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Science vs Natural Law and the Thin Red Line

Whether they are aware or unaware of how the Pentateuch (the first five books of the Old Testament–Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy) was put together, as an oral tradition passed by generations of Levites with memory skills of inestimable depth compared to modern humans, and written down 3000 or so years ago, we have a good idea of what the God of Abraham had in mind when He entered into this covenant with him.

That Covenant began a trek of a thin red line ending up here in the United States some 6000 years later, with just such a “from the bottom-up governmental design” as began with that pious herdsman from southern Mespotamia.  (Jot that down.)

What we don’t know is what was God’s plan for Abraham all along? What we learn as children is that God is all-knowing, all-seeing, and He Is perfect in every way. So, I still hear preachers say that God never does anything that isn’t perfect and he never starts anything that He doesn’t know the outcome.

So then, what happened in Eden when a snake talked one of His perfect creatures into taking a bite of an apple she had been specifically told “not to partake”? He expelled them. So, whatever the original plan God had for Eden was, we don’t know, but we can infer that snake had some insight, for he ruined it. And when He expelled Adam and Eve he placed on them what some call a “curse”, others say a “blessing”, which was the ability, or survival necessity to distinguish between Good and Evil and then choose between them. And armed only with that single choice, they began begating all over the place, their older son killing the younger son, ostensibly out of jealousy, only not, in Dickie Smothers’ view to Tommy, because “Mom always liked you best,” but because when both made a sacrifice to God, God accepted the younger son’s. Jealousy? A third son, Seth, would then come into the picture, and Abraham arose out of Seth’s line, thence through Shem, one of the sons of Noah.

All this was kept and recorded and passed on, only by memory. Modern Science, of course, calls these “legends” or “fables”, oral traditions, and therefore unreliable, even though the mish-mash of evidence Archaeology (a “hard science” by all accounts) can come up with as a counter to these recollections of history are just as spotty, and totally unable to put together a complete picture of any ancient event, (who, what, where, how, and especially, why) without having to draw from those same ancient legends that give it some sort of historical form.

A writing is physical evidence, while a legend is just a guy relating a story, never pausing to note the enormous skill, long since lost, of these under-educated, backward people, of being able to recite from memory a tale from their tribal past lasting sometimes hours, in the telling. Today, in tea houses from Istanbul to Cairo, men sit and drink tea and listen to men recite poems or stories that can go on for an entire evening, usually of great exploits when their ancestors won battles or did great deeds, usually against the French, who they called “Crusaders” a thousand years earlier. The Irish called them “bards” and every village or clan had one, identified as having a gift in story-telling as a child, and recognized as the keeper of the clan’s history. JRR Tolkein, the “Hobbit” and “Lord of the Rings” tales, a writer and scholar at Oxford, based those books of the Nordic Edda Sagas that gave the world the stories of Odin, and Thor, and Asgard. These sagas were discovered written down by a priest in Iceland in the 13th Century, but their oral origins lost in the mist of time.

Of course, they weren’t true…since Science has been unable to prove them.

Stop to think about this for a minute.

Science is into everything, essentially telling us what can be believed as fact. And what can’t. Over that past two centuries our lives have depended on an almost religious reliance on Science to tell is what is and what isn’t, real, or good for us, or safe, and these days, even true or false. Everything not science is rumor or opinion. Circumstantial evidence. But, of course the biggest problem with Science is that it is made up of Scientists, people, all of whose “rice bowls” depend on being believed by all the rest of the world. And then comes along a thing like Covid to blow that image to smithereens.

Now I won’t debate Covid, or vaccines, good or bad, mandatory or choice, but only that several scientists have lied in the year and a half this has been a national issue, and those lies have been ordinary lies, average human lies, Bart Simpson lies, and not so much about “what is” so much as what they say “is” but cannot be proved. This is a kind of lie all by itself, and it is one Science has telling ordinary humans we’ve been telling about how our own histories for centuries.

