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Modern Nazis and Prisoner Number A26188: The Holocaust In Their Own Words

A recommended film on several accounts, by a Polish survivor of the Nazi death camp system, Henia Bryer, a still beautiful and articulate woman who related this in 2015, then in her 80s. Just 44 minutes.

But it tells us much more and explains why we need to keep locked in our memory vaults about the images that emerged from those various camps.

Perhaps it also reflects on just what any undertaking, which began as segregation and confinement, within a decade could end with a “Final Solution”. This girl was in six separate camps from 1939-to-1945, and from her understanding, not all of those moves seemed to have any purpose.

Short answer—bureaucracy, and its invariable fall into first ineptitude, then destruction. I’m guessing if today some team of researchers would undertake to study the German “management” of the Holocaust as they would the rise-and-fall of a modern corporation, whose normal lifespan is also only about 20 years, (and the vaulted documents are still available for review) you would find many remarkable similarities.

It has been suggested that the rise and fall of the Soviet Union was also a result of Homo Burureaucraticus, and not the several variants of HomoMarxicus. And this may explain why no serious scholarship is being directed at what has infected the management principles of government in the United States since the rise of Marxism in the United States, c1896, coincidental to the rise of an industrialism here that was in no way even remotely comparable to the “capitalism” of Europe that Karl Marx hated so much. (It also proves, since he was made aware of the differences between the United States and Europe, the shallowness and lack of universality of his thinking, a vanity he refused to let go of.)

What we now know is that Marxism cannot be planted in ground no matter how fertile without a massive bureaucracy…apparatchiki (in Russia)…which, by the very laws of nature, insures its failure every time, and in modern organizations that lifespan is around 70 years, which Maoist China just passed in 2019…and on cue, seems to be coming apart at the institutional seams.

What it will look like in 2039 is anybody’s guess, but I’m hoping that this little preview into some of the profiles of the front lines of the Nazi concentration camps…especially the SS women, since we are seeing tons of similarities in modern dress and situations here, will assist in understanding the universality of the attitudes, transcending cultures, and going to the roots of human susceptibility to what Christian theological refers to as the Seven Deadly Vices.


Our survivor, Henia Bryer, singled these women out for cruelty. Dead eyes.

Go figure.

Enjoy the film. I’ll pick this subject up in “Natural Law” soon.


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