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Satan and His Side of Natural Law

A teaching

Finding the solution to every problem, whether a medical diagnosis and treatment, or to a philosophical query, begins with a unified theory (according to Dr House of TV fame, Hugh Laurie).

This Unified Theory is well laid in a 9-minute “Firing Line” interview by Mortimer Adler with William Buckley in 1970, before most of you were even alive. Adler was a noted philosopher of that era, and since I was fan of WFB and watched “Firing Line” while in law school, I was acquainted with the Great Books series, which Adler co-edited.

An intellectual, you’ll be able to tell how easy he is on the ears and brains of ordinary people, which is a gift very few of his kind have, and which defines most of the Left’s intellectual army since at least this was aired.

Note here how Adler describes the best ways to teach…

What’s embedded in Adler’s comments about the Greeks (Socrates, Aristotle) and St Thomas Aquinas, who translated Aristotle into Christian philosophy, (The Summa Theologica) which most of you will never read, as I have also never read beyond a few excerpts, is that the process of Logic in discerning between fact and opinion, (and in Nature’s realm, between survival and death…whether an individual, family, clan, community, or tribe; including nations’) are relatively fixed.

Adler is stating some incontrovertible truths here.

While not a professing Christian at the time, Mortimer Adler, like Albert Einstein, was a theist. He once said “If there is a God all things are possible. But if not, then all things are permissible.” He eventually converted to Catholicism, so, was a “Welcome Home Catholic” which I’ll shortly explain. This short comment is on the higher level of Unified Theory thinking…and in only 17 words…yet it outlines dozens of logical mental calculations that even a high school student could calculate, once shown how. I don’t think teachers do that anymore, and probably don’t even know how.

The interview summarizes this, so I invite you to pass it forward, because everything I will say here about “Unified Theory” as a way to think and analyze things, and everything you will see and hear, both positive and negative, from politics to the recent school shooting in Texas, to high prices at the grocery store, all the way to the long term prospects of your House and family not just now but in generations to come, will depend on understanding Unified Theory, and to seal into your minds that Evil (who I call Satan, but you don’t have to) also comes armed into his eternal struggle with God with his own Unified Theory, only always a cut below God’s higher plane Unified Theory, which I’ll discuss here.

In the end Natural Law decides.

Almost all human history, beginning with the Age of Kings about 6000 years ago, or (for those of you read) since Eden was closed down due to misconduct by its first and only boarders, has had at its core a struggle not so much between God and Satan as God just trying to go about His business while being constantly nipped at His heels by this jealous little pipsqueak who was always trying to derail His plans.

Almost everyone reading this knows someone like that, and if you visit Twitter, you see it dozens of times a day in print. My friend Dave Poff has provided greater depth to this “back-story” as seen thru the eyes of the key people of the Old Testament, with A User’s Guide for Our Imperfect Union, (available only at, while I added a couple of chapters. And Dave is following some of the trails he blazed in that volume with a new volume, in which I will probably also add a couple more chapters. At our senior age, we both know a thing or two about the Devil’s ways, but I won the coin toss, especially since Dave (like my wife and Mortimer Adler, above) is a “Welcome Home” Catholic, so better trained on God’s plans according their handbook. But since the “Welcome Home” Catholic (drawing new members from outside the church, people who are not born Catholic) is largely only found in America, they are rare in old-Catholic Europe and their old colonies in the New World, America may some day become the last holdout for the Catholic Church in the world, for here, among these people, the Faith is still new and fresh.

But Satan has a plan, actually several. But in light of the logic Mr Adler talks about, all his plans have flaws, and all eventually fail. But if you consider how long the Feudal System and the Age of Kings lasted in Europe, (often in partnership with the Church) we should not be able to take any comfort in knowing all of Satan’s political designs for government will fail, if that fall will be a thousand years from now.

In that sense, pride (one of the Seven Deadly Sins) in your own belief and personal relationship with God and with His Son, Jesus, in any church, if excessive to the point of not taking steps to protect, or if need be, to rescue your children from Satan’s most obvious plans, can be very self destructive.

In truth, Old Clewfoot is banking on this.

About Satan’s side

I used to go back and forth about my own Unified Theory of Satan as to whether he actually wants to take over and replace God, as some preachers preach, or merely wants to be that perpetual fly in God’s soup, himself God’s creation, by always bollixing things up. First he caused the eviction from Eden, and all the symbolism that entailed. Then he caused the Flood that caused a re-set for Humanity. Then he stalled the Children of Israel, which is where Dave Poff takes up the story, with God’s select from Abraham’s line, by turning them into exactly what we see today in America, a textbook expression of bored, teat-fittery while Moses was on Mt Sinai receiving the Ten Commandments. All of those Children of Abraham fleeing Egypt, after suffering hardships on what was supposed to be an 11-day walk, became impatient and began to pine for “the good old safe days of slavery”, which was all they had known for over 400 years. By melting their metals and engaging in  “Moloch-worship” they were condemned never to see the Promised Land and to die out in the Wilderness, so that the only people who could enter the Promised Land would be those with no memory of Egypt and idolatry. This included poor Moses and Aaron who had tended to the Ark of the Covenant all those miles, all those years.

Try to imagine that now, in knowing how America came to be, and once was, only now, having fallen asleep at the switch, and knowing how unprepared our children and grandchildren may be because we spent so much time on ourselves, leaving it up to “the state” to educate and guide out children, to suddenly realize we may be the last, after 250 years, to have the knowledge about the keys to Liberty and the Republic, only to have frittered it away because we had lost all sense of “tithing” our time to the survival of our House.

Then remember that America is probably the only nation of people where its people’s beliefs and opinions are “outcome determinative” to the nation’s future. And those rules have been set in stone, and proven to work for nearly 250 years.

From the ordinary household to the state and federal legislatures, all the functions required to get us to this place, and in this manner, are the result of several levels of unified theories being considered and implemented.

What we seem to be forgetting however, is that there is a Unified Theory of the wrong, or the bad, what Nature sees as survival endangering just as there are Unified Theories for the cures, the remedies, the fixes, that are survival enhancing.

The problem we face today, is to be too willing to let Nature (and God) do all the work, in part because we think the solution is too complicated, or we don’t have time, or, we simply put in God’s hands, not knowing that He most likely will turn the solution over to Nature,  who will indeed decide in the end. Evil can never defeat Good in the end. But Nature has already proved it can take several thousand years for Man to regain first his self-respect, and then freedom.

We’ve only been here as a free people for 235 years, and yet already we have invited all sorts of rots into out systems and our homes that once were our greatest protections at remaining free. We don’t even know what is being taught to our children even though we do know the Enemy is out there en masse trying to steal their body, minds and souls away from us.

There is a natural law of both Light and Dark. America was created by the simple tool of people allowing themselves the right to create something different to govern them. True philosophers knew what it was the moment they saw it, but alas, when they turned and looked at their own nation’s and its history, they realized that the 1000-plus years of history it had already undergone would make it impossible

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