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The Consequences to a Sane Society Knowingly Electing a Demented Man to be President

…and Then Only Watching and Waiting

Three days before the 2020 election, Nov 1, I posted the article below with this title. I don’t generally do politics. I do analytics and what I call “Teachings”, in the same vein that CS Lewis taught….except not to Oxford students.

You can read it below, or just go to the VassarBushmills.com site to compare. It remains unchanged.

But on Nov 1, 2020 that title was just a warning.

Today, it’s an indictment, because of all the things citizens could have done, and should have done…but haven’t.

Instead of turning over tables in our political temples, what they have done is continue to sit, watch and complain via social media. What they haven’t done is take direct action, whether openly or in the dark, causing government at every level, from the school board to the governor’s mansion, to the legislature and Congress, to pause and reflect and to be just a little afraid.

If you think the criminals who pulled off the Maricopa heist…twice…are in hiding, think twice.

For fear-by-Constitutional design to work, and for fear to trickle up, not down, citizens have to quit waiting for generals on high to act, but rather gather local intel, organize yourselves and plan, as a platoon sergeant or a lieutenant might do in planning a raid.

It’s that sitzkreig-response of modern political warfare so many Americans have adopted that I’ve been trying to redirect for several years now.

But to do these things, one must first think, logick as it was called in the 1770s, and more often employed by Sam Adams, John’s cousin, in causing those delegates in Philadelphia to think outside the box.

There was a lot of that going on then. Not so much now.

Like social media today, the Continentals used public notices…leaflets…which were available to most anyone, as well as pamphlets. Many say (including me) that the Declaration of Independence was written in 1776 because of a 55-page pamphlet written by Tom Paine called “Common Sense”, which went right to the heart of the freedoms working people and small merchants enjoyed daily, causing such a stir that in every colony their delegates in Philadelphia got an earful from their constituents. So the Continental Congress ordered a “Declaration” be written, and Tom Jefferson, a Virginia delegate, was the fellow who got the job.

Some say his Declaration of Independence was one of the finest documents of human liberty ever written, and I recommend you get a copy.

The Declaration was in two parts; approximately 300 words laying out the universal rights of Man, which most of you have read or heard, and which I had the honor to read to a roomful of Soviet professors who’d never heard it, and made them cry. One of my favorite stories, what I call the “American Theology”. 

But that Preamble was followed by a list of actual “crimes” committed by the English Crown, taking up the remaining thousand words. Almost no one reads that part…but it established the Cause-and-effect.

I suggest you read those, too, for it will amaze you how many of those 1776 complaints mirror things you are seeing today not just from your federal government, but from your state and local governments as well…in large part because, in some way or another, over the past 60 years, voters have allowed the federal government in Washington to parcel out your tax money to various state agencies, especially education and transportation bureaucracies to render us fat and sassy; complacent, and not easy to stir to action if it requires doing anything after dark, or on weekends.

One way or another we are nearing a showdown. One Congress-lady, Marjorie Taylor Greene, of Georgia, calls it a “national divorce” and that deserves some mention in this series as well. But in 1776 it was the Patriots who caught the English napping and unprepared. Today, and for about 40 years now, it is our wannabe royal classes who are energized, thinking that it is we who are napping…even though we have all the guns. They think we are too lazy and stupid to use them, and being an old Baby Boomer, I gotta hand it to them, they have gone to great lengths at least since the Clintons (30 years ago) to use the education system and pop culture to weaken my Boomer generation and dilute our cultural memory of the way America was in the time of our fathers.

Since coming to Twitter in 2010, I’ve noticed that much of our political opinions and world view have been bottled up by “post-modern” thinking, that the shoulders we’ve stood on, whether for 75 years or 270 years, are no longer relevant. The past two generations don’t even know they exist, unless they are learning it at home around the dinner table. (Too many families don’t eat meals together anymore.)

Too many believe the “new post-modern” world will evolve according to an entirely different set of connections, irrespective of Natural Law and that this new road is a Good Thing.

It isn’t.

That was the thinking at Twitter in 2010, but Twitter is now in the process of reversing away from that, but that does not seem to be able to get Americans up off their easy chairs and start doing some things closer to home that will frighten the political class. I call it “trickle-up”. What happened at Philadelphia in 1776, and what followed all were a part of “trickle up”.

I’ve always been looking for that connection ever since I was a kid.

How I got to this point. I just posted two resume-fund raisers, using an art piece of trail-blazing mountain men. A logo.

It generally outlined my qualifications, and the places I’ve been and seen, from East Kentucky, to the Far East, corporate America, to the old Soviet Empire. Over 60 years now, just learning “how things work in Nature”, and how things have improved for mankind because of our having given the people most of the power.

This Joe Biden essay (below) was but one piece. But it was an indictment of our sitting around bellyaching by allowing modern politics now, but History later on, to declare his sad old politician fit to be president. So read it.

