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Mooning the Left and other Atheists

Remember the rules that Marxist academics first invoked in the 19th Century…

Rule #1: “Never debate opponents with facts in front of an audience” (for obvious reasons; Marxists cannot produce real facts to back up any thesis)

and in 21st Century;

Rule #2: “Never debate God”…but also drill into students, ‘”There is no God, there is only Science. No one can prove the first, nor disprove the second.”

Marxisms’ objective is to keep you off-message. But their belief is real, only their facts and science are as shallow as “a pool of warm spit”. (From FDR’s first Veep, “Cactus Jack” Garner)


We already know, when we back them into a corner, they can get mean. A 14th Century Franciscan friar, Ramon Llull decided to preach to people who also had another religion, (Islam) in his home turf of Moorish Spain. It was during the Crusades. But besides being a passionate Christian, Llull was also renowned as a mathematician and philosopher, so instead of invoking Scriptures to people who already had their own, he resorted to Natural Law. He made arguments about the world God had made instead of the message of the New Testament. He was so good at the the Muslims had him stoned to death in 1313 AD. A very Marxist thing.

He was 84.

I recall during the Obama years some of his staff mentioned shipping Christians out to the western desert where they would construct re-education camps, or, as the Soviets called them, “gulags”.

So this idea has been around for years, especially among the youngsters.

Now, atheism and Marxism and the other ‘isms that seek to replace it, are not necessarily related, for atheism is not overtly political. But it is important to most statist ideologies, for they hate there being a philosophy that questioned Man as the highest form of intelligence on earth. So atheists thought they could take on “creationists” in a non-political forum.

So, we had Richard Dawkins vs William Lane Craig, and Dinesh D’Souza vs Christopher Hitchens in the early 2000’s. (Very instructive, you can watch those debates free on YouTube, if for no other reason, to improve your own “thinking on your feet” skills in argument and logic (piecing parts of a puzzle together).

Religion-thumping became great sport, even though both D’Souza and Craig laid out notions about creation that cannot be disproved. And Marxists have reverted to their old 19th C method of simply publishing position papers, or, for the simple-minded, 280 characters on Twitter, where debates are never allowed.

Still, other great minds planted observations from Nature that cannot be disputed anymore that they can be proved. Mortimer Adler was a non-observant Jew who discovered Thomas Aquinas and Aristotle as a young man, and became co-editor of the Great Books series in the 1970s. The Catholic Church called him a “fellow-traveler”. I recently wrote about him, “Satan and his side of Natural Law”,and before he died he was received into the Catholic Church.

There was also Albert Einstein, the great physicist who claimed to be agnostic, then later, a theist, because, (get this) there is no one who can explain the Creation and order of the universe as mere happenchance. It had to be by intelligent design.


I like to argue this Intelligent Design v Marxism point by using moons, the smallest of the regular moving bodies in the universe.

The Universe has been here for millions of years. There are stars and planets, and those planets have moons. Planets revolve around a stationary star and the moons around their host planet. With all that clutter, all that time, they never bump into one other.

We only know for sure one planet is occupied, (Earth) although there are many speculations by atheists and religionists alike that there may be others. Science, which is a human invention, for centuries wisely would not speculate, bound by an ethical code about things it could not know, that took centuries to codify…and less than a hundred to undo, all because of the devil I will reveal very shortly.

Science knows that both planets and stars have, from time to time, exploded, inside-out, which has been astronomically recorded in other constellations. When planets explode the scientific theory is that parts of those planets go hurtling off into space, producing comets and asteroids, sometimes banging up against other planets and moons in the galaxy. There are all sorts of crater evidence of this on both earth and our moon, with much scientific speculation that many of earth’s geologic eras likely ended and began by those collisions; bringing on changes in climate that brought about the end of the dinosaurs, e.g., as well as moving islands to bump into and change the shape of continents, such as the Indian sub-continent, the point of its collision with Asia being the Himalayas, which still seems to be getting a little taller. Our own Appalachian Mountains at one time were North America’s coastline, Virginia wholly under water. (Be still my beating heart.)

We also know earth changes the angle of the tilt on its axis every few thousand years, also causing changes in climate.

But for debate purposes we also know that no man or group of people, nor aliens have caused any of these events. Just Nature.


Now compare this to what Man has in-fact created, from wondrous inventions, machines, and technologies, to methods to feed, clothe and shelter its peoples, on the up-side, to a stunning array of ways to enslave and kill Mankind on the downside.

First think of what “unregulated” Man had created. Fire, clothing, shelter and food comes to mind, only no king or potentate can lay claim to a single one of these “first” discoveries. Unnamed “Man” lays claim to improvements to the physical world along the way and still does, only now instead of individual men and women, acting out of necessity, or survival, they did so for control, starting back about 5000 years in one long progression.  Medieval kings were about power. Marx, Lenin, Stalin, Hitler, and today an army of small pettifoggers are all about power. Klaus Schwab is about power. Democrats and most Republicans are about power.

But in order to exercise that power they have, from the earliest times, had to create organizations to exercise that power. Since the 15th Century they have been called bureaucracies.

When in the hands of private people, bureaucracies could be controlled and managed, either by failing in a free market (Adam Smith) because something better came along to replace them, or least being reorganized (replaced). There is generally a natural law affecting the survivability of free-market enterprise…and this natural law is in the process of being superceded by adding yet a higher tier of authority, e.g, Klaus Schwab’s WEF just the latest, much like the EU has imposed itself on individual European nations. Then suddenly, United Nations agencies, such as WHO have endeavored to gain power inside member states with the rise of COVID.

Whether evil or stupid, or both, such bureaucratic organizations have destroyed every good idea and plan Man ever had, and with the growing advancement of technology in the last century, these organizations were able to destroy their hosts in a remarkably short period of time, going from centuries to little more than half-a-century, to what seems to be today, around three generations, approximately 70 years, which appears to be as long as Marxist state can make it.

And today these systems are being created by people who, regardless of IQ and technical ability, have no idea, or even education (it seems), about just how Mankind’s natural reliance on those bureaucratic systems have all proven fatal, having all arisen from those same men and systems at the top.

Only one little human experiment has stood out, when the United States was created in 1787. This experiment allowed the scope and dimension of Man’s government to depend on the ability of “the people” to draw on their collective virtues all from the bottom, instead of the history of rule as defined by Man’s vanities, all from the top.

As an organization built on a contract entered into mutually, the US has endured for over 240 years without destroying itself…all because of the self-correcting nature of these man-made institutions, which are not subject to mathematical or scientific review, only philosophical.


As I began, the universe contains over 2 trillion galaxies, and in our galaxy alone there are over 400 million stars with over 100 billion planets, our own star having 8 planets and 200 moons…all moving at tremendous speeds around it.

While the universe has spun and moved at incredible speeds for millions of years, not even one of them have bumped into one another. Even when the occasional star explodes, it does nothing to disturb the basic order of things.

Even the moons all keep their place.

By design, which Einstein attributed to a “designor”, a Creator, possibly the same one Thomas Jefferson referred to when he wrote “We hold these Truths to be self-evident…” we’d stumbled along keeping ourselves to ourselves providing a model for the rest of the world, which their leaders have totally denied them.

So, as the world allies itself to finally end our flawed-but-perfect system, we should all stand shoulder-to-shoulder, turn around, bend over…

…and then give them the Moon.

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