“Science” still debates whether Homer wrote the “Iliad” and “Odyssey”, or that Homer even existed. No physical proof. All it admits is there is a story about a Greek invasion at Troy, and a blind poet named Homer is reputed to have written it. No one knows when it was first written down, and many say, just like the Arab storytellers today, it was told as a saga for many years. Pick up a copy of “The Iliad” and count the pages….560 or thereabouts, and about a 10-hour read. Storytellers could tell it faster, I’m told.

And Science could never be sure Troy ever existed, until a German amateur named Schliemann found it the 1870s. Actually more than one Troy and digs are still going on there now, showing that several cities existed on that site. And Schliemann found it by reading Homer and actually getting off his duff and go around kicking in the dirt of the coastline of Ottoman Turkey. Many great archeological finds were made by amateurs, and even today, there is a open line to publishing for any young scholar who wishes to try and prove those discoveries to have built by luck or stolen ideas from scholars.

Scientists have been very territorial for well over a century now.


I just wrote about a piece inquiring about why people read less, and don’t even seem to want to read more, and that, from generation-to-generation, the downhill slide on reading, and being able to pay attention for more than a few minutes, is beginning to push our survival button. Most of things we need to know can’t be expressed in 280 characters or less. Most things we want to know, can.

In the meantime, Science holds to the notion that it ain’t so until Science tells us it is so, having slowly assumed that authority since the 17th Century. Archeology joined the Science world in the 19th Century, 1799, when the Rosetta Stone was found in Egypt by Napoleon’s army, carved in three languages, Priestly Egyptian, cursive everyday Egyptian, and Alexandrian Greek, (who had conquered Egypt), and carved around the 3rd Century BC.

What Science seems uninterested in is why or how a man could at one time tell a 3-hour story without catching his breath, or his audience falling asleep. (Even preachers try to keep it under an hour.) Are our brains smaller, or do we use so much less of it these days?

For “History” is what they are looking for, even though, rushing forward 2000-plus years, there are still debates that William Shakespeare wrote all the plays bearing his name and that Francis Bacon, to name just one, wrote some of them.


Because there is no physical proof.

So you can understand how and why “lawyers” first got their callings, and the stigma that attaches to the name. It’s worse than any “mark of Cain” that I can think of.

There was something special that God saw about Abraham, who was 10 generations removed from Shem, one of Noah’s sons, who replenished the earth after the Flood. So Abraham was 20 generations removed from Adam, half of those measured in the 900 year range and the post -Flood, 400-year range. Abraham lived 175. A long time, and what we know is that whatever blood God had infused into Adam and Eve was slowly diluted with every generation as it was commingled with ordinary human blood. Some might even call that “evolution”, as to how homo sapiens sapiens (modern man) could devolve from homo sapiens (sometimes referred to as Cro-Magnon).

The idea that humanity might be regressing rather than progressing, which knocks a lot of political Darwinism in the head, becomes even more tasty when we look at a photo array of the children of the best of the best of the social elites when they had their mug shots taken in Portland over the past 3-4 years.

These did not crawl out of a hole but most are in their third generation of never having had to work a day in their lives, and turning to drugs and alcohol and eventually crime, just to stimulate themselves into getting up each day, often starting by age 12.

To say that God planned this…

Still, He may have known it was a natural consequence of Mankind’s power once he got past God in the way he ordered his life.

Did God “plan” this? Did He know it would happen, or only could happen?

Back to Eden, when God expelled Adam and Eve and shut the gates of Eden, having allowed them the knowledge, and therefore the choice, between Good and Evil, He knew that everything that arose from Adam and Eve’s line, which He eventually would flood away, would be a crap shoot. Then, several generations later Abraham was God’s pick of the litter in His makeover of the world.

