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The Battle of Algiers (1966)- A Road Map

This Is a film, not a documentary, and not a single drop of documentary news reel is involved, yet, most people when they see it, think that it is.

Watch this film and Study this film:

At least three times, for at least three different purposes:

  1. As a History Lesson about Colonialism, especially French Colonialism as compared to the English, Spanish, Dutch, even Russian and American. There are evils involved in each, but ranking from the Very Evil to Benign. (Americans, especially younger ones, are not taught these distinctions, so tend to lump them all together, as children always do, a common propaganda trick of the Left.)
  2. As a Study in Comparative Cultures, for this film portrays America’s arch-enemy today, Islamic jihadism, in a time and place where Muslim Arabs were the victim class, and it is easy to feel some sympathy, even solidarity with their plight, and, except for the tactics they chose, justification for their rebellion.
  3. Finally, as a visual lesson plan for grass roots action by citizens against oppressive state and local government bureaucracies in America, where, unlike the film, the police are largely still not the enemy and largely simpatico with the people.

(I’ll provide a short piece on each in a few days. Just watch the film first.)

All you need to do…(and remember this could just as easily be used as a training film for Antifa, Black Lives Matter and other new cells you are likely to see in the next five years, with far more sinister motives)…

a.) …is to substitute the Arab rebels’ choice of weapons here, murder and terrorism, guns and bombs, for an infinite array of misdemeanor-level weapons calculated to inflict only modest physical injury, such as a bloody nose, wounded ego, smelly clothes, embarrassment, but especially fear…of both pain and public humiliation, and even loss of employment, or criminal indictment when justified by law.

b.) This film details, as I will outline later, how these sorts of dark alley, “casbah” street tactics can be effectively employed against corrupt politicians, dishonest school administrators and teacher-professors at every level, even local protectors of public corruption where the police won’t or are ineffective, such as bootleg alcohol, prostitution and drugs…

….all using only a small team of planners and executioners.

As this film details the only way the French military could break Algerian rebel cells was through torture, which, for the French at least, was no great moral leap backwards. In Hillary or Obama’s new world order, it would be the same as both already approve of secret assassination of other Americans.

So there are long term, post-Trump considerations worth keeping in mind as you watch this film.

Pay attention especially to the first hour.

We’ve discussed in these pages many times about what people can do locally, at the grass roots to fix things the federal government probably can’t any longer now that they’ve let the public-morality cat out of the bag. At best it would require a generation or longer to restore America if they started repair work from the top-down.

Besides, America’s institutions were created from the bottom-up in the first place, beginning at the community level, and then on a solid foundation of moral compacts even recognized in Science as being survival-enhancing to a social group. This is what makes America unique in world history, that rules were not handed down by any human agency, but rather handed up to government by the people. So when we fix things from the bottom, they tend to stay fixed much longer, as there are fewer things public institutions can do to change our culture if those institutions fear real public backlash.

In that vein, so watch for it, in the first hour this film details how the FLN, (the Arab rebel political front) while waging a terror war against French police, was also encouraging grass roots Arabs to clean-up drug dens, alcohol joints and prostitution, since, 1) those things are against Islam every bit as much as they are against Christian strictures, and 2) the French were bank-rolling and profiting from those enterprises, so unwilling to shut them down to appease the moral sensibilities of their colonial subjects.


Have rolled-up newspaper, will travel.


  Just 2 hours; the soundtrack is early vintage Ennio Morricone.


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