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“Simpatico”, Why America Still Needs New Blood : A White Paper

Old Blood versus New New Blood

Michael Corbin is a Republican who’s in a runoff with Mark Gonsalves on June 21 for the GA-7 Republican slot to face off against Democrat Lucy McBath. Being a newly drawn district, a portion of this district is in Fulton County, which, since the 2020 “steal” has been viewed as “Mule Central” for illegal election practices in Georgia.

But I’m not going to talk about election integrity now. That can wait until the Fall. I’m going to talk about a suggestion Michael Corbin has made, and that is, we should “naturalize” illegals. (His statement of Jun7 is here.) And since this news was announced via Twitter several conservative butt-munches have voiced their knee-jerk “No’s” and “Hell-no’s”, perhaps having lost sight, or are too new to the patriot game, to recall how America became unique in the world in the first place.

I don’t know either of the candidates, only that Corbin has hit on a vitally important issue that goes to the heart of both American revival and survival, so, even if he should lose, he has the makings of becoming a long term asset to America’s future.


The short answer has always been America’s from-the-bottom-up Constitution the Founders designed, and the ability of Americans to refresh our populations every few generations, so that the generational cycles will create new bloodlines that “rediscover the wonder of freedom for the first time.” I taught college courses on the subject in the 90s, and even saw Soviet professors cry when they first heard Jefferson’s words…”We hold these truths to be self-evident…” “American Theology Simply Stated, the Transcendence of Liberty” (2015).

It’s real.

It’s sort of like “getting saved” in Protestant churches, or that “Welcome home” path that Catholics celebrate in America, both of which keep their respective churches alive while others are dying off.

I haven’t spoken with the Corbin camp, so I have no sense of the man. But I’m a Natural Law guy, as you know, and natural law states (in not so pretty terms) that unless a nation refreshes its blood lines from time to time, it will curl up and rot as a society as has most European states.

I’ve written about this subject many times over the past several years as I consider it to be a key to America’s survival. It’s also pretty obvious that the Left also knows this better than average voters, for they’ve been targeting the roots of our personal connection to the Constitution for well over 70 years. But recently they’ve been in such a hurry, a scared-hurry, that they’ve turned to using sledge hammers. Just as heads up.

To save space, as a sort of resume, I’ve provided links to nearly 200 pieces, in three major categories at my site, Immigration (12) American Exceptionalism, (over 100), and Natural Law,(over 80), many of which pertain to this single issue, New Blood and Becoming American. Just scroll through ones that you think apply.

But do so knowing that the rest of the world has never been able to copy what we have done because of all the self-destructive things, in the natural law sense, they have allowed to remain embedded into their own systems of governance, from the earliest times.

In brief, our history of refreshing our bloodlines began almost 100 years after Jamestown, with the first boatloads of Presbyterian Scotch-Irish. The colonies were largely started by middle class, educated English, many very religious. But then the Scotch-Irish came, who were lower-class farm folks. And their Presbyterian church back in Scotland was a little slow in getting pastors to shepherd these flocks, so they were a little rough around the edges. Originally coming through Boston the Puritans quickly pulled out their Welcome mat, and stuck out their left foot of fellowship instead of their right hand, encouraging the Scotch Irish to find another port…which turned out to be Philadelphia, a Quaker port who looked at the rough-around-the-edges sorts with a less judgmental tone.

These were the original Appalachians. Imagine Boston today if two million Appalachians descended on the city, much less when it was run by nose-in-the-air Puritans. So those Scotch-Irish had to trek, one ship load at a time, across southern Pennsylvania, then down the Shenandoah Valley in Virginia, and finally on into the Carolinas…that young preacher man from Scotland still a year or two behind.

And if you think God may have had a hand in it, you might also say “just in time”, for these were America’s first “new bloods” and it was their militia units, two generations later, that gave General Washington an advantage the British could not overcome at Cowpens, Kings Mountain, and finally, at Yorktown.

Then they were followed by the real Irish in the 1830s, escaping the potato famine, bringing a chip on their shoulder and the Catholic faith to the northeast, from Boston to New York. And then, following them after the Civil War, giant waves of immigrants from mostly southern Europe…Italians/Sicilians, Hungarians, Slovaks, Serbs, Montenegrins, Croatians, Poles, Greeks, Romanians…almost all Catholics, some Orthodox, and all poor. Our post-Civil War economy needed raw manpower in the labor economy because of the great growth we were undergoing in mining, technology and manufacturing. And millions poured in. That was when they put up the Statue of Liberty, and set up an immigration and screening process at Ellis Island, which I named in the Immigration category (above)…

…only re-designed to thwart the purposes of the various groups that are funding the hundreds of thousands immigrants/illegals that are assaulting our southern border today.

