How the Tea Party Replaced National Review as the Intellectual Standard Bearer for Conservatism

In March 2011 I suggested that the Tea Party had become the intellectual antidote to the Left, which was never really that difficult. But it was not so much to tweak the Left that I wrote that as to serve notice...

The Doctrine of Liberty, The Original Republican Brand, Will Donald Trump Restore it?

Will he want to? Does he even know it exists? Well now he does, and now Donald Trump knows that the Doctrine of Liberty is that tiny little bug, buried deep in the American soul...

We Need a Ben Franklin in America’s Board Room, and Newt’s the Man

Ben Franklin was 70 when the Declaration of Independence was signed in 1776, and 81 when the Constitution was signed in 1787. He signed both. So, he was the original Ben Franklin in America's first...

It’s Those Damned 7-11 Cameras That Are the Real Racists, Not Cops

Why are some people saying the cops are targeting blacks?  Statistics prove otherwise, only no one, especially in the Jungle, reads statistics. Pictures are much better. And they're found in video, and boy, does America's convenience store have warehouses full,...

After Brexit, We Shoot the Bureaucrats

"Every successful analysis begins with a unified theory." Some Americans credit Donald Trump for the success of Brexit, while others are saying Trump owes Brexit for bumping his campaign toward the presidency. Actually, both are true to a point, but...

If I could draw from conservative Media members who could fill out real government functions in a new administration, I'd start with Tucker Carlson and Mollie Hemingway. They transcend the media craft.