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Can the Courts Run With the “2000 Mules” Findings?

Short answer: Yes

Should they?: Absolutely, but parties have to properly lay the issue before a court. But quickly. I don’t think any responsible court can turn its back on evidence that proves, the high probability of theft being attempted using the systems the states have approved.

“Probability” alone should alert courts.

It should be federal law that “Any system adopted by states that CAN DISCERNIBLY BE manipulated should be outlawed in every federal election.”

And in several instances this was a “fact” known or knowable within hours of the polls closing on Wednesday morning of November 4, 2020

True, states have the constitutional right to hold their elections in any number of different ways, but they do not have the right to deprive any citizen of his or her vote being counted as he or she designated.

When it was shown in the very early days after the 2020 election that several Dominion voting machines had been tampered with, Georgia, Michigan, Wisconsin, Dominion experts rushed in to say that the problems were minor or had been corrected, but they reported these facts to the state election officials, who had hired them.

By contract an outside contract the bond between the voters (citizens) and their elected government officials (the legislatures, NOT the bureaucrats) had been severed.

About computer-based voting machines, in 2013, when Bob McDonnell was governor of Virginia, the federal government offered to Virginia several computer-based machines, but they were considered unreliable by some experts estimations. So they were moth-balled. But a few were reinstated for use at the last minute…with or without the state election commission’s testing (no one seriously inquired at the time, if I recall). Some systems were down in, you guessed it, key blue counties, especially Northern Virginia. The Democrat Terry McAuliffe barely won the state that year, just 3 points, over a popularly-nominated candidate, Ken Cuccinelli, who was nominated over the GOP-selected Bill Bowling (a good man in his own right). This fissure caused the Virginia GOP to sit on its hands, in a snit, leaving 8 years of political and ethical ruin to undo, all because the voters had overruled them by selecting Cuccinelli. They didn’t lift a finger to help him, or to raise a stink about the injection of those computerized voting machines.

I was in correspondence with a few voter-integrity groups at the time, but in 2013 no one believed massive voter-fraud could be carried out, although Obama’s grassroots army, Organizing for Action had been widespread at least since the rise of the Tea Party(ies) in 2010. The Republican idea of fraud was still passing out half-pints of whiskey to men standing in line at the polling place. Buying a few votes at a time, a practice that goes back to earliest days of the Republic.

Obama and the Democrats saw the Tea Parties as an existential threat right away, much quicker than the GOP Establishment, and put into place processes to overcome what they thought could be a massive voter revolt. Still, MAGA snuck up on them in 2016, catching them unawares. They just couldn’t conceive of the size of the MAGA army Trump had raised, for all the plans were in place to secure Obama’s third term, in 2016. They were not prepared for the size of the MAGA hidden army, 47million nobodies who pollsters didn’t even know how to find, much less count. They could not fix the numbers that election eve, and after a few hours, just had to concede by early morning. Remember?

But by 2020 that had been prepared, or at least they thought, only MAGA voters, again the “citizen-base”, who throughout history had made up the base of our Republic since founded in 1787, swelled from 47 million to over 80 million.

Again, the counting had to come to a screeching halt after midnight, while the counting mechanism, and, as proved in the D’Souza-Engelbrecht film “2000 Mules”, both by mechanical and brazen-beyond belief hands-on lawlessness, in 5 key states, but probably more, was able to move Joe Biden over the line, having received more votes than any presidential candidate in history.

His turnout alone was one of history’s greatest mathematical aberrations ever.

No one gave it much thought, I think, but by 2020 computerized voting machines and their programs were everywhere, as well as all sorts of manipulable schemes, Mail-in ballots, Voter collection boxes, that made “hanging chads” of 2000 look like sissy-games.

And quite frankly, the sworn testimony of people who worked on the floor in Arizona and Georgia, as well as computer analysts should have provided ample ammunition for lawsuits, not challenging the final counts, but rather challenging the utter “corruptibility” of the process…because surely, in our current society, the easiest proposition one can put to a court, or even a jury, is that….

…if politicians can cheat, they will cheat.

We’ve known that since 1824.

Therefore, the state should be under the utmost requirement to insure the integrity of the votes cast…namely, a real voting precinct, where citizens must come and stand in line, in-person, present evidence of eligibility, and be registered, and then mark the ballot with a pencil and drop it into a box, where it will be counted. And those ballots will be stored for x days or years, for certification purposes. If people are too lazy to be inconvenienced, then they should not be eligible to have any say in how their governments are run. (Trust me, those young people you see burning, breaking glass, and stealing, are not likely ever going to bother to register, much less vote, as apparently is also the case for many of their classroom professors.)

This is not difficult, and up to just a few years ago, absentee voting was reserved for shut-ins and the military and government people stationed away from their home-of-records. (Remember how the Gore camp tried to stifle those votes in 2000?) These days a hangover will qualify you for an absentee ballot…and your own easy-to-walk-to drop box, in select cities such as Atlanta-Fulton County, Detroit, Philadelphia and Phoenix, all key to swing state voter outcomes.

“2000 Mules” proved the utter corruptibility of our “human voting system”…in almost every state…and I believe any number of federal courts, all the way up to SCOTUS can exercise emergency powers and demand states fix these issues by November, 2022, not 2024.

And if the Court would like extra help, I can think of no finer assistance than what Catherine Englebrecht and her True the Vote team can provide, just practical assistance. All the Court has to do is provide the four-corners to the design, and then let the individual states hammer out the details.

Yes, this can all be accomplished in 5 months. But certainly 17 months.


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