (Steve Bannon). And they compete for President’s ear. Or maybe even his favor. Of course, the Media is the source, and of course, such factions have been the source of royal court rumors for centuries.  I think Donald Trump has a couple of Ben Franklin’s in his rolodex that none of the factions, if they exist, even know about.

But if this path to the right bill ending up on Trump’s desk is so complex (or ambiguous) that his voter’s can’t see it, so that the American Media can exploit it by sewing seeds of doubt and driving a wedge between Donald Trump and his voters, then I hope Mr Trump will step back and re-adjust for windage.

Never forget, the people, those voters, are Donald Trump’s firewall. His only firewall. He has no source of power. Anywhere.

This is the simple chalkboard math of Trump’s ability to govern effectively.

He can’t afford to lose it to rumor that was aided by his own miscalculation.




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