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Fighting Back– Training Exercise #1, Taking Notes

“Never fight unless you have to. But if you do, fight like the third monkey on the ramp to Noah’s Ark. And brother it’s starting to rain”


  Who, What, Where, When, Where and Why

Tucker Carlson made this his most recent pitch about Jan6, 11 minutes. I suggest you take notes, for it refers to a much darker reality American patriots face and that is the simple fact that complaining about things won’t fix them, and citizens can no longer rely on mobilizing Americans as voters to overcome it.

What Tucker describes here is a portion of America, the District of Columbia, Washington DC, is under the total control of the Democratic Party, with the wilful assistance of a number of Republicans.

He begins on January 6, 2021, when Ashli Babbitt was negligently and irresponsibly killed (I won’t use “murdered”) by a fat, overweight DC Police lieutenant named Michael Byrd with a bad history of misusing his weapon.  Although it was captured on film, he was ever charged. In fact, he received a medal.

It was a giant sucker-punch based on the knowledge that hundreds of Trump supporters would move over to the Capitol Building from where he was speaking near the White House. We don’t know how many of those actually went to the Capitol Bldg, or how many were arrested in the Capitol Bldg. All the photos are of the backs of their heads at the White House. We just know they were joined by hundreds of “dressed-alikes”, many on the payroll of the US Government, and maybe the District of Columbia. No one’s bothered to ask.

Tucker lists all those other things, too, and you’ve known all those things for two whole years, up to the arrest of Ashli’s mother just 2 days ago, being arrested as she led a small delegation of people to commemorate the 2nd anniversary of her daughter’s death. Tucker showed that on film, too.

Now, I’m fairly certain that Kevin McCarthy, not even Jim Jordan, as Speaker of the House, could have much impact on the way the District of Columbia, and its police and judiciary, will deal with any contrarian issues, such as Ashli’s mom coming to town to lay a wreath. Nor will they have much impact on the federal agencies still quartered in Washington; FBI, CIA, IRS, Health agencies, numbered in the 100’s. For the Democrats in Congress own them. With the encouragement of Donald Trump, Speaker Paul Ryan could have facilitated the transfer of many of those agencies to the Midwest, places like Ottumwa, Iowa, home of Radar O’Reilly. But it was not a high priority to Ryan and never happened.

So don’t look for national politics and the federal agencies to change their tune anytime soon. Other things will have to happen to cause that.

The Democrats have been aiming toward an undefeatable voting majority since 2008. It has always been an objective of Democrats to be able to gain and retain power without a jack-booted military smell of that power. They’ve always used that niggardly. They always preferred seizing power with an army of lawyers, going back to Woodrow Wilson and FDR. LBJ bragged that he’d secured the black vote with the welfare program, but 50 years later that no longer sells. So, Obama decided to give all those kids free college loans, only a few of which actually put to good use.

Democrats thought they had reached that voting safety-net by 2016, all set to ease into Obama’s second term with Hillary Clinton, but then out steps this New York private businessman, Donald Trump, who wakes about 40 million of voters. Seriously folks, Democrats didn’t even know they were there because Trump didn’t use the standard methods of attracting them, thus alienating Republican fixer-influencers like Karl Rove. In the process, this “hidden army” stole Democrats’ planned steal in 2016.

Between 2016 and 2020 we saw how Democrats were willing to use para-militaries like Antifa and affiliates like BLM which did show a level and depth of sophisticated planning and a willingness to hire people who didn’t mind getting their hands dirty, while Republican money was just a little gob-smacked at it all.

Of course, you know all this, because you’ve watched it all unfold, first 2018, where the Democrats stole back the House, then 2020, when they took a barely mentally competent man, former vice president, Joe Biden to seek to defeat Trump’s second run. They knew they had to push the credulity envelope even further so had contingency plans, which, after 7 or 8 million Trump voters showed up they hadn’t planned on, they could once again stop vote counting in several states for several hours, a couple even GOP states under the hand of anti-Trump Republicans, until various fixes, some manual, others computer-based, so that Biden could be shown to have been the most popularly elected president in history!

