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The Rolled up Newspaper, Time to Employ MAD (Mutually Assured Destruction) Against Democrats

The Democrats have behaved in loco parentis for the Soviet Union since the USSR fell in 1991. Guardians of the tablets.

And MAD was a part of those times.

America has also had it’s own regional versions of MAD since the civil rights days.

You may not know this, since it doesn’t fit in with the modern narrative of race-politics, but in the early 1960s, in the South, after protests broke out on the campuses of Ole Miss and the University of Alabama, the KKK-backed protests against desegregation began to diminish, and rather quickly, when Christian wives began punishing their husbands, primarily because of the way their sons and daughters appeared on national television once the national networks were there to record them.

While generally approving of the larger social aims of segregation, I suppose, the majority of southern mothers had good relationships with black mothers who they knew to be Christians, and did not approve of any harm coming to them or their families. But most of all they were horrified at seeing their nice, clean-cut, sons, wearing KIngstion Trio button-down madras shirts, acting and looking like heathen barbarians. Their sons were supposed to be going to Ole Miss to make something of themselves.

I know many personal stories, so know that hundreds, if not thousands of KKK husbands slept on the couch and ate cold cereal instead of ham and eggs at breakfast until they chose between the wife and the n*****-haters down at Joe’s Bar

That was the southern housewife’s version of MAD.

And it worked enough that the size and power of the KKK diminished, which is why they had to resort to terrorism (church burnings in every state but Arkansas), back roads murders (Mississippi 1964) and sniper assassination (Memphis,1968) ; because they could no longer project power and intimidation with a simple march down Main Street.

This is how history works when Law and ancient social arrangements work in tandem.

A MAD program for the GOP Senate

In a fight it’s axiomatic that you never really know who is good and who is not until Good makes a stand. In the case of Brett Kavanaugh, just like James Meredith trying to get in the front door of Ole Miss, there has to be a meeting of the minds between the people and their representatives in government.

In this Kavanaugh case, both Law and morality have already ruled. It’s just for the political class to acknowledge it. The Democrats are giving their base what they want, while the Republicans appear to be teetering, ignoring the demands of their base.

As you also know, you first have to get their attention, and sometimes that can only be done with a two-by-four.

So, for our representatives in the Senate: The people have decided, and it’s just like your 9th Grade Civics teacher drew it up on the blackboard in 1947, Senator Grassley.

Like then we will still not provide safe harbor to any member of the Senate who will assist in the destruction of a totally innocent man, or even stand to the side and allow it to happen. Do that, and the whole lot of you will be sleeping on the couch until you can be replaced.

If your allow this to happen, this will mean that civilization as we have known it will be ended, and that the only innocent man is the who has not yet been accused.

But there is an easy and quick solution, Senator, a simple MAD promise to the Democrats, that if if they harm one of ours we’ll harm one (or more) of theirs with swift justice.

Shock and Awe

For instance Sen Grassley can stand up, in open session, and address Sen Diane Feinstein, and in the briefest manner possible, tell her you are no longer friends. In fact, you don’t even recognize her as a colleague. “Senator Feinstein, and this is the last time I will address you as such, you are a disgrace to the United States Senate.” (That’s the shock part.)

Then, while she’s standing up in her “Well I never!” pose, straightening her girdle, about to make a grand stormy exit, turn to the Republicans on the committee, and say to them, “By agreement with the Senate Leader, it is both our wishes and our direction that you shall not address any member on the Democratic Party side as “Senator”, nor shall you acknowledge them in the hallways or concourse, or speak to them in any other manner than in the briefest and most indifferent way. When you see them in the hallway, you will avert your gaze.”

“You will shun them, both in the chamber and in the city.

“The Leader and I have put the Mark of Anathema on them all…..UNLESS…

…they individually apologize to you for their party’s behavior and their own, at which time the Mark will be lifted.”

(That’s the awe part.)

Then, close the hearings and send the Kavanaugh nomination over to the Senate for a floor vote.

This will set the media lines burning, while the American people will cheer, in part because there will finally be justice for Kavanaugh, and in part because the Republicans have finally shown they have a pair.

The Republican Senate will have finally signaled to the American people it is fully on board with their sense of decency and fairness, and will signal to the other side no matter how “their heathen doth rage” there will be a heavy price to pay in the Halls of Congress for any attempt to disrupt even one more hearing with these kinds of lies.

(That’s the MAD part.)

And if the KKK provides any history, it will have signaled to all those women out there who once had limber loins with stories to tell, that their stories will find no welcome couch in Congress, without a police report.

I swear, I have never seen a chorus line of political hacks and aging cougar-Valley Girls who deserved more to be marched up the steps in Paris during the Reign, to meet Lady Razor.

This is what war looks like, folks, and it’s been carried on against us for years. Now we have to let every one of them know that for every public outrage aimed at us, we will go them one better.

The Rolled-Up Newspaper component

Do you know how many bloody noses a rolled-up newspaper can inflict before it gets too floppy to bruise?

Now, I have used the rolled-up newspaper as a metaphor as well as a real-life weapon of choice for years. For one, they hurt like hell, bruise and can cause a nose-bleed, and nobody ever notices them on the street because so many people carry them…


…especially in this case, and those limber-loined liars, and screeching banshees who try to invade every congressional hearing room where a person, usually a man, is about to say something that they may not approve of.

I would think, in the sorts of cases, as this, with Brett Kavanaugh, an innocent man about to lose his very life on the whims of screaming mimis, the risk of an arrest, and a $500 fine would be worth it…especially if you’re almost guaranteed a $10,000 GoFundMe page.

It would not cost me a minute’s lost sleep if I had to think of Christine Blasey Ford having to do a heel-and-toe step down a public street for fear a person carrying a rolled up newspaper might approach her.

For her kinds of crimes, this is my weapon of choice.

“Hurts, don’t it?”

We will get to Antifa and BLM eventually, but there’s a different kind of obscenity here. In these situations, where words and words alone can destroy a person and there is no way to seek relief from the courts, a few sharp stings across the backs of the legs or the nose will cause some yet unknown, aspiring #MeToo victim to think twice. With America’s ER’s filling up with nose bleeds maybe Congress and the legislatures with liberalize victims rights about these sorts of defamation.

In the meantime the Democrats will receive a clear signal that we’re not going to stand for it anymore, and we expect our elected representatives to protect the high ground, even if it means having to find a new fourth for the Thursday night bridge game, Chuck.


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