Far too many media influencers seem to be blaming (or crediting) Joe Biden for crimes that he actually isn’t even aware exists, much less having committed, and in that process, have passed onto audiences that Biden is doing these things knowingly and willfully, providing cover for themselves for true crimes from which they may escape true justice..all because the national media is treating Biden as sane.

Obviously very few people actually read that Nov 1, 2020 article…only I’m not belly-aching. I’m simply saying that things will never get any better if you continue to look at the enemy as a doddering old pervert, because as sure as God made little green apples, when the time comes for the American people to extract that pound of flesh for what “they” have been doing to this country of ours, most of you have been conditioned to level your aim only on that repugnant little toad, Joe Biden, believing that once he’s gone the crimes will stop…in the process allowing hundreds if not thousands, of true criminals to skulk away, then reemerge in various professional venues, not unlike how Bill Ayres and his wifey Bernadette Dohrne, (Obama’s sponsors) were able to reemerge into the ranks of academic stardom without ever even once having to say “we were terrorists”.

In 1945, realizing the massive institutional crimes perpetrated by the Nazis at every level of government and society, the Nuremberg Commission was created, to not just bring the the major Nazi perpetrators to account, but to go local, and bring to justice many more local and regional officials. Some of those commissions were running full bore twenty years later, tracking down Nazis.

It will take at least this long to clean this filthy deck…that is, if your “hearts are in the trim”.

So, yes, it pays to research a thing or two, and even be willing to learn a new thing or two, before jumping to any conclusion about motivations, honesty or honor. Often it pays to keep your mouth shut and to “titty-your-cards” (an old bridge term I learned from my first wife) until you know enough to play your opening card. I’m now pushing 78, and have watched closely six (6) generations, including my dad’s, and watched these simple truths proven…and now recognize them as a law of survival for free people…as we’ve edged closer to the cliff these last two generations.

How Twitter operated in Nov 2020 had a role to play in gluing us to our seats, just as now, it has opened some portal for our becoming involved with a more activist arm. We are no longer glued to our seats.

The truth is I sorta knew that regardless of how many or how few people read my Nov 1, 2020 piece, once it became abundantly clear two years later that yes, Joe Biden was demented at the time I wrote that title, what we are doing now is paving a road to “Get Out of Jail Free” for 1000’s of conspirators and inside-enablers in the current government, all the way down to chiefs of police in several American cities.

Just like the Nazis, once we drag them in front of a judge, they will simply point their finger at Biden and say “I was just following orders”.

If you think this will sort itself out, it won’t. The organized Left has been one-two steps ahead of us for over 20 years now, and they believe, by having glued you to your seats, it will remain that way.


So, look at what I have to say here, as well as my Dark Alley pieces, How Things Work and Natural Law.



“Can a Sane Society Elect a Demented Man for President?”

Thankfully, we only have to think about this sort of thing for three more days, for however the courts decide how it will end, our parts in it will be done; our minds made up as to the question posed in my title.

While we may wait anxiously for a few extra days (or maybe not) neither the character of the mentioned candidate, nor his associates, will any longer be of any great importance, for either way, we should be bustling about wondering about what we should be doing in the general notion of home protection and personal safety. Violence may spill over in the usual manner we’ve seen it the past several months, whether in celebration or anger.

Both are a kind of madness.

There’s nothing we can do about that, still, you should consider making a list of “what if’s”, only I won’t be talking about those here until the 4th, since, considering riots won’t be spontaneous, some of the moving parties may begin to think twice about sending their troops out for certain beat downs and arrest if the size of our win sends a serious signal to cool it.

Our only consideration now, just two days out, is just how large that signal should be on the 3rd, not just as a deterrent to a strong reaction, just mentioned, but also to how our History might be written, not to mention a humble acknowledgment to the Higher Authority who designed us, “Better late than never.”

America, (We) are at a crossroads, and if you haven’t been reminded enough already, this test isn’t just about “the people” versus the crooks who always been out there and who would wish to steal “the people” blind and force us into submission. It’s about how far we’ve strayed to let this get out of hand.

You’d better start thinking in these terms right away. For if we win even by only a little, rather than settling back and wiping the nervous sweat from our brows, we still will have some answering to do, both to History and to the Higher Authority and much work.

Already we are no longer One People

 For 50 years we’ve watched them chip away at our institutions and our virtue aiming toward this one day. It was supposed to have happened in 2016, when America was supposed to certify a finale of their Grand Plan with a “third Obama term” voting the “old America” out of existence then.

That was always believed to be the best way; that Americans themselves, dummies that we are, should vote to cease to exist rather than them having to go all Bolshevik on us and take it by force.

Instead, enter a private citizen from Queens (of all places) who dashed those plans on the rocks, none of what he did coming out of any playbook with which they were familiar. From neither party. In fact, he was so “out there” it was understood in its simplicity and honesty only by the voters.

