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The Democrat’s Takeover by a Quiet, Rolling Putsch?

“Putsch” is a German version of the French “coup d’etat”, which is more familiar to most people. Baby Boomers and those who read World War II history (which our fathers fought in) know “putsch” from Adolf Hitler’s failed “Beer Hall Putsch” in Munich in 1923, which landed him in jail for 4 years, giving him time to write Mein Kampf at the ripe old age of 34.

That 1923 Putsch occurred on November 8 so don’t be surprised if some Democrats might find karma in America’s very important mid-term elections occurring on that same day. Their sense of irony is always on high alert in election season.

A “putsch” or a “coup”, which Democrats have used as indictments against MAGA Americans from the January 6 Capitol theatrics, means simply a “take-over of the government”, usually their front offices, transferring government from one “team” to another. Most Latin American countries have changed hands via the “putsch” several times; seizing government offices and radio/television stations (their principal method of telling the people there’s a new jefe in town)…and usually something to the effect that new elections will be just around the corner once the new government can get things sorted out. (It took Lenin’s “putsch” almost 6 years to sort those things out, and by then the new government didn’t go to his hand-picked successor, Leon Trotsky, but rather to a clerical assistant, Josef Stalin.)

In most coups, the military can seal the takeover’s success by deciding not to intervene, usually after certain inducements have been agreed to between the generals and the new government, with maybe a few of their Old Guard taken out and shot, some secretly, others publicly, depending on how “the People” felt about them.


Many scholars of the day believe America’s turn Left began in 1976 when the avowed-Leftists actually took over the Democrat Party, and, not unlike Joe Biden today, they selected an empty-suit moderate named Jimmy Carter who would only nominally be in control of anything. This attempted putsch failed miserably, with an economic meltdown not unlike what we’re seeing today, interest rates and inflation, both double-digit. And Carter, a nice man, by the way, and not a true leftist, broadcast weakness as chief executive.

So, Putsch #1 failed miserably.

In 1980 America picked Ronald Reagan, who did amazingly well while under a Democrat-controlled Congress, simply by taking his case directly to the American people via national television. It was his popularity with “the people”, and the presence still in the House and Senate Democrats who were not hardcore Leftists, that allowed a lot of his legislation to pass, even while Tip O’Neil, Jim Wright and Tom Foley ran the show, thus paving a path for VP George HW Bush to succeed Reagan. The stakes were different then, a Marxist state still but a dream. And George HW Bush was an Establishment (Rockefeller) Republican, so while running on Reagan’s record he was able to undo some of Reagan’s achievements.

All the while the Democrats were planning to pickup where they left off in 1980.

So, in order to grab their big stick back, they invested in the husband and wife team of Bill and Hillary Clinton. (Look, I know this is old history to Baby Boomers, but it needs to set up for GenXers…my sons were in high school the Bush years, while 9/11 is ancient history to Millennials and GenZ…context, context, context.)

Governor Bill Clinton made his national debut giving a keynote address at the Democrat National Convention in 1988, in support of old-style liberal Mike Dukakis, who lost to Bush.

Now, American historians are not in agreement whether the Clintons were part of the Left’s Marxist design for our government, but I’m of the belief they were, albeit reluctantly. They knew  the Clintons were nakedly flawed. But there were two of them on the ticket, as Bill Clinton boasted…and both Bill and Hillary were selfish in the most carnal and puerile sense; “me-me-me”, especially if sexual opportunities came his way, while on the other paw, in any way, shape, or manner or form, if she were denied a thing she badly wanted, then the profanity and lamps would start flying throughout the room.

Unknown to top-floor Democrats, Bill’s horndog reputation captured a wide swath of the American professional community of his generation, especially ones who avoided Vietnam military service via law school, while Hillary’s demanding attitude, “I want it and I want it now!”, was one of the early hints of a still hidden voting class that now reaches into the millions…the spoiled, totally godless, educated professional female, now in their third generation.

Most liberal historians believe the Clintons’ behavorial scandals do not make for good historical copy of any deeper philosophical motives, which of course, historians must search for in Democrats, and if they can find none, invent.

I personally believe both Clinton’s deeper philosophical roots are as shallow as a pool of warm spit. And of the two, if I had to compare with Adolf Hitler, I’d pick Hillary, for the Fuehrer’s foot-stomping teat fits and victory dances were legion,

…plus the fact, Hillary’s closest allies and staff were more deeply-rooted into Marx, which is not warm and cuddly at any level, unlike Bill’s carnalism. Hillary was a student of Saul Alinsky, and one of her staff influencers, Harold M Ickes, was the son of FDR’s Secretary of the Interior, a master of “double-down” gamesmanship (which is why you never see them admit error and apologize, even when caught red-handed, never admitting fault for anything, aka Bart Simpson. Add to that her personal secretary Cheryl Mills and other tactical plotters and planners and you have a strong connection to higher level planning.

