We’re in the early days of a “sitzkreig”, or “sitting war”, taken from that period between the day England and France declared war on Germany after their invasion of Poland in 1939, and the time it required the Germans to wheel and turn, and launch an attack on France, approximately 8 months later. During that period the French dilly-dallied, playing chess, eating cheese and drinking wine along the Maginot Line, instead of filling in the gaps of that line, so that it would only take five weeks for the Germans to roll over France and the Low countries through a really big gap in that line, when only a miracle boat lift from England could rescue over 330,ooo soldiers at Dunkirk. Paris fell in May, 1940.

For eight months the world waited with held breath, then, pfffft. It was over with little more than a whimper.

There’s a kind of sitzkreig going on now in America, and like 1940, it’s all going on in the dark, out of sight of ordinary Americans. Only no one is playing chess. On our side, the Trump machine is trying to plot out its best plan of attack for the first 100 days…as promised. On the other side, the left is meeting and scheming and sending out talking points, trying to figure out how best to blight Donald Trump’s path, first in those 100 days, then throughout his term, building on expected success. We know some have been hired to break things, some, later to blow up things. All the left will need is for someone to light the fuse(s); i.e., provide the justifications.

And as predicted, the media will serve as the vanguards of these endeavors providing 1) the justification for many of the crimes that will be committed by true believers and rent-a-thugs alike (they work in tandem, by the way) and 2) to instill fear and doubt in both the Re0publican Congress, who have always bared their belly in times of high stress and anxiety, and to instill doubt in the minds of the millions of Americans who elected Trump.

Trifecta: Insure Trump fails, and the people understand there’s no sense is trying this sort of thing again.

This last part used to be easy, only is no longer. For their problem is, no one is paying attention. No one can hear these messages. You can tell a lie, but you can’t sell a lie unless your target audience is paying attention. The left’;s target audience is not those sad-sack millenials or rent-a-mobs.

They are us.

I explained that all this has changed in my sermon earlier this week, “Winning Changes Everything”. Keep it in mind.

Donald Trump has unlocked the key to mastering the media. Act like they aren’t there, ignore them, but if you must acknowledge them, then laugh. Chortle. Snicker. But best of all, ignore them. Just never take them seriously. You do this best by letting them hear the echo of their lies coming back at them from that hollow well. When you read them, either say nothing at all, or laugh, chortle, or snigger.

The left and the media, in concert as always, are in the process of trolling every sort of lie imaginable through the potato patch of all the favorable print and internet media, from AP, Reuters and WAPO to internet pass-thrus like Yahoo, HuffPo  Politico and Salon, to see what can be made to stick; such as the filing for security clearances for the Trump family, then, when that lie didn’t fly, reporting the Trump staffer who had suggested it had been fired.

Stop and consider the depth of this sort of media lie. Not originating from some Twitter-dweeb, but real media. How desperate are they?

It doesn’t harm to read it, but it does harm to make them think they stung you. Laugh or snigger instead. Or simply pass it by. They count hits, and most of the bigger sites have counters. They already know how deep their well (of despair) is becoming. No one is even bothering to retort, pro or con.

The most laughable event of the early phase of the sitzkreig was Leslie Stahl’s suggestion to Donald Trump that Trump supporters were making racist, bigoted and “politically incorrect” comments about various protected minorities. I had never heard of any such episodes, and figured Trump had two ways to answer it, one for Obama and one for the media. For the media he could have answered that he knew of no such episodes, and challenged Stahl to produce evidence…which she couldn’t. But all he would have done is to give sound to that fallen tree in the forest. And to what benefit? Instead he ignored the media, casting them off as irrelevent.

For the benefit of Obama who is still dangerous, and even psychologically volatile and unsteady as his self-image is diminished, instead Trump chose to turn, look in the camera and tell his followers, “Stop it.” thus giving OB face, which likely may have saved many lives and burned buildings in the last 6 weeks of this sitzkreig.

See how this works?

The media has defined the sitzkreig as their time to lay minefields. I think we are a day ahead of them.

Stay that way.

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