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Why Sol Alinsky Knew How Things Work, and Why We Don’t Seem to Anymore


This is a “How Should Things Work?” exercise built upon the body of evidence of How Things Work in reality.

Saul Alinksky had to know “how things worked in America” in 1971 before he could draw a list of the things that needed to be destroyed in America. His 12 Rules for Radicals here. And they’ve largely worked.

For instance, because Alinsky worked around urban universities in the 60s, he knew that even students who were brought up in Christian homes would more often than not choose their vanities and appetites over their moral teachings when push came to shove…if they were also from affluent backgrounds. My mother told me when I got married that she knew I’d try just about everything I’d been taught to say “No” to, but if I survived and walked back “out of the Valley of the Shadow of Death” (her words) I would reclaim those moral teachings. She was right.

But Saul Alinsky had a sixth sense about those who wouldn’t. He understood the enduring power of vanity and the sense of entitlement. In short, he knew the young Hillary Rodham, only not as a person but as a type. That type would become his acolytes. His instruments. The ones who would adhere to his “12 Rules” as if they were Scripture.

He didn’t have to teach them to hate. What he wanted to do was to tell them how to use that hate.

And then be able to move into management. Hillary was a quick learner.

The modern political class, and most academic pinheads don’t know this, including those Baby Boomers, Gen-Xers and Millennials who are today working according to Alinsky’s game plan. In Pascal’s terms, they not only don’t know they’re lost, they are unable to even find it out…without a great awakening.

So, has anyone ever considered that maybe social media, Twitter, Facebook, etc, are part of that plan? Or that the timing of Twitter’s appearance on the market with the ascent of Barack Obama may not have been coincidental?

I recall in 2009 that many prominent Gen-X conservatives rushed to Twitter, while Facebook added all sorts of social media options to keep up. I was at Red State at the time and the change in style and culture there was much like when the Rock n’ Roll of Elvis and Jerry Lee gave way to Bubblegum a decade later. In 2016, I even mentioned FB and Google’s roll in Hillary and Barack’s Arab Spring as providing the Kumbaya for that fiasco that gave the world ISIS and a war that still goes on in Syria.

I joined Twitter in 2010, but went there mostly to observe and sometimes to commiserate. But I quickly found out thousands of vocal patriots and Trump-lovers, seemed to be “nourished by outrage” as the screeching Karen’s of the Left, and that 140-(later 280) character limit was enough to assuage their outrage on a daily basis. It seemed to be the perfect catharsis for patriots who want to be able to fall asleep each night telling themselves they’d fought the good fight without ever having had to get off the couch.

And sure enough, what has ensued over the past five years, since Trump first took office, has been a kind of “Sitzkreig” (the “sitting war” in the 8 months after the Germans rolled over Poland before they “blitzkreiged” into Paris in 1940) for it’s allowed over a million patriots to be able to tell themselves that they really kicked some lefty-ass last night.

If you’ve followed me since 2008, both at Red State and here, 13 years now, you know I’ve been a broken record suggesting patriots stop looking to Washington to come to the rescue. And to also stop thinking about the “rule book” that limits our political power to the voting booth or attending school board meetings. Alinsky was way ahead of you, being able to kill the power of the vote, then stifle any other expression of power by fearing their power of the “dox”  and the “cancel”. No matter which way you turn, Alinskyites believe  they have all your roads blocked.


Even if you understand what drives those drugged-out spoiled brats to take over city streets, and burn and loot, have you considered that social media has been directed to keeping us glued to our seats, instead of learning “how their plan works” and then actually doing something about it?

If you bothered, especially as it applies to corrupt government…schools and universities included…you’d learn how their plans are designed to work, and you’d learn that 90% of the cost and tactical planning, much like the modern corporation, is carried out by people just like us, also staring into a computer screen. Part of their plan relies of us doing exactly what we’ve been doing since 2009, nothing except complaining all day then going to sleep at night contented that we’d done a full day of patriot’s work.

Or did anyone also notice that Twitter rose in popularity at the  same time Barack Obama did?

I know enough about how the Left works to know that they are not very good at Plan B’s, C’s and D’s, if their Plan A is suddenly been derailed. That’s always been their weakness.

Which brings us to today and the question: How can a free people fix it? From the top, or from the bottom?

This long-winded series has been dedicated to first let you know what they are doing, which superficially you already know, only you’re expecting someone else, somewhere else, to fix it. I’m trying to reduce 30-40 minute classroom talks into a step-by-step text, for general use, and not just the few dozens who will read it here, using the “unified theory” scheme of thinking: “the solution to every conundrum begins with a unified theory”. If you’ve ever gotten a bloody nose for lying, or maybe just a spanking for disobeying, you’d know how the unified theory works, (If I do it, I’ll get a spanking) and you’d also know we’re confronting two and a half generations of younger adults who’d never been introduced into those mysteries of the universe, cited all the way back to the Book of Proverbs (13:24).

By re-acquainting yourselves with those simple rules, how they work, and how effective they can be, the film will suddenly fall from your eyes, and you will see the solution. And you will see that those solutions will begin at the bottom, not at the top, as we wrongly believed Donald Trump would do for us. (By the way, Mr Trump also knew this.)

Part of this new track of resistance against the Left involves a justification and understanding of the use of vigilantism, by understanding the difference between it when it is good and when it is bad.


With that in mind:

Go to the internet and enlist a cadre of people to show up to protest at just about any place; a statue of Columbus, a county government building or a Food Mart, or of late, at any site where a criminal fugitive was shot while trying to escape arrest (especially if “of color”). It only requires two or three people of influence, such as college professors with a posse of student-followers, to draw a crowd of around 100, then, either from among that group, or plants sent to insert themselves, to turn that protest into a riot.

Few riots are spontaneous simply because few protests are truly spontaneous anymore. The vast majority are staged. And funded. Even when the villagers stormed Baron Frankenstein’s castle, armed with torches, it required some time to go around knocking on doors to gather those men and their torches. And of course, the principal trigger was a little girl being found dead down by the creek, which stirred the wrath of that mob…all because of those strange goings-on inside that castle. Vigilantes. Even Mary Shelley knew how this had to work in order to be believable.

In the end, the castle was burned to the ground…with all hands…including the baron, his hunchbacked assistant, and the Monster. (At least in the 1931 film. The scary Frau Blucher was in a later edition.)

Do your homework, Their Majesties the Mob, and Comparative Vigilantism, 

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