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“Going After….” -A Commentary about Laws of War and Laws of Civil Society

Some fellow who apparently lost a city council race in Canada said after our Senate vote to acquit Donald Trump:

“PSA: Everyone MUST go after every single senator who voted “Not Guilty”. Go after EVERY SINGLE ASPECT OF THEIR LIVES”

A Canadian, mind you.

For many years I have been advocating just this very same thing, only against the Left, and at virtually every level, wherever found.

So I need to distinguish between the two, for as we already know from four years of “peaceful protests” where people were injured, hospitalized and killed, property destroyed and stores looted versus “violent riots” that do little more than cause millennial Congresswomen a half mile away to fear for their lives simply because someone was carrying an American flag or wearing a red cap, it’s only the official version that is supposed to matter.

The first law that always applies, then, is that it is the government in charge who defines these acts as either lawful or unlawful, echoed by the media, who, almost always in an authoritarian society, support them.

This is normal.

If you call yourself a “Patriot” you must never forget that for roughly 12 long years, 1770 to 1782, every man and woman who called themselves “Patriot” were in fact criminals. By law. (So they shut up calling themselves one unless in company of people they were absolutely certain they could trust.)

But at some point, some say Bunker Hill, June 1775, others the assault on Quebec, Dec 1775 (often discounted because it was led my Benedict Arnold), the laws of war superceded civil laws. Between civilized nations, i.e., European, there have always been laws of war, secured by treaties, that purported to limit the outrages of warring countries. But since most of the European nations held vast colonial empires those laws of wars usually did not interfere with relations between the Spanish, French, Portuguese and English and the control of their  native colonies. True, on paper, the English did try harder to appear civil compared to say the Spanish but in a pinch, civil law did not impede the English from going as medieval as the rest of them.

We’re witnessing that sort of thinking today.

In 1776 the several colonial governments in the American Colonies, under the thumb of King George III and his several generals, had every legal power to overrule the elected-colonial governments. The “elected” members who met in Philadelphia and signed the Declaration of Independence in 1776 were labeled “outlaws” and their property forfeit. Some of them were hanged, although John Hancock was not one. Many of their sons were also hanged or imprisoned. Without trial. Insurrectionists were not entitled to one. Several went broke, proving that “lives, fortunes and sacred honor” comment, often mentioned by Rush Limbaugh, was not just John Kerry or Richard Blumenthal gloss.

I say these things only to note that this is a war we find ourselves in, not a political contest, and our war began in January 2009, not 2017. We (people I’ve known for 15 years at least) declared a kind of counter-insurgency in 2013 with the first Dark Alley article. Much has changed since then, first Donald Trump, then a re-shuffling of the GOP from 2018, then the Big Steal of 2020, which to my mind has still not yet been carved into stone. We may still be able to climb backup on the horses without gunfire. But I doubt it. So, better to be prepared.

But it’s high time that the deep pockets of American conservatism realize that the Karl Rove method of finding and electing congressmen is not the way to win a ground war. And that putting their money, connections and management skills to better use outside the political world would be more beneficial…especially since that’s what the corporate Left has been doing with their millions for several years.

I want to distinguish between the reality of warfare and the often surreality of civil law when in the hands of criminals, as, by and large it has been in much of America since 2009. Unpunished riots and police assassinations bear witness to the truth that Blue Cities, where most of the criminality has taken place, are occupied territories where ordinary humans are not allowed to live except as captives.

Unlike this Canadian moron, cited above, we invoke the right of subjugated people everywhere to declare war on unelected masters, only we choose not to kill them. Or often, not even draw blood. We prefer a low-violence form of misdemeanor warfare in part because of our sense of civilized morality, and part because in many psychological ways we also know that many of the people the Enemy sends out to riot, pillage and burn are themselves victims, and that their cure is  rather simple and relatively painless; involving little more than a bloody nose, or the weekly inconvenience of having to pay to have paint removed from the windshield of their car. Or simply jumping out of their skins every time they hear something go “bump” in the dark. (We’re learning more about their inner fears every day.)

Our mission is deterrence, to drive them from the field based on the notion, that like children who get a swat across the arse, the mouthful of Ivory Soap, or the taste of the blood from their own nose, it will be something they will likely choose not to repeat. Most will pause and reflect, while, yes, a few won’t. But the overhead costs to their handlers will grow.

Our purpose is to deter and dispirit, to remove them from the battlefield, then, working our way up the command-and-control ladder, inflict harsher penalties there, until genuine law and order can be restored and they are surrendered to the criminal process, or retreat to the Fiji Islands.



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