But the Clintons did blaze a path for future Democrat planners…planners who sought the complete destruction of the Constitutional republic.

And on that path Al Gore was to continue “the Plan”. Now, a lot of Millennials and GenZ may not know that Al Gore was Clinton’s vice-president for 8 years. They may only know him as a high-profile pitchman for Climate Change, and who has been preaching a melting of the arctic ice caps since he lost the 2000 election, before many of them reached puberty. And Climate Change is a Big Thing to those generations, (drilled in school) in part because they did not know that the world had been driving toward Climate Change armageddon…first arctic cold, then polar melting for 30 years before they were born.

But in terms of the “big putsch” Al Gore was unable to pull off the election steal in 2000 (yes, there was one tried then, and caught red-handed), in part because their steal-attempts were so hamfisted and hastily concocted, proving there was no real oversight management from compartmentalized professional thinking from above.

The “New World Order” organization charts had not yet been drafted.

After GW Bush, in 2008 the Democrats selected a candidate, a token, an emblem, a front man. Barack Obama did not select the Democrat Party, the Party selected him, and probably even created him out of whole cloth. His back-story is still a mystery (and probably a lie). His grooming began while still in college. They “put him” into the Senate in 2004, and like Clinton in ’88, Obama had his first national splash on television at the 2004 DNC Convention, while touting John Kerry (who lost to George W Bush).

He was a rousing success.

Barack Obama was perfect because, (in comedian Jonathan Winter’s words) he was able “to believe his own stuff”, and with a cast of 100’s behind him, especially AG Eric Holder, he made significant inroads into changing the way government, allowing professionals to step back and assess the reaction.

That “new vision” for America met with mixed reaction; thunderous applause from the educated Left; academicians, feminists, bureaucrats, 25%, and with real concern to genuine anger in the private sector working world, 75%, especially among the common folk who were openly spoken of as serfs from the Feudal System.

The Plan was probably designed to be structurally achieved in two terms, 8 years. We can’t be sure. But the reaction of the people to Obama’s unilateral executive actions, which were fronted with false legitimacy by AG’s Holder and Lynch, failed miserably with most Americans especially those in the lower working 65% (give or take). Obama even concocted a college loan program for many of those, then giving them useless do-nothing government jobs to graduates (to provide vote-security), reshaping the federal budget, which the Biden Administration is now attempting to pay off since so many of those students of a decade or more ago are defaulting.

So, in just two short years Obama gave rise to the Tea Parties in 2010, who then went about taking Congress back away from the Democrats, first the House in 2012, then the Senate in 2014. And when Obama then “grabbed his phone and seized his pen”, i.e., doubling down with executive orders of questionable legality, warning America that he would govern in this manner, it was clear a longer, deeper plan was being carried out. They meant business.

This was not “flying by the seat of their pants” government.

The Democrats had identified themselves as the enemy to the 65%.

Note: In hindsight, what we know today is that the Republican Party Establishment saw these actions by Obama and his redesigned Department of Justice in 2015 and 2016, and knew them for what they were. And to his credit Mitch McConnell and the Republican coalition denied the Democrats much of their agenda…only, with the advantage of 20-20 vision over our shoulders, it’s unclear whether the GOP leadership did this to save America, all of America, or just their stake and place in an America, which, since 1932, they had generally been that of a junior partner. A sell-out. (Lindsey Graham may provide the best profile for assessing this.)

The GOP envisioned a continuing game of musical chairs but one which the Obama group intended to end once they gained that third Obama term in 2016, and who they had designated Hillary Clinton to continue. Because of Benghazi especially, and the indifferent manner in which those men were allowed to die, Hillary was America’s most disliked female. (Take note, they didn’t choose Obama’s VP, Joe Biden in 2016, even though he was, at the time, still in control of his faculties, and his libidinous interest in young girls largely unknown.)

That something far more oppressive might be looming over the horizon simply eluded the Establishment Republicans in Congress. They thought only in terms of “politics as usual”.

The Democrats, feeling time was on their side demographically, suspended threats of draconian government, although we know that Obama had staffers who were laying plans for gulag-type re-education camps out West. Obama brought into government an awful lot of the foot-stomping, I-want it and I want it now!” Hillary types, although many of them turned out to be males. (That amping up has continued in these first two years of the Biden Regency, which also tells us their original Plan has not changed, although, as with Lenin, Democrats may well end up with a Stalin instead of a Trotsky. “That remains to be saw.”)

