When Logic is the Only Evidence, it is Outcome Determinative

1) As we know, even prostitutes can be sexually assaulted. This occurs when they did not invite being touched, or the other person did not proffer payment as promised.

The only exemption from that rule is their pimp, who, by the rules established by the club which she joined, can beat hell out of her or rape her at his pleasure. Or even sell her to the Albanians.

But these are all according to rules of the underworld, not established law.

In every other case, if a mere “john” (prospective client) assaults them, they will kick and scream “Rape!” until they are beaten to a pulp or police come. And once the police arrive, regardless of the color of her hair, the scoop of her neckline, or the paint on her face, the crime will be determined solely by the cuts and bruises, torn clothes, and bodily fluids gathered by medical examiners.


Police may never catch the guy, and the pimps might, each with their own rules of judicial process. But if the cops ever do, he will be convicted and punished.

That the assault began as a business deal gone bad will never even come up in a court room, if bodily injury or invasion is involved.

2) As we also know, even sluts, also known as “easy women”, can be raped.

Again, certain rules apply so that society can protect the innocent and punish the guilty.

Sluts sleep around only within their class. Their territory. Again, if some boy from the Village should try to touch some Buttercup from the High Castle in any offensive way, she will cry bloody murder…and not even wait until next Wednesday to report it, much less years.

But she will almost never come into social contact with a boy from the Village on his turf. Girls from the High Castle do not mix socially with boys from the Village any more than they do Portuguese wharf rats. So the chances of them ever coming into contact with one another in the first place is slim and none.

3) Still, within her circle inside her caste in the High Castle Buttercup Christine Blasey Ford would have been known as “an easy lay”, possibly by both boys and girls. But that circle would have been small indeed, as with classmates. (Brett Kavanaugh was not such a classmate.)

Any offensive touching by anyone outside that circle of familiarity would have been treated almost identically as the hooker with a john who was trying to gyp her out of the contract price, even though no money is involved.

First law of contract: There is either a consensual exchange or there is no meeting of the minds.

If it’s not consensual, she screams.

I’ll have to claim a certain ignorance as I am still a boy of the Village in my world view. I’ll have to check old “Law and Order” scripts (from 1990 on) to see how contemporary they were with the type of hotel assault offered here from the early 80s in Manhattan. Contrary to popular fiction and Hollywood, people who meet socially do not go romping off to the bed, or even allow themselves to be drug off to bed, or allow themselves to become so drunk as to try to drag someone else off to bed, without meeting certain minimum requirements, such as being introduced, getting to know one another, always in secure social settings, and then, without there having first been a period of sober social foreplay. Princess Buttercup Ford did not describe a bacchanal. There could have been touching, dancing. Dirty talk. I can only imagine. But most men can remember every time they got a “No:, “Hell, no!” or rough moving of a hand when it wandered off toward a place it wasn’t invited. Only satyrs, men who love women, as Bill Clinton loved women, uncontrollably, tend to forget the finer details of a grope.

So, as every hooker knows, all she has to do is scream rape and the case is closed.

And justice comes very quickly.

4) Comes now a woman who has stated when she was a girl she was assaulted by a man who was then a boy, 36 years ago.

That’s all.

Not enough facts to put on the back of a postage stamp.

She dares the world to think the obvious, then wants to walk away, on advice of counsel, by saying “There you have all I’m going to say, now you must prove Brett Kavanaugh innocent.”

Forget the sweet and innocent Kavanaugh family, can you imagine having to live in a world where any Princess Buttercup in the High Castle can ride out on any day it pleases her, to J’accuse any citizen or his child in the Village just for the thrill, or blood lust of it, simply because she could, as could her brother Hussein, because of their rank in the High Castle?

Well, actually, that was once the state of the whole world until America was born. Law was a plaything of the High Castle for thousands of years.

Sensing this primordial Evil is now loose in our world, the 90% who comprise the people of the Village have already adjudicated this case and they have not only found Brett Kavanaugh innocent, but more specifically, that Princess Buttercup Ford has lied. Nakedly so (no pun intended).

And for their legal authority to do this those people of the Village have called upon ancient divine rights, logic (common sense, reason, wisdom) that has kept their 90% alive while the 10% living in the High Castles have been thrown down, beheaded, hung, their castles burned to the ground, their empires stripped, and ultimately replaced by barbarians who would repeat the process all over again.

The United States was born to put a stop to this very nonsense.

So it is instinctive for the people of the Village to reject this claim by Princess Buttercup out of hand.

5) Modern people, even those born in the Village, know that powerful men have used their power to take special sexual advantages with weaker people.

The #MeToo Movement began in 2006 as taking a stand for women and girls who had been exploited in just this way. In order to land a role in Hollywood or Broadway many first had to land on the producer’s couch. To the extent this was  involuntary and predatory, it is now subject to the criminal process for juries to decide.

But since the law will not allow 10-20-30 year old complaints to be aired in courts, it has been determined that to air a case in the public court of opinion is better, for there is no statute or limitation, and the rules of evidence are non-existent. Then, as we are seeing being attempted with Princess Buttercup Ford and Judge Kavanaugh, a conviction can be had simply by submitting the case to the political process instead of the judicial process.

Sadly, for it would have been such a nice thing to have a Sword of Damocles hanging over predatory men’s heads, but in two short years we’ve seen that threat was actually meant to apply to only “certain men”, exempting powerful women entirely, and targeting only expendable males, easy to replace and easy to forget, and none with the iconic stature of a Teddy Kennedy or Bill Clinton.

A two-tiered system, these are about as transparent as Stalin’s purges in the 30s.

So here we are, with a movement that now, with the Kavanaugh case, wants to replace an evidence-based legal process with a very selective process in which truth itself is subject the political process.

American society has already rejected this. By logic alone there is a 95% chance that nothing Princess Buttercup Ford has said is true. And 100 % that nothing can be proved.

All that is left to be decided is how and when the political class is willing to throw down its cards, for or against. The People want to know for they are taking names.

The times, they sure are a’changin’.

The Rules of Evidence can never be allowed to be subject to the political process.

(What I like about Bob Dylan, he never changed his definition of the Ruling Class and the kinds of people who live in the High Castle.)

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