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Gear up! 2022-2024… Reading the Left’s Game Plan

If you’ll recall the four-hour delay on election night, 2016, when many key states shut down reporting, and the networks stopped calling winners, the fact simply was that the Democrats, after 8 years of Obama groups taking over the voting apparatus in what was believed to be enough iffy states to secure any election, simply set vote goals they needed to reach. I recall that 3-4 million illegals voted, but they were almost all in California (which provided Hillary with her national margin of victory), and I thought, “Now why do that?”

Of course there were several theories as to what happened and all were published via the national media, TV, radio, and internet. Organizationally, the Left had swamped the information sector. In fact, they more or less owned it. But in the end, it was simply math, which they had all neglected (or refused) t calculate. I called it “Trump’s hidden army”, which should have been obvious, not only in the numbers and level of enthusiasm at Trump rallies…hell, even Mitt Romney could get those from time to time…but just from their dress you could tell that every level of society was standing in line, yukking it up, all friends just by being there…and it was obvious to me there was an underground communications network, what the Russians under the USSR called “samizdat”, existed that Obama-machine Democrats simply didn’t know existed….totally outside their ken.

I’m not sure how many votes they believed they needed to steal or suppress, but they came up short, and spent hours trying sort it out. They clearly didn’t have people in place to undo that or prevent it.

So Trump won, only no, there was no investigation…which now allows Democrats to accuse, only recently, I might add that Trump stole 2016.

And, as we all know, Democrats had to go several more steps beyond 2016 to steal 2020, proving they had learned their lesson. And they had 2018 to run their drills, the GOP totally asleep at the switch. Still, once again, misjudging just how many people would show up to vote for Trump, they had to shut down the counting houses for four hours to sort things out. In the end, I counted 8, not 5 states they were able to steal, and several House seats and of course, two senate seats in Georgia, which, thanks to a Republican governor and SoS, they stole twice. A demented old man who secluded himself in a basement for most of the campaign amazingly had gathered over 81 million votes…the most ever in history…and was declared the winner.

For me, the saddest conclusion has been that even the highest Court in the Land had allowed petty legal rules of procedure to override to clear, and abundant, bite-you-on-the-arse facts. I recently wrote, about Dinesh D’Souza’s “2000 Mules”, that the allegations it proves are only secondary to the in-the-face evidence that our election systems have been corruptible for many years, and that the Court should long ago have ordered the states to clean up their systems, especially the use of computer-based technology, which is, flawed per se. The Court can order these things fixed, and on fairly short order.

From from where the sun shines today…

…the people have undertaken to take back the system themselves, or, at least deny the Democrats what they want to achieve. I hope and pray that local election officials, not just in Philadelphia, but in Harrisburg, (if you get my drift), as well as Atlanta-Fulton County, Maricopa County, Madison, Detroit and Lansing, pay attention to what “the people” are going to expect and what they are no longer going to put up with.

It is going to be a very rough ride the next 17 months, so set your jaw.

Harsh things may result.

The Democrats already have a Plan B should they lose Congress this year and that is to call on Obama’s pen and exercise the illegal power of the executive order. Only, we already know over half of the states will no longer feel the obligation to abide by those orders.

So, Gear up!

You already know what they can (and are willing to) do on turf they control such as the District of Columbia. Pay them no never-mind. Gearing up means get up off your couch and talking to friends face to face about what you’re going to do locally…down town, the city or country government, the schools…they always stand out…and pay less attention to what people are whining about on Twitter. Actually, quite a few of them already do. Already a lot of citizens spend no more than an hour a day on Twitter, while spending hours walking their hood, and talking with mates about plans. I spend 1-2 hours a day just sharing films of robberies, muggings with friends and asking “How would you handle this where you shop, or fill up?” They all have plans, and yes, I’m their legal advisor.

In my view, the Democrats are just treading water. They are more than afraid, they are petrified, mostly because we are now ahead of their thinking, even as the hapless Republican Party still believes this a little more than a game of lawn croquet in which they kick the ball when their backs are turned.

“Titty your cards”, as my dad used to say. If they panic they may just declare a national emergency and with it, martial law. Keep that in mind. But we are already so deep into the 10th Amendment, that the only place their emergency rules will play out will be in safe blue states. Most states will “nullify” their laws and their rules, and their jurisdiction…and this current Court will likely agree that they have acted unconstitutionally.

Key dates in these next 17 months will be first 1) the release of the Roe reversal (Dobbs), which will put tens of thousands into the streets, not even knowing that it changes no law currently on the books until states individually go back and change them…likely taking years. Abortion cannot be banned by this Court. Knowing this, the whole strategy from the Left’s point of view will be to put a million people into the streets and make it last through November, 2024,

2) the Midterms, where we will get to see how well our ground game has worked versus accelerated attempts to steal, with major races all over the country. First don’t forget how many voters will change their minds because of yet another nationwide teat-fit by spoiled, educated “girls”, many more criminal street deaths. The add to this the fact that a lot of affluent middle class neighborhoods have already lost faith in the Democrats over Wokeism, CRT and Pride-of-the-Month-Club drag queens, school issues. And the majority of Latinos have left the party, as have working-class and moral-class black families, who didn’t come from Michelle Obama’s neighborhood. In short, the Democrat base has fallen below 40%, so how can they even expect to win an election “by-the-numbers”,

3) So the Midterm fallout…which be will a return to Executive Orders, only, with more and more states looking hard at nullification of edicts coming out of Washington, and the possible intervention by federal troops…means this can get nasty in a hurry. (Remember when JFK and Ike sent troops to the South to open schools to blacks? The states did not resist…because Natural Law was on the side of the Government. Right vs Wrong. But when states refused to return escaped slaves back to the South in the 1850a, the Government stood down because Natural Law was on the side of Freedom. Laws that protected slavery carried no weight in Wisconsin. These days, you have two sides both of which believe Natural Law to be on their side, and we know one of them has to be wrong.

So I like our side’s chances, since we outnumber them in manpower 70-30, and in firepower, 95-5,

4) Finally, the 2024 election, if there even will be one. Yes, Democrats can postpone or suspend the election, even the Constitution (without calling it that), “a coup” is how history will call it, but their power will be honored only in blue states. (I think red states can take care of their blue university cities.) A kind of sitzkrieg (sitting war) will likely ensue, which is where we nearly are now, a de facto war only no shots fired. But interstate commerce will come to a near halt, as well as travel. Local crime will increase, but homeowners won’t care whether its political or not. Things will go back-to-basics. A lot of people we sort-of like (Glenn Beck), and don’t like (Dan Rather) may slash their wrists because neither ever thought it could come to this, or that they would no longer be paid to be part of “the Game”. Only a few will find respite with God.

This is an unfolding story, so feel free to comment here (I will reply), or send notes @BushmillsVassar on Twitter.

I look for the Left to pull out all stops, but I know they have not even considered in their little corner of the world what we’re like when cornered. They are great with Plans A thru Z, but when they run of options, they simply run out.

We on the other hand, have history books to rescue, and history books to write.

I feel positive. Absolutely giddy, in fact.

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