Today, virtually no Mexican comes here without a “passport,” only they are written now on the other side of the border. As countless thousands of Latinos have found out the past decade, one does not simply get up from his hovel in Durango and decide he will go to America. He will be shot dead for sure…but for not paying the gate fee on their side of the border. Our fence or border crossing is the least of their problems; getting to it is the trick. Today almost all Latinos trek across Mexico on someone else’s dime. And while some will change their minds later on, they are no longer seeking “To be American”. They have a mission, a contract, cellphones, and more importantly, contacts on this side who then assign them missions and places to go work to suit other political purposes. Buses await them when they are released by DHS, to never show up again.

In 2010 I did a piece, “To Be American” comparing American attitudes and how illegals tend to look at becoming American today with yesteryears. I recently updated it. In short, the southern border invasion has changed from this, befitting the words on the Statue of Liberty, around 1917:

…to this after 2010 and Obama, nothing but ingratitude:

These latter reflect the simple understanding that American government, Democrats almost to the person, and way too many Republicans, have grown soft or more likely, financially involved in defining what it means “To be American”. And that that term and its process needs to be radically changed. In the span of just two generations; Millennials and GenZ have lost all sight about what it means to be American, or what that means to America’s survival as a free people. They are the Left’s Judas goats.

In purely Natural Law terms this is a big, big deal, reversing a cultural choice between “survival enhancing”, which had been voluntary America’s practice since our beginning, to “survival endangering” which is probably the way Saul Alinsky envisioned it when he laid out his 8 Rules about how to undo America. (Smart guy.)

Just understand, Nature has that final vote, and the last thing we want is for America to be lumped into the same Mulligan stew pot with the rest of the world.

In 2019, during Trump’s term, I wrote “Ellis Island del Norte, Ellis Corral al Sur” outlining a process for moving illegals through an Ellis Island-like process, as well as deporting non-qualifiers. It’s still a good outline, probably needing some modification now that the Left and New World Order has exposed more of their hand.

It would be easy to set up two or three Ellis Island stations along the border, Texas for sure, California for sure, where apprehended illegals would be sent for basic-processing, 1) medical exam 2) background checks, fingerprinting, etc. This would apply to adults only, and it would begin with a kind of boot camp, 12 weeks or so, where the “guests” would be required to attend classes and pass several tests about what we used to call “Civics”…as well as beginning level of English proficiency…focusing on the designed functions of government versus what they may have known back home.

But by why’s, I don’t mean the post-modern vision of America, but the older vision of reciprocity and opportunity in a free society. I like veterans for this job of instructing, and their hiring and training them would also be a part of the project, but we need to insure we don’t land instructors with orange hair, who today are lining up to teach 4th graders, or wild-eyed guys like this squid who taught college in the northeast and appeared on a Tucker Carlson a few years back…

If the Latinos pass, they would receive a green card, good for say 5 years, and then a retest for citizenship. And no, they don’t get to vote until citizenship has been earned and they have been sworn in. If they don’t pass, they are bussed to a deportation portal and flown or bussed to a pre-arranged location.

The objective here is to restart that three-generation cycle from the ground floor, just as almost every immigrant who ever came here, from 1690 thru 1940, had to begin: the first generation doing the heavy lifting, getting their kids through school and/or into jobs of their own, and generally, by third generation, blending in by marrying outside their culture, and maybe even their church. This is when the family is immersed (or baptized) into the whole idea of “being American” and no longer Mexican, Guatemalan, or Colombian.

Having more common sense than ordinary Americans in the first place, fewer Latins, even into their third generation will choose to go to college to obtain degrees in underwater basket-weaving and 17th Century French Baroque music instead of pursing real paying jobs in the real economy. It should take several generations to undo the strength of these new “houses”.


This is why I prefer America recruiting from the bottom of the well rather than their more educated top, for those sectors represent a very superiorist class view of American society, which aligns closely with what upper middle class students are taught in American universities as the preferred form of national identity. (This is something else we didn’t know for sure in 2013, but do now.)

In the Wilson Administration they brought in European bankers, not a lot mind you, but they were all educated and financially well-set, and today, after 120 years, they have never once learned to “love America”, or care about the low minions for who it was formed. Representative Adam Schiff (D-California) is a 3rd or 4th generation heir of one of those bankers and a perfect representative of that sort of thinking.

Today, we see that same sort of condescending, down-the-nose attitudes from technical geniuses that seem to run our internet these days, many from Asia, largely from India, and raised and educated in the royal British manner of privilege.

Maybe Michael Corbin has the right plan for the right time. Such a plan would break an existing 4-party cabal, including our own government.

This is simply offered to help.

Our main principle must be: The kind of immigrant we want are people 1) who bless the ground they walks on because it is free ground, and 2) bless the Document and the men and women who made and kept that ground free.

These things they can only hear first in a citizenship classroom, then next around the dinner table and school, and next, on grandfather’s and grandmother’s knee.





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