Of course, we knew as early as December, that had the Supreme Court agreed to “hear evidence” about claims of election fraud, there might have been, among other things, tens of thousands of Afghans still alive, and an equal number of young girls unraped.

Now, I don’t care if you want to pull out your Law, or Lawyers cards, with the typical “Well prove it” doggerel. Law, as we know it has driveled into a twilight zone. In history this has all happened before, and I don’t mean Saigon in 1975.

About the Ruling Authority here…

…first, propping up the United States from the very beginning has been a system of laws standing on the foundation of over two centuries of the combined agreement of men in America.

Second, what our modern government, and God only knows how many inside our legal and judicial establishment seem to have forgotten this, is that underneath both those laws and the assembly of people who write and execute them, are those hundreds of millions who retained them in this effort.

Third, what undergirds those people together, still a large majority here, (I defy you to prove otherwise), is Natural Law, which has always signaled whether that man-made system of law is survival-enhancing or survival-endangering.

ONLY the people can determine this. And here they have.

The vast majority of Americans know this, and have reached the point where that ignition switch has been turned fully On, probably more “on” than any time since December 7, 1941.

Point being: There is a point of no-return, only we are not quite there yet. There is still time to redress this without major casualties, as in 1777.

The better way: It could take just weeks or even months for the US Supreme Court, using whatever device it wishes to contrive, to allow evidence to be presented, and then declare either that the 2020 election was null and void and order another election, say within 60 days, and set the parameters of how that election should be conducted,  e.g. limited to paper ballots, proper ID, with whatever oversight it deems necessary to assure a fair count, or, from the votes that have been cast, throw out as illegitimate as being impossible, such as dead people, duplicates, etc, or from machines that can be manipulated illegal ab initio, declare a winner, not just from 7 states, but 50 states. The Court can exercise all sorts of authority in insuring the states get a better system in place by the time voters line up to vote. The law will be easy for the Court, the timing issues more difficult.

The other way: Far more risky, but quicker, and has been known to work when the principal’s heart is in the trim,  will be, with or without the Court’s permission, to allow Donald Trump to take his rightful place, only as a kind of Lord Protector, as Oliver Cromwell did, and to then, in three years time, clean house in every branch of government, impose martial law and devise ways to deal with the immediate threat of civil disturbance, to clip the wings of a dishonest and partisan press, then, by 2024, turn the country back over to the people, who will be secure in the knowledge that many of the criminals ringleaders with be in jail, and the majority of their spiritual ringleaders will be hunkered down in safe havens in…well, I can’t think of a single place they would be safe while actually wanting to be there. Burma?

I know you don’t like the word, but it is coup, and one that would not be proved to History, much as Oliver Cromwell’s was, until after he’d left office and the Restoration had indeed taken place. That’s the gamble.

I recommend the better way.

Just know, Nature is absolute in its handling of manmade systems that are survival-endangering.

Nature is not responsible for what happens to even Good people who go down with the ship. We already know what happened to Good and Bad people alike in Russia, Germany, Japan and will soon happen in China.

God sent Christ to save individual souls. Not nations or empires. Christ did not preach to members of the Senate or the High Church, but to only The People.  He left it to Nature to invoke God’s laws on the nations. And those stories are an open book.

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