This is a kind of SitRep for patriots who have been sitting home, active on social media, but waiting for someone (e.g. Donald Trump, AG Barr, or even the 82nd Airborne) to step in and fix all this.

This seems to be what we do best, so I am here to tell you it isn’t enough. Not by a damned sight.

The takeover of six city blocks in Seattle, almost all of which is privately owned and about which the owners are generally denied the use of their property, including being able to keep their doors locked, pretty much sets the picture of things to come in blue cities around the country. Of course this is outrageous, but what is much worse, since we’d seen mobs like these before, is that instead of the mayor and governor sending in shock troops, they’ve sent in CARE packages and Hallmark cards of support.

President Trump has threatened to fix it, and maybe he will or maybe he won’t, at least in the way we seem to want it done, while sitting comfortably in front of our social media-of-choice viewing space. Trump doesn’t have to be in a hurry, at least on our account. The Paris Commune, much like this mob, ruled all of Paris of over a million for two months in 1871 after France had surrendered to the Prussians and their next new government could send in their Army, who pretty much killed them all. Of course it didn’t take very long for just about everything in a city that size to go to hell in a handbasket. Imagine the smell. But while there was some dark, distinctively- French humor in this two month hell, a few days of occupation of a few blocks isn’t really that big of a deal except for those who have made a home-career out of  minding other people’s business (MOPD).

This isn’t AG Barr’s business unless or until he or the President want to make it their business, when circumstances on the ground dictate it. Federalism. (Look it up.) Since the beginning of this riot season, as with the Covid lockdowns, the President (and properly I think) has allowed the Blues to make an utter mockery of the Constitution, only then let them hang themselves with it. Karma. Trump doesn’t have to be in a hurry, in part because the “Land of the Free, Home of the Brave” part of America which I argue still includes millions of working class Democrats and African-Americans, are continuing to holster their weapons…while still gnashing their teeth.

I have the sneaking suspicion that there wasn’t a single person caught up in that six-block area of Seattle who would have ever voted for Donald Trump or any Republican in 2016. But by the time it’s over, a measurable percentage will likely have changed their minds in Seattle, King County and the state of Washington.

So let this simply play itself out with this in mind, for I am quite certain it is a part of Donald Trump’s thinking.

But things are changing on the ground, including attitudes. Rasmussen reports that 1 in 3 voters now consider “civil war” (I think we’ve been in one for 4 years at least, so I assume Rasmussen means “shooting war”) to be likely in the next 5 years. His assumption is that the political landscape will not change in that period.

I would be a solid “No” vote in that poll so long as we continue to hold the White House and at least one chamber of Congress. If the Radicals should actually “win” all three (they’d have to steal it or forge a military coup led almost entirely by generals and colonels) then civil war would be a 100% certainty. But if our “Love America” troops should sweep in 2020, the prospects for civil war would shrivel to near zero, and the armed part of Black Lives Matter would simply go back to being ordinary street gangs trying to control a few city blocks to protect their drug trade while their ghetto territory would annually shrink. The spoiled white kids of Antifa would simply drift back to their basement apartments and return to video games or taking selfies of their new tattoos. As a zeitgeist their movement would die on the vine, also because, by various means, there would be an accelerated decline in professors to teach them the crap they’ve been taught and more and more will find themselves actually having to get a job, and maybe even a family. One generation may be lost in this process, but that will depend on how quickly we get off our duffs and make things happen instead of waiting for Donald Trump and his successors to make them happen for us.

Everything that has to happen ‘top-down” will be germinated by seeds planted at the grass roots. Donald Trump already knows this.

Which brings us back to today, now, June, 2020.

So, about this sudden explosion of arms inside CHAZ-CHOP and BLM. We’ve known this for awhile, just now sure how it would show itself.

First know that the armed-and-dangerous side of this occupation are no longer just ex-7/11 robbers who don’t know how to hold a .38 properly. There is plenty of money behind both BLM and Antifa and other trained assets. They have an organization(s) that lead up to a lot of money. And hourly-waged cannon fodder is still easy to enlist, at least until it gets too bumpy (which should of been interdicted months ago). I expect they have rudimentary training in small unit tactics now, with defensive-battlement knowhow, but no experience in sieges. And exit (bugout) plans are likely only for the leadership, their cadre, leaving the starry-eyed volunteers to bear the brunt of the beat down, should it ever come.

Just know now, if you didn’t already, that left-wing millionaires have been putting their money where their mouths are for several years, since the Occupy Movement at least in 2011-2012. (Which was in part a response to us, the Tea Party, which at its core, is still 10,000+ little guerilla bands built around the notion of local self-defense.) Our millionaires don’t do that. Millionaires formed Tea Party groups which then charge $1000/head for 3 day conferences that, since 2015, have hosted just about every #NeverTrump “conservative” in the universe, pretty much leaving the 46% solid base that voted for Donald Trump out in the cold, and without any organizational support. Thanks anyway, Jenny Beth.

That’s OK. What the radical left has not figured out, since in virtually every state, even when the majority of their voters are blue, 85%-90% of the territory they cover is red. And, as they are finding out now, even in blue cities, outside of top management, 90% of their police are red, which explains the current defund police movement.

