In the 1950’s there was a television series called “I Led Three Lives”, a true story of a man who lived as an average citizen, Communist Party member and counter spy for the FBI. Like I said it, was a true story, and the series lasted three years, (1953-56) at the height of the Red Scare in America, when communism was actually illegal and said to be dangerous. (My dad said it would curve your spine.) But that was almost 70 years ago, and it’s obvious among our government class at least that all that fear of communism was a false flag. Besides, in another 15-20 years, all that memory will be erased and revised history will tell our grandchildren that the communist threat never happened.

Stuff like that is easy these days.

Back to the matters at hand, America of 2021, it’s important for all of you to sit down and think what life must be like to try to live three lives at once. Yes, I know married people lives other lives from time to time, telling the wife they’re going bowling when they’re not. But My wife and I just finished watching an English murder series, “Midsomer Murders”, 1999-2019, all 21 seasons, and it appeared that the principal form of amusement in this English county was having beer in the pub and cheating on their spouses, which served as a standard prop for three murders each episode having nothing to do with sex or adultery. It was just portrayed as normal life in modern rural England. In December I even penned a piece about how “remorseless” the killers in that series were, never admitting they did anything “wrong” in the moral sense, and only remorseful that they got caught. That article asked whether “remorselessness” had gone from becoming an individual sin to becoming a regular social condition?

We’re at the fork in the road today in America, when we ask whether we should just wait out this new regime, knowing they’re far more angry and itching to get revenge than they were in 2008-2016, hoping we’ll be rescued, or should we form an underground resistance.

If you want to fight this take-over by going dark, and scare the bejezzus out of them, you have to decide to live at least two lives… one of them known only to yourself other than your resistance comrades, which should number fewer than a dozen. And no social media.

I know something of this sort of this business, having written about it since 2013 here and a few years before, all the way back to the Occupy Wall Street days. Some ex-military friends of mine and I had identified a few categories of people in local government and university who needed a good hiding even before Obama was elected. I’ve written at least 20 articles about dealing with these types and in later years, Antifa, BLM sand the screeching Karens. I listed several of those articles in a “Killing Rosebushes” piece in 2018, especially the Dark Alley piece from 2013. There’s some overlap there, so I plan to update them, maybe even into a book, since a wider distribution would be helpful, now that the stakes have become far more serious. I still believe small cadres of fewer than a few dozen in American cities, counties and universities can seriously blight the path of the principal front line actors of the Left, from Karens to school boards, because of weaknesses peculiar to them….weaknesses such as very, very thin skins and a horrific fear of things that go bump in the night.

But if you choose to lead two lives you need to know the rules you can break, and those you can’t. There are lines you cannot cross. It’s like that guy who was a loving family man at home, and a raving communist at night, among two entirely opposite groups of people, and that third person, known only unto himself, a spy for the good guys, which neither of those other two groups knew.

If you are going to go into the dark alley, you have to be aware of this and you must do everything necessary to keep your chosen alternate life unknown except to your mates on the team.

Understanding that you must live at least two lives if you want to fight back, you first have to know what is paramount in preserving  America…even more than our institutions such as the Bill of Rights…and that is our sense of community, and our sense of right and wrong. Bloodying a creep’s nose is illegal. It is not necessarily wrong. The same for pouring paint over his new car.

So while you will be doing “wrong” in the legal sense  as you sneak down dark alleys “killing other peoples’ rosebushes”, you still  have a duty to your community, family, and even your church, to insure that those things are not tainted by our actions. We cannot become like “them” and destroy for sport. Violate that, and you’re on your own.

If you seriously injure anyone, unless in defense of your life, family or home, you will be treated by the standards of the law. Don’t assume they’ll be fair if it appears political. But if you sneak and only kill a “rosebush” (Property), spray paint “LIAR” over a 2017 Mercedes Benz owned by a Hill reporter (Property) or on the side of her house (again, Property), or hold a screeching Karen on the ground and force a bar of Dove Soap into her mouth (Common Assault) or break a fellow’s glasses or nose, with your fist, back of your hand, or a rolled-up newspaper, (Aggravated Assault)…of these lesser felonies and misdemeanors, if you are caught, you will also be tried according to the community legal standard…only, if you ask for a jury, you will likely be acquitted. Most people are on your side. And you will become something of a local hero. There will even be others to follow in your footsteps.

If there are just a dozen of you, and you move around without being seen, and make sure that your targets know why that bucket of blue paint was poured over their car’s windshield, they will become very afraid….whether a 19-yr old who rents himself out to Antifa at $25/hr, a sociology professor at the local junior college, or an assistant court clerk.

Just don’t get caught. And don’t brag and advertise. Your best protection is that no one knows who you are. Not even your wife.

We’ve provided a lot of information about how to go about this at the “Killing Rosebushes” link above, but check in here for updates. The game has changed, and now it is for keeps.

Give fear a chance.


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