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War Gaming the Left’s Next Moves, An Introduction


I’ve been saying for years that this war can only end one way, especially since it became apparent the political establishment had no taste for ending it at all. Once again, the People simply took the matter into their own hands, and now a proper majority is in charge, and, as they say, “Game on”.

Maybe it has to happen this way, but for some years now objective observers, independent of political bias, could have stepped back and analyzed this as a likely outcome if the political class continued to do things that were predictable for them to do. By connecting the several dots in a string of logic eventually these incompatible forces would have to collide in a battle of unknown duration, a fight that would continue, in Clausewitz’s words, by political means and “other means”, until there was only one side left standing.

I think Rush Limbaugh had always known this but was never able to say it publicly until recently. But it’s clear that many fine men and women in the political world can never allow themselves to think the unthinkable, that a state of civil war could exist in America. Yet here it is, at our feet, and yes, in the sense that you can say people exercising their right to vote started a war, we started it.

Now we must deal with it in a way we have never had to before.

So we have a civil war staring at us, and as other wars in the past, we will be restrained in ways the other side may not be. We have rules, they don’t. There may be punches thrown, already have, in fact, where, as usual, we only throw the second, with only one of two exceptions, one, a 75 year old man bloodying the nose of a 21 year old paid rabble rouser at a political rally. I considered that a bloody nose justified.

And I fully expect shots to be fired and blood spilled. But so far, because of our adult temperament, and despite all manner of pushing and teasing and encouragement to lash out first, we haven’t.

I think we will be rewarded for our restraint, especially now that the vast array of law enforcement resources in the country represent us and not them. I’m grateful that our side is now up on the horses, for if the Left were up there, there would be no second thought about casualties…no one to prevent them or minimize them, even no one to report them.

The election itself changed entirely the “mathematics” of the Playbook the Leftwing alliance will use in trying to derail our mission of returning the government to the People.

In the space of 2000 words, I can’t lay out the breadth of this realization here. There is much to consider, especially considering the frame of mind of the adversaries on the one hand, and whether our “hearts are in the trim” for this battle, on the other.

This is just the Introduction as to how they came by that Playbook and who their constituent players are, for in battle, we have to address each differently.

I see the battle lines drawn this way:

On one side, a Left-Democrat Party-Media Axis (I like “Axis”) whose troops are drawn from both the poorest of neighborhoods and some of the most affluent, along with associated Hessian-like mercenaries, including battalions of illegals, all backed by some sort of pay arrangement from unknown paymasters.

You will not find in the Axis armies many soldiers who will voluntarily place themselves at bodily risk. For 45 years they have been trained around the country to know how to lay down as a limp rag, so that it requires 2-3 cops to load them into the paddy wagons, or to screech bloody murder in the holding tank, making their jailors anxious to get them out, so then, in a few hours, they can be back out on the street, on a bond they have no intention of honoring, then back on the bus that brought them to take them back to their original rallying point.

It’s for this, on the annual Feast of the DC Protest, that they will roll of their sleeves and show the bruise where the cop grabbed them too tightly, that will emblemize the heroism of their sacrifice. They really hadn’t been trained to expect, fend off, or counter, that unsuspecting right cross, or the aforementioned forearm shiver from a 75-year old cowboy.

(As time goes on, expect this to change.)

You’ve already seen the red-blue maps, the Axis controlling, by acreage, less than 20% of the United States and perhaps as much as 35% of the American population. How many are actually able-bodied in the taking-to-the-street sense we do not yet know. But we do know they have great strength in many of America’s institutions; the public schools and university systems, the rank-and-file of federal and state bureaucracies, (albeit under new management), and perhaps as many as 50% of the federal courts. They are a formidable force, especially if they can knock you down with a writ.

Their field marshal(s) are as yet unnamed; a troika or central committee? A commissariat? All we know is that it ain’t Hillary or Bill. And probably not even Barack, except maybe as an advising consultant and possibly an in-waiting El Supremo, should an open position arise that requires a figurehead…but only if the risks to personal safety aren’t too, well, risky.

On the other side, arrayed against this Axis front is a firm (so far) grand alliance, the Allies, (another name I like) composed of the majority of adult working Americans, the majority of law enforcement organizations in America (with some exceptions, as we will soon see), the military, should things really get out of hand, the Republican Party base of every stripe, there by disposition, and finally some talk of the Republican Party Establishment, who, I think we should still consider as straddling the fence until we can determine whether Axis fire can be brought to bear that will be able to wilt their resolve.

Like untrained militia in the first War for Independence, many believe the GOPe will turn and run after the first volley. That remains to be seen.