Bottom line, with the Baby Boomer’s on a predictable path dying out, say within 20 years, and its voting strength being replaced by a Millennial/GenZ voters (Boomer’s grandkids), with state control of public school systems already in hand, keeping them mind-numbed, then expect by 2040, when early-born Millennials turn 60, they could foresee a complete flip-flop in the cultural direction and priorities of America, by 2042.

So what can go wrong with this long, rolling, 12 year plan to flip America, unless there is some unplanned interventions?

Obama would serve up Acts I and II, while his successor (then, as yet unnamed…just so long as it wasn’t Joe Biden) would apply the final seals to the deal.

All that remain is the ability to control elections and let time and nature take its course.

And that issue remains, because, thinking they had covered all their tracks from the 2000 election debacle, they felt they could secure Hillary’s win in 2016 giving them that big Act III to complete the changeover.

They had to control the election processes in the states in much the same way they’d controlled metropolitan city elections (blue cities all) for close to a century. The cities alone just can’t carry a national election.

As to grass roots election practices, the Obama underground, OFA, (Organizing for Action) were organizing under the table in suburbia what Republican grass roots projects such as Dan Schultz’s Precinct Strategy and Scott Pressler’s Resistence are doing today legally to rescue the election process. But even going into that 2016 election, considering the public backlash by the American “proletariat”, they knew they had to control the elections to the extent they would win, but not too soon to simply declare a new type of government.

But once again, they did not fully estimated the backlash in 2016.

Of course, what happened in 2016 was that a total amateur stepped out and, just like Tom Paine, he struck every non-elite American’s chord in a way that shook the foundations of this Republic going back to our original Founding.

 This “army of the lost voters” turned Obama’s projected third term on its head.

2020 proved the Democrats are in it til the end, one way or the other.

But once again, Democrats had their best laid plans laid bare, and like 2016 they had to close ballot-counting for hours before they could calculate final tallies. And in that period of time Joe Biden went from several points down to a few points up to be declared a winner with an all-time record high 81 million votes.

Democrats had reduced the difference between “Caught” and “Not getting Caught” to a series of administrative and legal equations harkening back to Bart Simpson’s “You can’t prove it” motto. Getting a court to hear a case, after first winning on “standing” to bring a suit, could involve years of litigation.

Taking over a government becomes “moot-in-nature” after a certain period of time. With elitist-based voting going 35% for, and 65% hoi polloi voting otherwise, but unable to find a forum to prove it, plus a complicit media to provide the “gaslit reasonable doubt”, there is actually a short period of time when such a government would allow these claims to be entertained. Authoritarian regimes do not allow courts such freedoms. (Besides I doubt a jury of 12 honest citizens would go along with any fact-based civil action…where an 8-4 vote for the moving party wins in a civil action. With the Rittenhouse court, the Left knows how well they’ll fare even in criminal cases). I’m not sure the courts will have such power of intervention by 2024 or 2028. Moot-in-Nature.

So, America had a de facto putsch of the US government in 2020, and even our finest legal minds are not sure what can be done about it legally. But the Left’s plan going forward is to solidify that aspect of election law that allows the courts to accept challenges in the first place.

The Democrats believed they could win, and the People would slump into surrender, simply based on their belief they(we) would not force the issue with guns and would eventually surrender with little more than a whimper. True, even as incontrovertible evidence of a “systematic” steal continues to pile up, the American citizenry has refused to take to the streets, as some blue cities were egged into doing when George Floyd was killed, causing the Democrats and Left to wipe the sweat from their brow, hoping that perhaps, with all these guns, we’ll never really use them in open warfare.

All Democrats need is to buy 4-to-8 years of relative quietude, along with some quiet arrests and convictions of citizens around the country, to send a message that violent resistance will be met with even greater force.

This was how Hitler did it in ’33…and by ’35 he’d gagged the entire country with fear, and by ’39 launched World War II. And, if you think there was a dime’s worth of difference, it was also how the Soviets did it in the Hungary Uprising in November, 1956. Hungary had to wait another 35 years.


Now, anyone who believed what the Democrats had wrought over 40+ years could be undone and corrected in four, or even eight years, have never really understood  the magnitude of what we were looking at today.

I can only tell you what they have in store, based on their elitist demands and expectations and even juvenile beliefs as to how the People will react and how they expect to get away with it pain free. Again, remember, they’re looking ahead another 20 years, when all those warm memories of the free America of yesteryear will have been buried.

We can’t just defeat the Democrats, he have to destroy their party, forcing them to take another name,


Now I’m not privy to what Trump’s team is thinking or planning, but know, sort of like George Washington, who also had no prior political experience, he has to feel his way.

That is for another time.

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