If I showed photo arrays of the mug shots from kids arrested and released without trial over the past few years around Portland, people we lump together and call “Antifa”, (which has become a national organization today, with units just like these roaming all over the country)…

(There are dozens of these photo arrays)…

…and then I suggested to you that within 15 years many (most?) of these bright faces would be holding down positions on university faculties, or secure administrative slots for large non-profits, or perhaps just a coffee klatch or circle of ne’re-do-wells who do no work this day or any other day, as befits their roles as lords or ladies of suburban manors…but each an oath-keeper to a mystical brotherhood or sisterhood tracking back to their youth, the bulk of their fortunes safely managed by trusts, but always on-call to fulfil some promise or mission they’d signed onto when they were even younger than these creatures shown above…all to keep their own aristocractic engine functioning, many having 1.8 children, who will then attend their same schools K-thru-graduate school and repeat the process they went through all over again—Or that 90% of them did not attend public schools at any level—

—would you believe me?

While these kids (above) are still entry-level, earning their spurs, others, just ten years advanced, may now be reporting news at Daily Beast, Politico, or Channel 6 News at 5, looking for even higher recognition, while others just 10 more years their senior may be sitting for a PhD in sociology or psychology, or maybe supervising a mid-floor department at God-knows how many legitimate NGO’s, searching for the causes of hunger in Haiti, running their own sea-going oceanographic lab (“Jaws”)…but far more likely working on the thousand-and-one variations of how to inject Critical Race Theory or rewriting history into the public school systems, like fluoridation in the 1950s, with a singular purpose as narrow-minded as a Puritan’s vision of God.

In the 1920’s this was a very small club indeed, and even by their big media coming-out party at Berkeley in 1964, as I wrote about in Part the First, they only measured in a size commensurate with the growth of the American economy; tens of thousands. (America’s “unnatural” wealth explosion did not occur until the 1980s-90s.) Now they are in the millions. But their membership is as exclusive as it ever was; one has to be born into it. Only, like the knighthoods of England where they dish out their MBE, OBE or CBE’s to prominent and successful citizens, Hollywood and Big Media have avenues to be-knight all sorts of low-borns as well, just like Elton John. Recently B-grade actresses Felicity Huffman and Lori Loughlin paid bribes of close to half a million, got caught and did a little time in jail for trying to get their daughters (athletic!!) scholarships to places like Yale, Stanford and UCLA. Over fifty were caught just last year. God knows how long it had been going on. But apparently there is a bridge too far. Buying class and possessing it is still a multi-generational trek.

If we put our whole minds to research it, mathematically we could get some idea how many of these kidz will have seen a therapist before they were 13, and how many would have taken prescribed drugs for various diagnosed conditions, and will have experienced both the highs and lows of those drugs, plus alcohol, party drugs, and whatever else could be found in the their parents’ medicine cabinets. We almost never notice them until they are 17 or so, as they are “local”, and only hear of them when some “out-group” loner goes and robs dad’s gun cabinet and shoots up a school because he had been mocked or canceled by an in-group.

We also can get a good guess as to how many have never been told “No”, or beyond “Time out” for a tantrum, any firm word in lieu of spanking, or suffered any real punishment for disobedience or lying. By a factor of 100:1, they hear the cautionary word “illegal” more than they do “wrong”. Secret code, learned on the street: Don’t get caught!. Most will have, by fifth grade, learned they can report their parent(s) for hitting them to either school officials or any number of government hotlines available, via their cell phones.


A lot has changed since 1964. Much of that ’64 crowd went onto to remold the Government Sector into a Market Sector, of inestimable value and a source of perpetual wealth, without ever actually having to produce anything. Only you can’t find it listed on the Dow Jones. (We’ll have to consider that in future chapters, about which these kidz play a key role.)

Politics aside, they have to be “fixed” which I’ll discuss in later editions, only not just because of the politics. “Letting them get away with it” has become a pathology, a cancer even, and it can kill its host. It’s the appeasement and foreberance that is killing our society. Hillary was still throwing lamps in the White House and “god-damning” her secret service detail if they didn’t say “How high?” when she said “Jump” even as she ran for president in 2016. These are not later-acquired traits. “Demanding and having their way” was learned as children.

A lot of government policy from JFK, Peace Corps (1961) and Vista Volunteers (1965) and the War on Poverty were aimed at encouraging this class to rub elbows with blacks, Appalachians and Indians, just to get a sense of how the other half lived. To inject empathy into this class. If they were JFK’s idea, they were valiant ideas, but probably didn’t work as planned.