For the moment we at least know the Axis Powers are relying on this happening again as it’s part of their Playbook. It’s one of the Axis assumptions. All we know now is that this perceived weakness in the GOPe will be a major target of the Axis inasmuch as they have had so much success in the past. Every Republican politician will have a personal come-to-America moment on this account, only at a time and place of the Axis’ choosing. They are very clever in this regards and often appear as a thief in the night, to coin a phrase. Or maybe as a pole-dancer at the Boom-Boom Room. I’m not sure.

But I have been very clear for the longest time that “if they choose to ride with criminals, they can expect to be hung with criminals” and that time may now be at hand. That’s why I’m bending over backward now to magnify the unavoidability and the seriousness of this coming battle. When that crossroads is reached, the GOP-e members need to be double-damned sure before going ahead. That’s the only warning I can give at this time.

(In the Battle of Stalingrad, the Soviets brought in fresh, barely-trained troops by rail, and ran them straight from the rail-head to the front line of fighting, ordering them without pause into wave attacks against a hail of fire from German positions. A Communist Party cadre leader there, named Nikita Khrushchev, actually outranking the Red Army general on many tactical aspects, ordered Soviet troops to set up machine guns to mow down soldiers who turned and ran under the withering German fire. No one still knows who killed more Russian soldiers in that battle. I just thought this might be a good time to bring that up.)

The Left’s Playbook

People my age, the Vietnam War generation, can almost recite the Left-Media playbook from memory. We’ve already seen it in action. I want to lay out a condensed version now, for it highlights both its strengths and weaknesses.

Just keep in mind most of that Playbook is dated, and few of the circumstances that existed, 1968-1974, exist today. Still the Left today clings to it with a romantic attachment of the memory of the first roll in the hay with that girl from English Lit with one eyebrow and hairy arm-pits.

Remember also, it was only recently that some of those Playbook assumptions were what awarded Hillary Clinton her landslide win only a short three-and-a-half months ago.

For those of you who aren’t old enough: In 1964 America joined a war in (South) Vietnam against an indigenous Communist insurgency called the Vietcong. But in 1965 we discovered that North Vietnam was sending regulars down the Ho Chi Minh Trail, who we engaged in November, 1965 in the Ia Drang Valley. (You can see a very good rendering of this battle in the Mel Gibson film, “We Were Soldiers” , 2002, portraying then-LTC Hal Moore, who died only yesterday, Feb 12, 2017, at age 94. RIP).

To meet our sudden surge for troops to fight this war, the Defense Department upped the monthly draft, zeroing in on young men not in college. Draft-card burning quickly spread around the country and a few ran to Canada, but interestingly, most of the card burning was on college campuses where students were deferred from military duty.

It was from that 1965 battle at Ia Drang that we knew conclusively the North Vietnam was sending regular troops to join the fight in the South, so the US Air Force began bombing targets inside North Vietnam. This was the first time a Communist- controlled country had come under attack and, connecting the dots, students across America went from burning their draft cards to protesting the war, and the bra-less, hairy leg look became fashionable, alongside unwashed stinky hair. Hippie-chic.

News you can use: Communist activity on America’s campuses was much deeper than the government had previously thought, and, keep in mind, Communist Party was still illegal in those days.

Some of the media’s finest journalists covered the war in those early years, including Joe Galloway (who was on the ground at Ia Drang). But even as some other newsmen questioned the wisdom of the war (it was once called America’s “last great liberal war” by John Roche, an insider-planner for both JFK and LBJ.) most journalists didn’t forsake the American fighting man or the underlying anti-communist nature of the mission.

All that changed with the great battles of the Tet Offensive in 1968, which military historians still consider one of the greatest series of battlefield victories of American force of arms. But it was declared to be a major defeat by the American Media, especially Walter Cronkite who said “we are mired in stalemate” as he declared the war lost. Support for the (original mission of the) war ended, so President Johnson announced he would not seek reelection, providing the radical Left an opening.

Mark the year, 1968, for later that year Martin Luther King was assassinated, followed by major race riots. And Dr King’s dream would be snuffed out and replaced by affirmative action, putting black achievement forever in debt to the Democrat Party, plus a plantation system that would keep the rest warm and cozy with food stamps and Pepsi’s, to be brought out only on election day.

With LBJ out of the 1968 race, rich little Marxist white kids could then riot in Chicago in preference for Eugene McCarthy, only the Dem Establishment would choose Veep Hubert Humphrey instead, one of the last genuine progressive-not-of-the-hard Left Democrats still alive.

He would also be the Dem Establishment’s last choice, for by 1972 they would be quietly replaced by the New Left alliance that rules the Party still, forming the core of the Party today; 1) the race and welfare industry, 2) feminism on the back of the ’73 Roe decision, and later LGBT in the 1990s, 3) the environmental industry, ironically begun by an executive order by Richard Nixon in 1970, forming the EPA, and of course, 4) the bringing of public higher education to its knees, first at UC-Berkeley, 1964 through Columbia in 1968 and public education at every level. They got their own cabinet department in 1979.

