March 2017, Richmond

Donald Trump has been president now for less than two months, and remarkably, he seems to be keeping to his promises despite legions of opponents lined up to turn his path away from keeping those promises. The coming scuffle with the Republican Party establishment has not yet materialized, but will soon, and in terms of realizing those promises, the outcome is still uncertain. On that account, I’ve included in this revision a popular essay, “The Hanging of Jake Spoon”, I first wrote in 2o14, originally directed at Democrats, then later redirected at Republican Party insiders in general, just to remind them of the awesome power of the people they are toying with here.

But the off-, then on-, then off-again nature of #NeverTrump conservatives, is most  foreboding, for they represent the future of conservatism. And that is where we want to see American politics steered for the long haul, after Donald Trump and my generation have passed. Though not an ideological conservative, Trump does represent the “native conservatism” of the people, which has coursed through the veins of Americans since the beginning.

It’s that native conservatism that was always most under assault by the Left,  and over the past forty years or so they have proved they have the know-how to kill it at its very roots simply by controlling all the cultural messaging that goes into forming a rational nation of free men and women, which, for over 200 years had formed the nexus of humankind’s pursuit of “Life, Liberty and Happiness”. It’s blueprint is laid out in the U S Constitution.

The #NeverTrump generartion, and they are largely young, don’t seem to get this. Time and again, I’ve seen over-45 and under-35 conservatives discussing Donald Trump and it’s clear they live with two entirely different world views. Little mention is made, with any historical context, that Donald Trump is not a member of the political class, or that this might be a good thing. Almost none of the younger conservatives have any connection to a world built around private sector enterprise; work, 12-15 hour days, rolled-up sleeves, entrepreneurship, building things. The lives of ordinary people are largely alien to them. That Donald Trump would connect with people they really have no knowledge about (any more than Karl Marx did workers) is not considered remarkable.

Still, those ordinary people are supposed to be the object of conservatism. Without them, conservatism is a fraud.

There are a few #NeverTrumpsters out there who have remained true to that meme even after their unexpected defeat in November, when being against Trump seemed like such a good bet. But since so many are young, no one is ever quite sure if their stubbornness is philosophical, policy-based, or just plain teat-fittery common to the generation. 

Now, to be fair, many more NeverTrumpsters wisely tipped their caps to the will of the people, and dropped that awful hashtag on their Twitter feeds. But who knows what lurks in their hearts? I am of that 60’s generation that turned Giraudoux’s advice about making love to women, “The secret of success is sincerity…once you can fake that you’ve got it made” into a corporatist axiom. So while an awful lot of vocal NeverTrumpsters quickly fell at the altar of repentance after Trump was elected, perhaps too quickly, we need to remain vigilant should they teeter back again every time it appears that the media may be getting the better of the President, or John McCain makes a speech that makes them tear up.

In the commentary I have witnessed so far, it all seems to be directed at the Trump style more than the politics, merit, and heaven forbid, the “facts of the case”, as if to say these are an irrelevancies to the swashbuckling taking place.

But the facts are everything to the people who elected Donald Trump. As this book shows clearly, the people found Donald Trump, not the other way around. They were looking in 2012, when Herman Cain offered his services. They were even looking in 2008 when the Republican Party was not even remotely in-tune with what the people were looking for. It would take a Barack Obama and his 2009 nationalization of the nation’s health care system, and 17% of the national economy, before the people would finally begin to feel the pinch, and draw a bead on exactly what they were looking for as a replacement.

And they had to start at the bottom, with the House of Representatives, and work their way up. That is still a work in progress as many in Congress are about to find out.

But over eight years of trials and tribulations the people proved they are amazingly steadfast, as unbending as oaks in  their determination, two things the wobbly GOP has yet to prove it can do.

Instead, in private company the GOP have called the se same people names and mocked their legitimacy and competence to rule…even as the Declaration and Constitution lay out that they are the principal reason for it to be written in the first place. You can’t delegitimize the power of the people simply by re-naming it “populism”…at least and maintain any honor with those purposes of the Constitution, for clearly, the Constitution was written for those same people and not the purported brightest minds of the political universe.

