(“Wahr” is a tag I appropriated from a lady from Mobile, Alabama, who was one of the correspondents in Ken Burns WWII series, “The War” from 2007. Her name was Katherine Phillips Singer, and she passed away Nov 23, 2019 at age 96. She told about how “the Wahr” affected life in Mobile, which as an important Navy base at the time. I like the way she said it.)

Every generation should have an idea of what real war is about. We’re watching one take place in Ukraine right now, snippets available from all over the internet, some lasting little more than a few seconds. Russia attacked Ukraine to take some land they say was theirs in the first place, and that is a very common practice dating back at least a thousand years.

Below is a 3-minute, 1000-year map of changes in Europe, mostly by war and conquest. Watch.

Of note, similar films could be shown of Asia, and even the pre-Columbian Americas and pre-colonial Africa, since both continents were in constant warfare, territory regularly changing hands since the dawn of time, only, unlike Europe, there was no writing to record the names of the tribes.

Bottom line, “Wahr” has been the rule, not the exception.

Most wahrs were marked by clashes between armies…both big ones and small ones, the small ones usually getting crushed, followed by an “occupation” or “re-population” by the winners, who usually wanted more living space. The Germans called this “lebensraum” and used it as an excuse to alter that map (above) from the 1870s thru 1945. Then the Soviet Union edition of Russia reversed the process, melding many of those once-independent countries into its own confederation.

Many people in America now are speaking of wahr as a foregone conclusion, under the general notion that our problems can’t be fixed by the old institutions since those institutions have fallen into corruption. The authoritarian Left is way ahead of us on this understanding, and has for at least 40 years been engaged in a wahr to change our institutions by changing the core processes by which we are governed, largely on a generational basis, so that, by the end of the third generation, no adult will still be left alive who has any memory of how “liberty” used to look like and enjoyed.

We are now entering generation-three.

As usual in history, the common people are way ahead of the political elites, both the thinkers and the palm-grippers, for they know best when the core of their values and liberties are in jeopardy. (Certain natural laws of survival are involved in this process, and we have discussed those regularly in these pages since 2011, Natural Law and How things Work.)

What we have come to learn this past decade is that while the Left will argue and debate their own spin as to what American “democracy” is or should be, now that America has moved into in its third century, they have decided not to allow that debate to be decided by free and fair elections. And many of the so-called “protectors” of the People from the Enemy will consent to defend the people on the new turf by the new rules of engagement the Left has created for them…on condition that their own positions remain secure in the reorganization of government.

From the beginning this site has been dedicated to preserving those ideals and memories, especially since, in the words of Alexis De Tocquevile (who visited here in the 1830’s) what made America and Americans exceptional is that the system we created for ourselves was from 1) the bottom-up (versus all other systems which have been created from the top down; kings, emperors, dictators, oligarchs, etc) and 2) is self-correcting, which, in short, means, it isn’t fixed until the majority of the people agree it is fixed.

Only today, “The people” are no longer part of that equation, no more than modern tech specialists anymore see them as key elements of the economic and production process.

In 2010, on their own, the American people, en masse, decided that the Left had been allowed to go one bridge too far, and they (we) began to wage our own wahr against this threat. So far, notwithstanding the “official and media history” of events of January 6, 2021, the American people have resisted without violence.

After partial victories in 2010, taking the House away from the Democrats, and in 2014 taking the Senate away from Democrats, both to no avail with a president who chose to govern through his executive pen, the people once again acted and chose the least likely candidate (in the eyes of the Establishment) to become president. Donald Trump.

Then the Wahr began in earnest. In 2018 the People lost the House back the Democrats, and while, at the time, I felt the People had simply fallen asleep having presented the American people with the sort of leader they wanted, the events of 2020 and beyond, and the scope of the technical ability to steal elections, I’m no longer sure the People fell asleep in 2018.

This mid-term election of 2022 will tell us.

But either way, we already know “the wahr” is upon us, and what is left for us to do is first maintain a street wahr to take back Congress (already in progress), and to insure the election process reflects the will of the People, in every state. And also to study “Wahr” more closely so that we can find historical links to prepare ourselves for the various kinds of “wahr” the Left may throw at us while they are still in charge, and what we can and must do should they pull off yet another steal, leaving the People without the election option.

Will that mean Civil War, or Occupation and Guerilla War, or out-and-out open Revolution? What will it look like? There are differences and to a great extent, the Left, if still in charge, will determine many of the options.

In our history we’ve had to do this before, and wahr has occasionally been the way we accomplished that.



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