The meaning of “1776”

Just saw an undated clip of President-elect Donald Trump making a statement, a warning actually, that if we get too rambunctious we’ll be playing into the Left’s hands.

Not sure when he said, or in what context, but he was right. And that likely is what January 6th-mania was all about. All it took was a couple of hundred citizens listening to Trump’s speech in front of the White House lawn to walk over to the Capitol a few hundred yards away, to then be merged with hundreds more like-dressed paid-provocateurs to turn it into a full-blown riot.

We know all that, and I believe that President Trump still carries a heavy weight for that lone woman who was murdered by that lone policeman (probably out of fear), as well as the dozens who’ve sat in jail without bond or trial for over a year now, for crimes which, around the country for several years, Oregon, Minnesota, Wisconsin, have yet to warrant even a 90-day jail sentence. Most, including Antifa and BLM, were let off without little more than a fine, if that.

Trump knows the score and he also knows their game, which is still continuing. And many of my friends and I agree the big steal will not be 2024, but this year, 2022, as proved by Georgia, where the 2020 election was stolen not once but twice, Nov 3, 2021 and Jan 5, 2022, that last the day before the so-called “Capitol Riot”. That gave the Democrats their final nail, the US Senate. I only wrote about the coming Georgia primaries last week, because, if the Democrats, in league with various Republican assets (e.g., the governor) who are likely being blackmailed just to stay out of prison, can win the primaries and then in November, it can seal the deal that Democrats now own the election process, which in turn means in the fture there cannot be a process by which the people can ever truly chose the candidates of their choice. The Democrats already know they own enough states, if they can just hold that line. Over time the people of the other red states will simply concede, as the Left’s power to bully will grow over the next 2-3 election cycles via the education process, and of course, with Love-America-First baby-boomers dying off.

President Trump is correct to advise us to “give process a chance”, for that is exactly how it happened in 1775-1776.

And the advice I’ll be giving in my “The Wahr” series, which will get longer and longer over coming weeks, will be predicated on the adult behavior practiced by the Patriots in 1775-1776.

Look how it happened then.

First, there was that little fight at Lexington and Concord, in Massachusetts in April, 1775. (Note the date, over a year before the Declaration of Independence.)

After the Boston Tea Party, Dec 1773, the British government declared Massachusetts to be a “rogue colony” because the people had formed a provisional government outside of Boston. They also raised a militia. The British, headquartered in Boston, planned a secret raid on their armory in Concord, which prompted Paul Revere’s famous ride thru Lexington and to Concord. (Ask how many children know this story anymore…so maybe you should sit them down. You know they’re not hearing it in school.) There were 700 British soldiers en route toward Concord when a small militia detail delayed them at Lexington. Five (5) militia were killed against only one British soldier, but the delay allowed time for militia to form up at Concord. Plus, because of Lexington, the Brits only sent 100 troops forward, where they met up with 400 militia, who whipped them good, sending them scurrying back to Boston.

They then followed them back and began the siege of Boston.

Game on.

In light of this, what all the colonies did was to agree to form their own colonial government…at Philadelphia, the most convenient safe port to all the colonies, at the time.

Thus the revolution began, and it began not so much with a bang as with a declaration, which you all know about, July 4th, 1776. But how that came to pass was via the people, for the elected representatives in 1776 were just like the Timid Tim’s of today, always talking and “harumphing” but rarely ever getting much done.

Then Thomas Paine came along and published a 57-page pamphlet called “Common Sense” which even today stands as the best selling book in American history, next to the Bible (on a per capita basis). If you get a copy you’ll see why, and I challenge any skilled American writer (excluding Jonah Goldberg or David French) to make a modern-day copy, and maybe even a You-Tube version, that goes easier on the eyes of modern American…because it is all about just that, “common sense” citizenship.

“Common Sense ” was first published in January, 1776 and by Spring the Continental Congress in Philadelphia had gotten their marching orders from their several colonies because of it, and Thomas Jefferson was delegated to write it. Stand in front of a mirror and try to read the Preamble out loud to yourself without choking up. (I’ve told that story dozens of times, about the time I read it to a large birthday gathering of Soviet professors in Ukraine in 1992. They all cried.) Then read the full bill of indictment that followed.

Because we can’t know how or where the Left will strike, we have to be aware and ready. But trust me, we are woefully unprepared. This series will be built around several “what if” scenarios”…occupation- guerilla warfare, out-and-out civil war, or revolution…and how those things will apply not so much to Washington, but to the counties and towns you live in. The American Revolution was more a “bottom-up” victory than you might know.

Just keep your powder dry and prepare, with your friends, watch and wait and pray.


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