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#TheMemoReleased- The Roadmap

Robert Mueller’s crossroad

Several millions of dollars and several months ago, a Special Counsel investigation was launched into whether the Russian government had been able to influence the outcome of the 2016 election, and whether Donald Trump and/or several members of his campaign staff had assisted in this effort.

Almost a year later, there is still no clear legal guidance as to just where “collusion”, which is not a crime, ends and where genuine criminal activities such as attempting to steal an election begins. So far no one has been criminally charged with respect to this specific commission to the Special Counsel, Robert Mueller. No evidence has been uncovered that votes were stolen, or that thefts were even attempted on them, in any state.

But today we now know the basis for this investigation was drummed up. Not only that, we can prove it in a court of law rather than the court of public opinion, where the Left believes all these issues should be played out. People can go to jail in our courts.

My commentary, below, is about a roadmap, #TheMemo, but the DOJ Deputy, Rod Rosenstein, handed a World Atlas to Robert Mueller to guide his search for that elusive Russian connection. (He did this the day after Donald Trump had turned down Robert Mueller as the FBI director to replace James Comey. But for this #TheMemo, no one would have ever made this connection, but now it appears Rosenstein will get to answer why he made this decision under oath, unless he chooses not to after he’s been advised of his Miranda rights.)

This is the difference between a Roadmap and a World Atlas. One can tell you how to get from here to there.

When Mueller was first appointed there was speculation about who or what he worked for, and how far he would go to get conviction(s) that would harm the President.

Let’s be honest, that was his true objective and most everyone on both sides knew it, the only difference being that the Left, the Democrats, assumed Mueller would lie, cheat and steal to gain the win, while most, but not all, on the Right said we should give the guy a chance, if for no other reason, to see if he measured up to his established reputation in history. I was one who said, in July 2017, that Mueller was not likely to risk tarnishing his place so is unlikely not to attempt to manufacture evidence out of whole cloth.

He’s now reached that place where he proves one side or the other wrong.

Since no sane prosecutor would take any case that has been developed so far, Flynn, Papadopoulos, Page, Manafort, to a jury thinking that that their conviction would lead to the downfall of the President, I am sure Robert Mueller is fully read into the expectation that he would lead Trump to impeachment, hopefully with 1) either a bag-full of charges that will cause Republican voters to give their representatives the okay to impeach Trump, or, 2) assist the Democrats in regaining control of the House, where an impeachment vote would then be a certainty. (What would happen next, if Trump were impeached on the specious claims the Dems have been making since Election night, I won’t speculate, but it won’t be pretty. Hint: Democrats are never able to look that far ahead, but chaos-driven anarchists are, to give you an idea.)

For the time being I think Mueller’s investigation is left flapping in the wind, for it does appear that there are very few evidentiary reasons to move forward while there is mounting evidence to believe, even prove, that the elements of his commission to inquire into the Donald Trump campaign were themselves false and illegally obtained.

If Mr Mueller didn’t know this then, he knows it now that the FISAMemo (as it is now being called) is out there for all to read. And it appears that the names who caused him to be hired in the first place figure prominently in #TheMemo: Comey, Rosenstein, Yates, McCabe, may soon find themselves in the hot seat where real grand juries will meet, and real evidentiary hearings will take place, and, knowing how government lawyers hate the color orange, real deals will be cut.

About that Roadmap, #TheMemo

You can read it yourself. But it’s just a prelude, Daniel Boone’s first map through Cumberland Gap as he would go on to blaze the entire Wilderness Road.

It’s clear from the manner in which the Democratic minority has resisted the release of this Memo, their purpose is political, not legal—with a view to the congressional elections later this year. They know, or assume, facts emerging from #TheMemo can ruin those chances, but only see it in the political dimension.

Having no sense of right and wrong in the sense moral humankind understands it to be, and that this is a public septic tanks to be flushed, lest sepsis set in, they literally think thy can march into court carrying placards and chanting slogans.

#TheMemo is not a script for future television panels on Hannity, Tucker or CNN. It is a roadmap that will very soon lead to concrete criminal investigations, probably another special counsel, where virtually everything said will be under oath, and eventually ruled on by a trier of fact, the public only left to wonder why Sally Yates took the 5th.

#TheMemo is a roadmap to find where facts can be located, evidence that leads straight to a grand jury and the courtroom, probably covering other intelligence agencies, and prominent events, from Benghazi to the Awan family to the murder of Seth Rich. For the foreseeable future, all these events will appear connected for the one common thread they all share are the fingerprints of the Democratic Party and their indifference to all moral instincts.

And leaving the likes of Rep Eric Swalwell, of CA-15, and his smug, condescending mug, to be the face of Democrat alienism toward all things American

This is not a thing that will sort itself out in a year, and maybe not even the span of a two-term president. The Nuremberg Trials come to mind, which took several years.

Fortunately, going forward the Democrats have already tipped their hands as only playing a role of “Wrecker” so will have little role to play in affecting the wheels of justice.

Pick your talk-show analysis according to your tastes, but they all tend to over-dramatize for my tastes. I limit myself to just a few minutes a day. For play-by-play and the ability to put the pieces together for the roadmap as it develops I can’t recommend anyone more than Byron York. But there are others, Catherine Herridge, Mollie Hemingway, and Sarah Carter. Simple facts, simply connections, tune in tomorrow.

Shutout the cries of the Bolsheviks for they are only speaking for the benefit of fellow criminal minds. They already are unable to muddy the water, although I’m unsure how long it will take for this fact to sink in. But the roadmap will be expanded quickly, with no time for rumors, whispers and unnamed sources from NYT, WAPO and the gossip sites, The Hill, Axios and Politico, except for those on our side who generally interested in the gossip. These teases will have the life span of a moth flying to a candle.

Probative evidence from #TheMemo will show up in front of a grand jury or judge much more quickly than the rumors surrounding Mueller’s work product have. I look for a lot of deals to be cut, in exchange for even more miles of road to be opened up. There’s already talk of sending the Orkin Man over to the State Department.

We always sensed there was corruption at the highest levels of the Obama government, but then, Hillary Clinton’s Band or Merry Bandits, just to feel more secure about her chances in 2016, spun some lies and got help from some of Obama’s fixers in the DOJ and FBI, allowing us now the opportunity to scrub the entire tank clean.

This is our reward for putting our people back up on the horses again, and it does appear that many reluctant Republicans are beginning to see the virtue and strength of being up there.

I see the makings of a real team here.

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2 thoughts on “#TheMemoReleased- The Roadmap

  1. Yes, a good analogy of what this memo really is. A road map leading to a lot of stinking buried treasure by ten Democrats and their ilk.

    It’s funny how they claim releasing this memo is a constitutional crisis when the real crisis would have been NOT to release it. Yes a lot of conservative news has it way over blown but the underlying fact, which James Wood tweeted in one sentence, is very scary to our republic if only those on the Left would try to understand why. But all they want is another reason to riot and protest. Watch for that when the first arrest happens.

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