What we’ve learned in the ensuing four years is just how large the bad guys’ army actually is. It consisted of more Management than it did Worker, leaving Karl Marx spinning in his grave. But all of that management came from the government bureaucracies, now in the millions, plus the higher leadership in our defense system and security agencies, plus almost all of our universities and public schools. And a sizeable portion of our corporate conglomerates who no longer feel any natural love for the country who birthed them, mainly since virtually none of their leaders had any skin in the game in bringing those companies to life.

Thinking they had covered all the bases with the 20 million or so of the private sector corporate class plus government class, and still relying on the old-line Democrat alliances: the working-class people who’d voted D all their lives, even though they’d moved millions of American jobs to China and elsewhere, plus the 47 million Blacks and the 60 million Hispanics, they figured they’d mop up…even against a good solid Republican candidate, even another Bush.

Indeed, America has been split in two, and if you know your Bunker Hill or Gettysburg history, you know it can’t “long endure” that way. Something has to give. So what splits America down the middle this time…with one side insane while the other is not?

For even if you are 87 years old and have voted a straight Democrat ticket since 1952, you need to know your sanity is being tested on Tuesday, Nov 3.

For if a “sane society” can vote for a man who clearly is mentally disabled, then you are confessing that you have become so filled with greed, ignorance or hate (your choice) that you would see the very foundations of your country torn down, including your “I’m a Free Man” card to get those bastards in order to win.

The Democrat Party is all those, only so is the Republican Party to a lesser extent (former Party Chairman, Michael Steele proving my case. And with Steele and his Lincoln Project in mind, so is a vocal wing of conservatism who is actually proud it won’t be seen drinking beer with ditch diggers. They are a type.)

So, Can a Sane Society Elect a Demented Man for President?

Just what does a faithful Democrat tell him-or-herself, when he knowingly votes for a person he knows not to be fit for public office?

And does the faithful Democrat also know the Party that person represents has openly favored policies which at least 75% of the American people know to be detrimental to their own personal ideas of living free. No sneaking around as before this time around.

Does the faithful Democrat believe that their demented man will suddenly become well? Or, does he know that when the demented man is forced to resign because of his incapacity, that he will be replaced by a well-chronicled incompetent Marxist who has never exhibited any leadership skills of her on? Does that man know that a “committee” is likely behind Joe Biden’s election now, and will likely be in charge of a President Harris administration, as well, just as many assumed was in charge of Obama’s? This new Committee may or may not be same as the old one, but will it matter, as either way, America the land of the free, will die? And rather quickly, for they have told us so. No fooling around next time.

Knowing this, does the faithful Democrat still assume his Party knows best, as working Democrats have always believed since 1896, as well as racist Democrats on the South have known since 1896 (Remarkable coincidence)?

If our side wins all the American people will deal with both the corruption that got the Democrat Party to this place in history, but also with the philosophies that got American institutions to this state. The latter will take much longer to fix than the former, for while corruption, real criminal corruption, going-to-jail corruption, even in parts of government where power and status, class, were the precious objects they sought instead of gold, we now know there are also millions out there who have become so self-entitled, almost as a birthright, and that a sane society cannot long survive with millions of them running around foot loose and fancy free to rip-and-tear through whatever in the world displeases them.

The first item we can fix quickly simply by hiring better agents to write better laws, and stop the corruption and hire better men and women to administer justice. A few laws need to changed, especially about media protections. But again, that starts after the election. And President Trump has published a list. But the latter, in order to protect History and our standing with the Higher Authority who designed this “Sane Society and System of Government” in the first place, we have a lot of self-reflecting to do.

Almost as much as the faithful Democrats.

And What do we do with people who tell us that all this is ordinary?

The gas-lighters?

The Media can’t claim either collective dementia or delusion. This isn’t new. They can’t be the victims of lies when they’ve propagated almost all of them. Democrats ran a crippled, mean, drunk in 2016, and before her a narcissistic pillow-biter, and before him a randy “can’t keep it zipped” satyr. That wasn’t ordinary either, but made to appear so, the party in conjunction with the Media, the public never sure who was actually leading the band. Since 1976 Jimmy Carter, bless his heart, was the only ordinary one in the bunch, and they all thought he was weird because he actually believed in God.

Finally how many conservative men and women, the likes of Mitt Romney and Jonah Goldberg, (just to name two types), will vote for this demented man, directly, or indirectly by voting for the Libertarian, and encourage others to do likewise, simply because they believe they are deserving of a Knight- or Lady-hood simply because they agree with the fundamental belief of the Democrats as well as the spoiled brats in the street, that they are a class apart and above the People.

So by inference, the only document that says, as a matter of law, that the people are supreme, the Constitution, must be done away with.

This is where we are.

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