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Should President Trump Offer Amnesty to the Deep State Who Want to Come in From the Cold?

Long title, short answer.

We know they are there, and they know we are looking for them.

We know some of their names, and they don’t know which ones, just that the clock is ticking.

They all have vested financial interests in holding onto their jobs; family, friends, lifestyle,, benefits.

And they all have political interests that cause them to want to hold onto those jobs, as well. Those political interests run from Class A zealotry to Class D medium-tempered go-along-to-get-along, with many shades of grey in between.

Finally they also know they have been operating outside the law, at least for a few months, some much longer, and they think it has been easy.


How about a 90-120 day open-ended amnesty offer for those who agree to come in from the cold? President Trump could provide various incentives; retirement parachutes, walking-around money, but most of all, immunity from future prosecution, even witness protection, if requested.

All they have to do is be able to pass a battery of polygraphs and be willing to provide names, places, events and documents, all subject to verification.

Of course you know how these programs go. At State and Justice it may only take a half dozen to step forward, before the floodgates open. EPA will be different. So will Education, Energy and Labor. But once they do, everyone who decides not to come in from the cold will know they are in the cold forever. No longer Deep State, but deep kimchi.

Hillary won’t come in. Kerry won’t. Obama won’t. Others.

But they sure will sweat.

But getting the Biggs of the Deep State in this way don’t necessarily have to be the end game here. We can let history take care of that.

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