Thus was formed the signatory members of the New Left Axis Powers as we know them today.

How they got their power was thanks to Richard Nixon, not the Playbook.

Humphrey lost the ’68 election to Richard Nixon, so it was easy then that once Nixon became president anti-war protests could enter a new era of virulence, not unlike what we’ve seen recently at Berkeley, solely on the basis that a Republican was in charge. Vietnam became Nixon’s war, where it remains today. The two biggest lies of the millennial Left today (well, they could be misinformed) is that the war in Vietnam was Nixon’s war, and that Martin Luther King was a Democrat. (I’ve never been able to ask Senator Many-Moon-Come-Choctaw Warren that latter question, by the way. If she follows you on Twitter please ask her.)

Then in 1974 the Media got a break, of its own making, with Watergate, sinking Richard Nixon. Since that time everyone in the political world has been either beholding to them or fearful of them (Republicans). The Media’s belief in its own invincibility dates back to that time, and largely that one event.

The incestuous relationship between the Democrats and Media began with the resignation of Nixon. And on any given day it is impossible to say who is on top in that relationship. What has been forgotten is that while the Media began to ride a wave of power of its own making in 1974, the Democrats power was largely derivative, distributed among its constituent parts, and not entirely in its ability to control.

Moreover, the “satanization” of Nixon, much like the name “Hitler”, glossed over glaring weaknesses in the Democrat self-image, inasmuch that Nixon won the ’72 election with a 61% landslide, carrying all but two states, proving that in all the public issues that the Democrats proclaimed as its brand, except civil rights, the American people overwhelmingly rejected. Nixon’s approval rating went from near 60% to low 20s% inside a year, yet the Democrat Party, nor its constituent issues, rose, proved by Ronald Reagan’s rapid insurgency in 1980.

In the 40 plus years since, the Democrats of that era have been under an almost delusional belief that their views were mainstream. The election of Donald Trump should have staunched that disillusion permanently, only, it likely won’t in the coming civil war since, for a while at least, their Playbook is the only playbook they have. They have nothing else. As a national party the Democrats are dead. And much of their alliance is splintering, and will continue to splinter because Donal Trump is foresworn to diminish them.

Individually, if not collectively, the Left-Axis will continue the fight, even upping the ante, and many no longer feeling any need to maintain the illusion that we are a constitutional republic.

In one sense, the mainstream Media had been the last man standing in this great Axis alliance, its diminishing popularity and credibility not directly linked to the Democrats’ fall from grace. The rise of Fox News is but one indicator. The rise of the alternative media (Rush Limbaugh) another. The last chip to fall has been the rise of the “no-media movement”, that ginat sea of voters who only believe certain sources and certain politicians and rely on no media to tell them otherwise.

Trump voters, by and large, do not follow Media, rendering it powerless and irrelevant in the war now beginning..

So, throughout the years, from Nixon to Reagan to Bush to Trump, the state of mind of the American people stands out as the most neglected by stragetic analysts. Literally, the elephant in the room. Still the People never seem to have swerved from from original distaste for the people who made up the Democrat alliance.

If any pollster were ever looking for it in the first place, the soul of America is more intact that anyone ever thought, and much more resilient to the unnatural changes offered by the Left than they believed.

Unlike Richard Nixon, it would take a lot of Republicans to impeach Donald Trump, assuming they can find a smoking gun which will salve not only their inner circle, but also their constituents. And that hangman. As I said at the beginning, be sure you are right before going ahead,

There are struggles inside the Democrat Party as to which way they turn. There is a Jim Webb wing that would like to take the party back to the old left-of-center pro-American Democrat Party, and plenty of members who’d like to be led there. Almost everyone agrees that the old white gods and goddesses of the Party’s Left, Lady Nan and her ken, need to go, but for the near term it seems the big money (Soros, et al) is dedicated to pushing further toward a violent overthrow, if necessary, or even possible, than giving up lost ground. Each of the constituent elements of the Axis alliance listed above have a Bolshevik wing who has been loud and clear about rounding up recalcitrant, especially Christian, voters and shipping them off to re-education camps in BLM-land, where they will simply become lost in the paper shuffle. Stalin, before Hitler, did this with great effect, so there’s still other playbooks out there to consult.

Laisser les bons temps rouller.

In Part II I’ll try to outline what the Left’s Playbook will tell them to do, and what modifications they may try in each of their constituent sectors, and with greater brevity. These things needed to be said.

And there’s a lot you can do, if the opportunity arises.

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