Now there are several psychological reasons the Republican Party’s leaders didn’t mount up right away, screaming in outrage…yes, several, ranging from a general fear of how it might look to publicly call “a theft a theft” to a genuine inability to even see the theft in the first place. Between say, a Mitch McConnell at the one end, and a Lindsey Graham at the other, there are all sorts of denials, from conflicts of interest to a genuine inability to tell right from wrong any longer.

With that as a backdrop, actually the 2022 midterm steal was easy. Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania were so brazen it was obvious that the Democrats had decided it was worth the risk…not because of the law, but because of their ownership of the souls of the Republicans…even to the point that no Court, state or federal, was going to sully their places in history by rolling up their sleeves and calling a straight-up steal, a steal. (This may yet change.)

So with what we now have, looking at the new House arrangement, I wonder just how little or how much they will actually be in charge of?

As of this day, January 9, 2023, Washington DC and its agencies are under the control of an occupying foreign power. (Actually more than one, but none of which have the fundamental interests of average Americans and their freedom at heart, all things  the past 12 years, and the rise of the Tea Parties, has taught us is our inalienable right to have.

The original compact between the People and its government has been abrogated. But even worse, and scarier, is that if we do nothing about it, just as Mitch and Lindsey has to date, the Supreme Court have done nothing about it, one has to wonder if the original covenant between God and the People of the United States, which I described here, as the Thin Red Line, in 2021, and included in David M Poff’s Unwashed Philosophy; A User’s Guide for Our Imperfect Union still is in effect. (It’s available at Amazon.com….which if you read, should but you shoulders ahead of most political scientists you see hosting their podcasts having not a clue about the roll of Natural Law in how the was nation was formed.

So, we’ve established that we understand the Big Picture of America, but also, I’m here to let you know we need to understand the Marquis of Queensberry Rules of letting governors and mayors, chiefs of police, and especially holier-than-thou bureaucrats who have no business making a living off of taxpayers’ money, that there are lines out there they should not cross….and that there are citizens who go bump in the night who can remind them.

Bottom line, from where the sun now stands, this is an “occupation by a foreign power”, necessitating a war at some level with the people who’re stealing your liberty, whether you are in rural Iowa or a Houston suburb.

That said:

I have a homework assignment here, simply to drive home the reality that while we think we are free, in terms of private choices of citizens we are an occupied nation under the armed control of people who have not yet revealed just what their final plans for us are.

!943, Edge of Darkness, (Errol Flynn, Ann Sheridan) about the Norwegian Resistance against the Occupying Germans. Look it up, several options to see it free, 1:59 minutes, shows how small town citizens use fishing vessels to link with the English via Shetland Islands off the coast of Scotland. Shows you how even small fishing villages can organize and resist.

1943, Hangman Also Die shows the way the Czech underground worked in Prague to organize and kill the Nazi SS #2, Reinhard Heydrich in 1942. This led to reprisals, the most notable the killing of the total male population of the Czech village of Lidice, (several hundred) and the burning of the town to the ground. (This was not part of the film as the filmmakers didn’t know it had happened, which starred Brian Donlevy, Walter Brennan and Gene Lockhart and gave insights to how an urban resistance movement was organized and worked  (without being encumbered, and trackable by digital devices,)

1966, The Battle of Algiers, one of the most instructive films, and one which I explored in 2019, The film is indispensable as a documentary as it lets you see just how far a craven occupying government can go. (It really is tough to choose between Arab peoples that have become occupied by French colonialists with profit on their minds.) The French finally resorted to torture to break the resistance. France banned this film for several years.

2000, The Patriot, Mel Gibson, about a South Carolina militia leader during the Revolutionary War, which gives you some sense of how militias were established and trained, many of the older members having supporting the British in the French and Indian War. Again, very instructive.

When you sit down and watch these, use a note pad. And depending on your location, northeast, urban, rural, suburban, watch them as a group so you can talk about it later. Share observations.

More to come.

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