Now, no libel ever accused the Left or the Media of believing “the people” should ever actually be in charge of anything in their larger vision of national affairs. But they have to mouth it. It was not until the voters raised the bet, and took the Senate away from the Democrats in 2014, that the true nature of the Left-Media alliance was exposed, and that a fairly significant number of Republican were in on the heist. It was the weak effort and failure of the combined forces of a Republican House and Senate that finally caused the people to no longer see their futures as being married to a Democratic-Republican contest for power, but redefine it as a DC Establishment, power elite versus all the rest of us contest, Code Word: Drain the Swamp.

Ordinary people are not stupid. Quite the opposite, they hone in on threats to their Houses and families with laser-like vision. Obamacare was one such inducement. The idea that the Washington establishment had formed a coalition to no longer guide them, but to rule them…for their own good, mind you…posed an existential threat (a term most voters would never use) of even greater magnitude, for it shaped not only the limitations of their ability to build their houses in this generation, but the next, and the next.

Contrary to media attempts to depict Trump voters as retired ma-and-pa shopkeepers or factory workers, the demographics of Trump voters run a socio-economic gamut that has not been seen in American politics for generations…business class, professional class, working class, union, welfare families, black, Latino, WASP….and all private sector…and one likely to grow should Trump be able to move forward on his promises.

And there’s the rub. The establishment and Left also have their own existential universe. Actually several. And all of them depend of the docility and relative immobility of roughly 80% of the American people.

In that vein, they cannot allow Donald Trump to succeed.

In April, 2016, mid-campaign, I published my observations about the Trump phenomenon from the vantage point of American history, several cultural laws, and the various kinds of people drawn to him, from bikers to religious groups. I began that study in June, 2015.

Just 78 pages, It was originally titled, Donald Trump, the Common Man and the American Theology of Liberty and is still available in Kindle format. No print version is available.

Now that Donald Trump has won, and has been sworn in as President, and the “war” I predicted as early as the Republican primaries has begun in reality, suddenly throngs of political analysts are echoing my observations of a year and a half ago. So while I want to update my Trump-saga on through the inauguration, more than doubling the size of the book, I also want to provide date-stamps as to when these analyses were first written, as they were all published first at and my personal website,, which can be read free of charge simply by visiting there. although in the order presented in this revised edition.

Since the election and inauguration the attack by the American media and the Democrat Left has been more open in declaring their true intentions by laying a “fake” foundation for denying the very purposes of the Constitution. This is a war, not a mere political struggle. So, I’ve added chapters to bolster my proposition that the People did indeed find Donald Trump, and not the other way around, and that the battles that are taking shape now are indeed for all the marbles.

And with a view to the future, I put #NeverTrumpsters on the couch. I especially want the younger conservatives to understand they are not conservative even a little bit unless the primary purposes of their conservatism are those same common men and women they seem intent on ridiculing.

Without the people, and by that I mean a celebration of the people, being at the altar of their political and ideological thinking, they are not elites, but poor pathetic elitists, no better than Berkeley snowflakes, and our Constitutional blueprint holds no place for them as its “protectors”. In the religious context the Constitution has no place for self-love being elevated above “love thy neighbor”.

(Note to publishers and agents: the book mentioned above can be viewed at or I can send a working-PDF on request. Just contact me at The additional 25 chapters only need to be placed in order, with some editing. A few days work, tops.

(For samplers, I suggest “Donald Trump and the Law of Generations“, Oct 2015, Donald Trump and the Common Man” Sept, 2015, “America’s Lost Army, People Who Don’t Read Media” , Oct 26, 2016).

(Note to friends and colleagues: a little help would be appreciated in introducing me to interested parties. For reasons having nothing to do with Donald Trump or American politics, this has been a nearly-solo journey for over thirteen years now, for which I gave up my international profession in 2009, and most of my income-production. Only two or three people know what I look like, or my real name. But I really am very interesting. Just read my Famous Common People I Have Known, also available at Amazon.)

(About the proposed upgrade to the book, I think you’ll find the tale of the convergence of the American people and Donald Trump told by one of America’s abler analysts, to be an important part of the history of how the American people took back their country.)


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