All of this came rushing upon me when I watched Christine Blasey-Ford testify before the Senate to defame a man she scarcely knew 30 years ago (by name of Bret Kavanaugh) on the simple request from an Alpha-female from her sisterhood. I never bothered to connect this connection at the time. Best mates? A favor? A duty? A secret Masonic code-word, a red Queen of Diamonds (Manchurian Candidate)? Who knew? But there was this same show in 1991, 27 years earlier, a generation, when the same “high-tech lynching” was attempted against a black man, a conservative black man, who would replace an icon of liberal jurisprudence, Thurgood Marshall, whose shrine the Democrats keep in their basement only to dredge out when big donors come to visit, much like the Indian tapestries Dartmouth keeps hidden in their vaults until donors or alumni make their annual visit. A time-honored tradition. So, I remembered Anita Hill’s testimony, believed by exactly the same 30% of Americans as believed the 20 women who said Bill Cosby had drugged them 20-30 years earlier, and who fortunately never had to swear under oath or be cross-examined about it. Ms Blasey-Ford reminded me of that timid, wimpy, tiny-voiced friend of Anita Hill’s who tried to back up her story, when her only reason to be there was “pity me” was to sell fragility.

I got that same impression about Blasey-Ford, only here was a PhD at a prestigious school (Stanford) describing herself as an under-aged school girl who was allowed to attend unchaperoned beer bashes, and did poolside poses clearly not for the readers of the Richmond Times-Dispatch, and her innocence-voice thingy rang hollow with me. As did the whole parenting, and moral education thing. Her parents were/are my age. And I remember where my sons were at that same time period, only in a Christian home. ( I wrote this piece in 2016, in defense of Bill Cosby, never really thinking something larger might have been at play.) For all I know her mother was a groupie herself chasing after Mick Jagger and the band. I tried to imagine what sort of path would lead a little poolside scamp like this to a PhD plus other degrees, to be nestled down at Stanford. (Her Phd dissertation was “Measuring Young Children’s Coping Responses to Interpersonal Conflict.” Just saying.) —then, when Diane Feinstein said she needed someone, and her people contacted “someone” from the sisterhood, maybe from the old DC crowd, and voila, a call was made, a secret code whispered, or maybe a ring-knocked, but there she was.

The same 30% believed her, just like Justice Thomas…so still, no cigar

The point is, this isn’t uncommon anymore. Nor for a long time. They’re still 30%, give or take, only hundreds of thousands of them, all skating on a “members only” highway, each comfortable, in their station and the station of their children. But conditioned to come, if called.

So how many are there? And where are they located?

Someone younger and more able to run the numbers might find out, but only if he/she know to look and where. My job here is to provide the unified theory.

I should have seen all this unfolding in the 80s, when my sons, GenXers now in their late 40s-50s, were in high school and college. But I was too busy. And I was largely in the Russias until 2008. All that time, the “war of occupation was raging inside the academy” and the forces of the dark were winning, although those dark forces never knew they were themselves being sucked back into the same black hole that created them in the first place, as I wrote in the previous piece, One Ring to Rule Them All, Part First. Even Saul Alinsky never dreamed how quickly this would get out of control.

The rise of militant gangs from among the rich and spoiled is not new. In fact, it’s been standard fare since the Enlightenment.  Marx, Lenin, Castro all arose from similar origins. So did Leopold and Loeb, from Chicago, from the 1920s, who murdered a kid just to prove they were so smart they could get away with it.

The world has always largely been split 70:30 in this manner, the 70% needing law to protect them, the 30% almost to the core believing the law should not apply to them. This entitlement belief is 2000 years more ancient than the “Ism-ists”  like Marx who’ve tried to build a secular religion around their puny philosophies. They have all failed, each, in their own time, leaving their own trails of death and desolation, before reverting back to the original “ism” of the kings, who have both the absolute power to write the laws but also remain above it.

Inasmuch as I’m overdrawn on the attention span limit of my own generation, much less my sons’, (I lost 95% of millennials a thousand word ago), this is where this chapter needs to be closed.

But I’ll go ahead and let you have the bottom line now and spare you the step-by-step rationale, for many people only want to know who to hate and the why. But if you really want to know How Things Work, both in the Light and in the Dark, you’ll want to know these little things because it’s news you can use 20-30 years from now, longer after I’m gone. Nature only plays the long game.

And Natural Law is the only absolute law involved here.

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