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Van Jones, Another Lawn Jockey for White Gods and Goddesses

I’ve said before, America’s greatest sin was not slavery, but what the United States government and the Democrat Party, with meek complicity of the Republican Party since the death of Dr Martin Luther King, Jr, has been the intentional imprisonment of black Americans across the country, their only way out through a parole system established by their white god and goddess wardens.

You know I’m right. And secretly many Republicans and conservatives have also known I’m right, only, because they had at least one foot buried in the Establishment cement pond, have been unable to come up with a strategy that could both keep their position in the Establishment secure while freeing the black folks.

After all, how can any person of principle revolve around a sun, and benefit from its warming rays, that is contrary to those principles? History tells us that men almost always jettison the principles, and America’s blacks have been the sad beneficiaries of this kind of hypocrisy.

Donald Trump may not fully appreciate what he has already accomplished in this regard, but he has laid open the road to go in to rescue all those people inside, by their support of him in the recent election. The tallies aren’t final, but black Democrats showed their support of Trump, or at least their disgust of Hillary Clinton, by not staying home. (This has not and likely will not be reported.) Moreover, of those who did show up to vote, more blacks voted for Trump than any other Republican in many years, all because Donald Trump came to them personally, on their turf, and promised them a “new deal”, especially jobs and neighborhood safety. An un-tolled road out.

And look at the prominent black men socially who supported Trump; Denzel Washington, LL Cool J, Dave Chappelle, people you would never suspect, and probably the majority of black pastors in America.


So why then did Van Jones, the former Obama Admin and staff communist and CNN consultant say that the Trump win was “whitelash”, a revolt of whites against the changing color shade in American society? never has a Republican won so racelessly.

Of course, Van Jones always takes a lot of special understanding, in the same way the Reverend Quartet; Louis Farrakhan, Jeremiah Wright, Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, requires special understanding, since their labels just don’t quite describe the man. They are so high up the pecking order of house negroes you would almost think they owned part of the planation.

They don’t. They also bow to their white gods and goddesses.

A true Marxist would eschew private wealth. Van Jones obviously bathes in it. A true Marxist, even if self-delusion got him there, would believe in the plight of the poor, and work to see them freed of their bondage, yet, here is Van Jones, standing outside the carriage entrance of the white gods’ manor house, lighting the way for their guests, all of whom in one way or the other, are the wardens where those poor people are imprisoned.

In truth, Van Jones is not a true Marxist, and only knows enough of Karl Marx to know that the feel of a $500 Manhattan-made suit feels a lot better, and Napoleon brandy goes down better than cheap German beer. So, in coming weeks look for a rising cacophony of the term ‘fascist” coming from these quarters to describe the new Trump Administration, even as Hillary Clinton and her relationship with Wall Street and the global corporate cartels, all who enter the manor house from that carriage entrance which Van Jones attends, are the quintessential fascists.

So why is Van Jones even there? Well, why did George Will pray (wrong verb, I know) for a Hillary win? Same reason…fine clothes and a reserved place in the sun.

But, at least George Will has not incited others to riot. Van Jones just has with his white-lash comments. And so, incidentally, has CNN, who has already abdicated any semblance of journalistic integrity by helping Donna Brazille feed question to the Clinton Campaign, then fire her when she got caught.

Van Jones would be wise to heed this. For what he has done, if it progresses as we can imagine, can be construed to be an incitement to crime in just a few short weeks. Ask Stokley Carmichael and the Black Panthers how that worked out for them..

He is no longer up there on the horse, and a man without a horse is a foot. (sic).

But we are

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