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Winning Changes Everything

“A horse, a horse, my kingdom for a horse.” (Richard III, Acr 5, Scene 4)

“A man without a horse is a foot”– Col Sherman Potter

More than the view changes once we mount a horse and can look down on our enemies as they have been doing to us the past eight years. Everything changes, most of all, our own view of ourselves vis a vis our enemies.

We are no longer the victims, but the victors here, and we have to begin thinking like winners, and dismiss the old bugaboos of those earlier years. We’ve dealt ourselves a new hand. The old rules and old habits do not apply. Some of you have been beaten so badly you have to go through the day just waiting for the daily beatdown. It’s almost as if some of you have been nourished by the outrage-of-the-day. From this day forward, that sort of thinking can be very counter-productive, granting power to an enemy where there really isn’t any any longer, except of your own making. Think Stockholm..

For you must see, we are up on those horses now, and they are down there.

First and foremost, whatever the media has been peddling, especially fear, no longer applies. The media is no longer to be feared, for the fear they sowed didn’t work at any time with this candidate, and now has rolled over to the rest of us now that we have won. The hateful children out there will still scream, only we are up here now, and they are down there. So no one listens other than their own kind. (Think orcs.) The effete NeverTrumpsters will continue to rail, only now they are yelling down a well, hearing only their own echo…because we are up here and they are down there.

We won.

The new Trump Administration will be immune to the media’s fear tactics because Donald Trump was never afraid of them. What a novel idea, but that’s why he won, and why his entire administration will be up here, mounted, and the media will be down there, afoot.

Still, the media and the Democrats will try to instill fear, only they lost over half of those who believe it. Another empty well and echo. But they will continue to attempt to instill fear into elected Republicans as they had successfully done in the past (supporting that belief, there’s already murmurs of an early impeachment of Trump, which will require strong Republican support). Only, and here’s the rub, our elected representatives, if they do not enjoy this new view from the saddle, will be quickly reminded that their voters are also on horseback, and will ride them down as if they were RedState munchkins should they decide to dismount out of fear of the media, or losing their reserved time with the House minority leader on the congressional squash court.

Everything has changed, so, as John Wayne once said, “A man ought to do what he thinks best.”

For us out here, outside of government, our job has changed, too, all because this new administration will be mounted. We no longer have to work hard to debate our policies. Our policies largely won. We of course should remain vigilant that there is no breach of faith with the promises made to us, but also be watchful as the media will try to create fissures where none exist. Condfidence will grow more slowly with congressional Republicans, and in the bureaucracy, there will be attempts at wrecking. Busting the bureaucracy and bringing it to heel will be a monumental task, probably less pretty than watching either laws or sausage being made. At least half a million of them need to be fired, er, laid off, which in turn will cause the “reduction” of at least as many in state and local government. That’s how economies are jump-started, by putting capital in the private sector.

Driving a wedge between President Trump and the people who put him into office will be Job One for the media and the Democrats for it is the only way they can unhorse us. Pay them no mind, they are irrelevant, inconsequential. But patiently, without the kind of fanfare they call “trending”, verify, using verifiable sources, of which there are few. So look for the rise of groups of journalist “we can trust” for truth and veracity more than political purity. Good journalists are hard to find, but the better ones will rise to the top, only look for them away from the major networks, for there are no reliable journalists found there anymore, save the occasional Catherine Herridge. Hopefully, “National Review” will go back to its original mission first established by William Buckley, to discuss intellectually serious conservative issues, then to catch the eye and ear of responsible members of government so as to affect national policy, hopefully while taking themselves much less seriously. Even with a black eye, I think administration officials will give NR a kind hearing, on pedigree alone. But now NR has many other fine competitors. Being oh, so very smart, and oh so very humble, is a tough posture to master, but we’ve seen it done before.

The native conservatism of the people, and Jefferson’s charge that men and women should be able to pursue life, liberty and happiness without the permission of the state is the bedrock of true conservatism, and not the erudite ramblings of that “other kind” of conservatism, which, while largely valid, was so elitist and dismissive of the common man and woman, who, lest we forget, are also up here riding on horses now, as to be oxymoronic of the original Founders’ blueprint.

Just a couple of weeks ago I wrote about the end of the “ancien regime” in America, and it has now come to pass. Our own conservative media will change, or have to, because even Rush Limbaugh will have to realize that as long as we are up here on horseback, the power of the media to instill fear, destroy reputations, or influence events has been diminished, sometimes to the point of non-existence. We don’t need to be told how strong they are, Rush, because today they no longer are. You diminish our cause by giving them powers we took away from them.

Donald trump almost single-handedly destroyed the power of social media, as NeverTrumpsters have found with the echo effect, shouting down into that well, realizing no one (of importance) is down there listening any more. Facebook will once again be for cats and grandma’s grandkids, and  who knows what will happen to Twitter. It just won’t be able to set trends in under 140 characters, as it once thought, except among the hate-mongers of the fasco-left. But all they have is that well.

If #NeverTrumpsters are not smart enough to know they were wrong about Trump and his voters for all the constitutional reasons, they should at least be smart enough to know they are now afoot and we are on horseback, and to move accordingly.

Comfort none of them with any semblance of relevance whatsoever, and trust me, the dead thud of that echo will tell them that this is so.

The Fasco-left and the NeverTrumpsters lost because, in their own delusion, the Trump voters never really existed. Now we have proven we are very much alive. Moreover we are on the horses, and they are afoot. Never let them not be reminded of that.

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