They know they can’t just sally forth in a string of chopped-down BMW’s shooting up suburbs and smaller towns just 20-30 miles away.

They still fear us on our own turf, and you know why.

For years, even before Obama, I’d supported the idea of “dark alley” stealth groups of 5 or so to do basic intelligence gathering on notable leftwing activists in your city/state governments and public school/ university systems, and to engage in small misdemeanor-type offenses against them and their property which I’ve euphemistically called “killing rose bushes”. Not to do serious harm, but to instill fear, for most of them who are white have never known a bloody nose or a shattered ankle. Skunking $1000 business suits and Gucci purses is still a capital idea, whether a city manager, a Sociology professor, or a legislator. All you ever had to do was sit down with a few pals and follow a few very strict security rules for your own protection…Woe! betide if they ever learn your name or where you live…then begin building dossiers and insure their rosebushes are killed.

That theory is still valid but more limited to most of those in the radical-chic end of leftwing management who’ve never been spanked. Certainly not this mayor of Seattle, who does seem to be a stereotype found just about everywhere in government/education these days. What matters is that real pain and fear of things that go bump in the night would have a far different effect on them than you or I. I’m a big fan of taking the “cool” out of radicalism, especially those little mommas’ boys who grew with video games.

Seattle shows us what 7 years of sitting on our duffs has wrought, for the Left is now armed, cocky and of a size to make anything less than a military op consider coming after them in an urban street war environment.

That is their territorial limit right now. But there is some talk about fanning out into the  suburbs. And some  suburban communities near blue cities are beginning to set up listening posts and early warning systems so that gangs can’t easily get into a neighborhood, and even more importantly, once in, can’t easily can’t get out.

“Now youse can’t leave.”

(Even if this bar scene were to occur today, I doubt there would be much video evidence.)

Bottom line: They can’t fight in our yard and we don’t have to fight in theirs. Remember, to win, they have to eventually take red territory.

True, they do have strengths, but on their home urban turf. So just don’t go there. Let Trump do that when the time right.

All we have to do is prepare for them and follow the John Wayne rule of letting them throw the first punch…on our turf.

We can afford to do this because we’re much better shots, with at least 100 million more guns and ordnance. And we can pick the terrain. We can shoot to kill or just “shoot to limp”.

Some common sense rules:

When I was in Infantry-lieutenant training in ’67, on a hill assault exercise of a machine gun nest another wannabe lieutenant jumped out from behind the sandbags and charged up the hill. Must’ve seen that in a movie. So this big 6’2 black master sergeant who had the same last name as me, blew a whistle, stopping the gunfire, and yelled to the guy, “Get down, you’re dead”. He then looked straight at me, “See that, Cuz. He’s dead. So don’t be like Audie Murphy.” Then he blew his whistle again and the gunfire recommenced. Poor “Audie” had to lay there on the ground through the rest of the exercise.

We don’t need people who have a fatalistic vision of themselves at the Alamo or the hot gates of Thermopylae leading us anywhere. There are such men in every movement. As Gen Patton said, “Don’t die for your country. make the other son a bitch die for his.” If you want to be led, try to find a young Washington or Lee, and avoid the loud and aggressive take-charge Custers. Find a Sam Adams to work with, not his cousin John. Especially avoid the Bible-thumping John Brown’s or Randy Weaver, who got his wife killed by an FBI sniper all because he’d been a no-show on a firearms charge.

Make your property and neighborhood your Cause, and let knowledge of that trickle up to Donald Trump. He seems to be asking for that anyway; for us to plow the ground, and to stop believing that by sitting in the bleachers and cheering or complaining is “doing your fair share”.

The BLM-Antifa won’t go anyplace that they can’t control the media message, so you likely won’t be a target of opportunity for some time. Just be prepared. Work with you neighbors to develop an early-warning system.

They will use scout cars to scope out a neighborhood. I live in a subdivision that is about 25% black, and down the road 3 miles is another that is 80% black. Teens are coming back and forth all the time, so all we can do is pay attention. Get to know the cars in your neighborhood. Most homes already have outside cameras. And yes, kids have come up to our cars, but after testing them to see if they’re locked, they move on.

With only two streets in-and-out, about 125 homes, here it’s real easy to build an ID-register, as well as set up spotter posts in the woods between the houses and the main highway 300-400 yards behind us. So we’re talking about a command center and a few volunteer man-hours a week, so that no matter where they go, we’ll be a few minutes ahead.

And remember the Marines’ buddy-rule; your next door neighbors and friend across the street are your fox-hole mates. So, any “invasion”, which could take several different shapes and sizes, won’t be just about you. I’m a shotgun guy myself (too blind for marksmanship) but it will be nice to know who and where the sharpshooters are. Snipers are good. For both tires and ankles and if necessary…..

Just let them know that once they get in, they can’t leave.

Somewhere in the past you had a grandparent or great-grandparent who did the same thing.

You’re just simply going to have to up your citizenship game for awhile. Think five years ahead. But if we totally wreck the Left’s plans in the next 6 months, much of their money will disappear forever. And so will much of the threat.

Sky determines.



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