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In December, 1941, America went to war, and that war wasn’t over until September, 1945. Almost four years.

The whole nation went to war those four years, giving far more of their time, some of it on their knees, than most unpaid patriots do today.

This war we have declared also will require our entire support. So put your life on a wartime footing, just like your parents and grandparents did. Don’t get tired, and don’t get impatient about it not ending quicker, or about the few trip-ups that will come along the way. It will take at least four years to put this war to bed.

This is a 24/7 war, Mr Trump, so hire a 3rd shift.

The good news is that, unlike your parent’s and grandparent’s day, the outcome is already decided…if we keep our resolve. Remember, the Left’s war is all about us and changing our minds. Their objective is to cower us back into silence and obedience. And it’s our objective to crush them like cockroaches.

But unlike World War II, where people followed the war by listening to the nightly news on the radio (even though no family knew exactly where their men were) and could go read the morning headlines posted at several public locations, the news today comes in fast and furious, in print, television, internet, Facebook and Twitter. Unrelenting.

Much of it isn’t true. And there’s a reason for it.

So take note, the purpose of the pace of news is, in part, to create a sense of urgency in readers, that adverse events are building up, or unraveling, very quickly. If you look at the Yahoo! Home page on any given day you will see at least a dozen stories, news flashes and analyses, all negative to Donald Trump. And they will roll off the page every few hours, replaced by others.

If you have an inquiring mind and actually read the opening paragraphs, (doesn’t take long), you will also find that almost all their stories are based on false news, or, as the lawyers like to say, “facts not in evidence.” Most report rumors, unnamed sources, speculations, from well-placed persons, then try to tie these to still other events, themselves often of questionable veracity as well, and then try to tie them neatly into a matrix of fact, lie and suggestion, that only a team of lawyers could unravel.

The Media assumption is that we won’t try (and their own loyal readers unable) or, as has been the case since before the election, that we won’t bother. The Media knows their lies always have legs. We can make as list of media stories, totally disproved months ago, yet still out there, being used as an anchor to support some more recent lie.

Clearly the Media has other purposes in mind, especially to wear us out, “lie-fatigue”, and to show our elected officials in Congress the folly of fearing their voters (us). After all, hasn’t the Media and Democrats taken care of them in the past? So, at least until we all know who in Congress is, and isn’t, on our side 100%, we need to send out that little signal, “You ride with criminals, expect to hang with them.” I’m certain an impeachment-proof majority will get that message. Just make sure the milkman leaves that note in their bottle at least once a week.

The Flynn-Spin

Donald Trump made a lot of promises, and came out of the gate swinging, at a dizzying pace, and much of the news today is designed to do nothing more than throw Trump and his whole staff into a state of confusion. It’s like a roof that springs many leaks simultaneously, the idea being that you have to drop everything else and tend to those leaks first. The Media wants to create an image of a president under siege, where a “bunker mentality” then sets in, as was used to describe the Nixon White House leading up to his resignation in 1974.

I think, in his years in business, this sort of bang-bang-bang news is not new to Donald Tramp, maybe even in his wheel house. I like to think his team is fully in charge of events to the extent they can control them. What they cannot control are those people crawling up on the roof and punching holes in it.


So, in this context only, consider the dismissal/resignation of Mike Flynn as what Trump/Sean Spicer says it is, a loss of trust. I have no great feeling about Gen Flynn one way or another, except that he was a fine officer and very pro-American foreign policy guy. And if probably a fall guy here, but also, will likely serve his president again in the future.

The Media, all the media, including conservatives, are brimming with this story and the daily new angles. But on closer inspection, none of the facts are actually facts, at least as reported by the Wall Street Journal, New York Times and Washington Post. At least what Sean Spicer says is coming from a real source.

I think we all agree that if the People ever catch Donald Trump in a deceitful act, our opinion of him will change. But in stories such as put out the by the New York Times and spread to the usual suspects in the television media, concerning the resignation of Mike Flynn, the only facts that have been revealed to us is that 1) Flynn lost trust with the President, 2) there is some criminal leaking going on in some parts of the intelligence community, and finally, 3) there is some unacceptable coordination of these matters between agencies. And the NYT has actually reported none of these three things.

None of the media say that the “DOJ” that advised the President about intercepts from intel sources in late January was the Obama acting-DOJ (Sessions still waiting in the wings) or that two days later he would fire her for refusing to move on his immigration executive order.

Therefore, we are entitled to at least “smell” a set-up here, and expect a general house cleaning in DOJ, FBI and some of the intelligence community at a later time. Clearly, federal laws were broken just in passing this information onto the media.

So stay calm. it’s still early. The reality, the national security aspect, will soon go away although I don’t think they’ve come up with pill that can quieten Elijah Cummings. If you want to know how the game is going, just compare the Yahoo home page and the Drudge home page to see how much at variance they are as to what real news means to their readers.

And don’t forget whose readers are up on the horses now, and whose are afoot. (sic)

This story just came up, and it does reflect one way the media will try to undermine the Trump presidency. Be mindful, they are openly declared to be his enemy. Even Fox News has its moles.

Just keep in mind the low drone this kind of news is designed to create is to disturb your sleep and make you irritable, and unable to think straight. During the Vietnam War, especially after it became the Media’s and the Left’s war to win, and Nixon’s war to lose, America was treated for four years to a constant barrage of street riots, protests, burnings, vile language, as background sights and sounds of the real prize, a daily deluge of unflattering pictures of Nixon, John Mitchell, Spiro Agnew, set against the homespun wisdom and kindly poses of the congenial Sam Irvin (D-North Carolina), probably the last Democrat I ever felt well disposed toward.

Again, as I said in my last piece, the times, they aren’t the same. And the voters aren’t the same, in part because a large number of us have seen it all before. We know a thing or two.

Stay firm and let people know it.

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