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Debate Bottom-line: Biden’s Confusion and Trump’s Dishonesty

The Left-Wing Media has set the stage for how the 2020 Presidential campaign will appear to the American public going forward. And the Debate set its tone, largely loud and acrimonious. By the Media’s account, Donald Trump did not win, but Joe Biden certainly did lose….without any help.

Where the Democrats will go with the campaign remains to be seen, still less than 24 hours after the debate, its effect is not yet settling in. According to the Democrat spokespersons and media toadies, Joe Biden did not win the debate, but neither did Donald Trump win it. Every word that came out of Trump’s mouth was a lie. Biden simply was confused. He did not lie.

But boy, was he factually confused!

Even I would have a difficult time calling Joe Biden a liar, at least once it appeared that his senses had left him. Over the years I didn’t pay enough attention to Joe Biden to bother to fix a time and place when he stepped into that particular mudhole, but I did start paying attention when I watched then Senator Biden question then-Judge Clarence Thomas in his Senate hearings after being nominated for a seat on the Supreme Court bench in 1991. Biden was rude, and openly hostile to Thomas, but at the time, I never knew why. But it was an impression that never left me.

Over the years there arose still other alarm bells; his affectation for young girls, and their aromas. Then there were reports of plagiarism. And a “type” began to emerge, types I’d come to know in law school and the Army. There was the propensity to lie about “famous” or “powerful” people they had known. Almost all came from a sense of entitlement to rank (including social rank) that had somehow been denied the family name because of their having fallen on hard times in the Depression era.

One rarely gets close to this sort of person, but they do fall across your path, especially schools and later Army. Joe Biden always struck me as a person who’d gone through life feeling like he’d been robbed of some deserved rank. He’s just 4 years older than me (and Donald Trump). His behavior as a young college man strikes me as someone who felt he was “owed”, then proceeded to take it. And he struck out a couple of times, i.e., the plagiarism bust in college. As for his behavior toward little girls, that’s above my pay grade.

I’m reading today that Biden, and his camp (or entourage) are outside the Democratic Party orbit. In my view, that’s plausible but we’ll never know until/unless the corporate Democratic Party and Biden faction clash. Either way, the Party loses, and we will see this unfold by November.

But defeating either wing does not mean that “we will win”. We conservative, pro-America first, citizens still have to prevail, denying the corporate Republican wing its aspirations to turn America into a corporate, top-down, front office, bureaucracy-heavy organization. This web-site has been dedicated to identifying “what works”, and to the extent possible, working the ground so that, when the time comes, “the people” can return to managing their own affairs, and joining with all the other communities to keep the air and water clean, the taxes low, and the choices clear and easy to understand.

Donald Trump, much like the Founders, can lay the groundwork, then turn the Nation over to the Law of Generations, from raising kids to providing for them options to choose in their life’s pursuits.

Trump knows this, as do most Americans we call “MAGA”

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