You do not know, nor cannot know, what God’s plan for the Hebrew Children was. Theirs was a “thin red line” through 2000 years, and while, as already detailed in these pages, those Children mostly did all sorts of things unfavorable in the eyes of God, until, 400 years after the written Old Testament ended, God introduced His Son, Jesus, to those same people in Jerusalem, who interestingly had struggled back to Jerusalem, and rebuilt the Second Temple under the Persians, only to be conquered by the Greeks around 300 BC, then the Romans into the time of Christ, only to find them a very cohesive and religious community, albeit no longer a free one….literally a daub of red ink on a large map.

In these conditions Christ came and preached, but not just to His own, and certainly not to the class found around the government offices, but to the lower classes, even mentioning and blessing them by name. When He ascended He gave his final instructions to his disciples:

‘All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me. Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age’” (Matthew 28:18-20).

Christ issued this commission 40 days after He arose, and 10 days later, on Pentecost, His followers gathered and essentially received the gift of tongues so they could indeed take this message to all the Nations. (Note: Its arguable that neither Pilate nor Caiaphas, and therefore Satan, knew that Christ had risen,  believing rather Jesus was just stolen and reburied somewhere else. It would take some real detective work to make a good case for when Satan knew, and what he knew, and when he finally launched a counter-campaign.

 Putting yourself inside the planning of God, were all these events according to His plan, or was He simply re-organizing and re-planning all along? What if Eve had never eaten that apple? What if Moses’ liberated Hebrews had been faithful all long that trek? What if 90% of the Kings had done what was pleasing in Yahweh’s eyes instead of displeasing? And what if England had never thrown out the Catholic Church?

What if, what if?

So, then, what if America was never God’s final piece to the puzzle, but just one more learning tool? One more phase? One more stopping-off place?

When a preacher gets up to preach he cannot ask these questions because such questions diminish his authority. Likewise, the scholar, whether a historian or theologian. Or a Scientist.

None of them, out of professional vanity,  can let on they may not know. Like I said, it’s a crap shoot.

Most of all, by asking these questions we deny ourselves a unified theory as to what God’s plan has been all along.


In terms of cultural evolution, we’re very clearly devolving, when we see that wealth and status, within three generations (that old 3-generation rule again) can produce its best and brightest who look like those spoiled children shown above, but can still move onto PhD positions at Stanford 5-10 years later, after having cleaned up their acts, with a letter from Mom or Dad if from the same club, proving that any door can be opened when we have a class of gatekeepers who will always allow one of their own into the club.

A kind of evolutionary incest takes place, not unlike the sort that brought Europe to total war twice in the 20th Century…competing vanities…before being totally eaten up with their own inbred imbeciles.

Whether God wishes or even planned for America to go much further down than the road….

I will state as a matter of scientific fact that America was created to be exceptional, using reason (logic). It could not have been accidental, for had it been, there would have historical records. Even failed animal mutations leave some scientific record, once found.  In fact, the very definition is now written in blood…the blood of what has always been called the “common man and woman” who created this nation and on three separate times, saved it.

When the best and brightest get us into messes, while the ordinary masses are scorned, you have to know that Natural Law, God’s final enforcer, has a hand in the outcome.

It’s in Man’s wiring to re-organize things.

You can understand “government” if you know that government is man made, and God passed authority for them over to Natural Law which deals with governments’ success or failure, and ultimate survival. God passed all authority for Man’s soul to His Son Jesus, so that Man could be rejoined with Him, on a case-by-case basis.

Reason, and a Unified Theory tells us that the only way a man made institution could be created by Man that could “survive and endure”, from a generation to the next, by natural process, passing that seed forward, could be through Jesus.

Thus was the “united states” (small caps) that was born several generations before the United States of America was created with a Constitution.

But there is nothing that tells us that America is the end-game of that plan, as preachers once told us just 60 years ago, especially since, after 250 years, we seem to have settled back and rested on our laurels, thus risking the entire Plan. This is not the first time this has happened to God’s plans, but as he proved with the ancient Hebrews, He is a patient God.


We are not the only Christian nation on earth, but we are the only one what was organized from the bottom-up, which very clearly was part of God’s plan.

Maybe we should become missionaries again, because I don’t think the “fat and sassy” look appeals to Him.


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