And that hand isn’t God’s. It’s the Manipulator’s.

Moving into the fall election season last year, we spent days here discussing the inner workings of this latest generation of spoiled Wunderkinder, and that the demons at least were real on their minds. They were not playing scheming tricks, like the 16-yr old trying to scam her mother into a new iPhone, but rather the deep-from-the-soul teat fit of the 6-year old in the toy aisle of Neiman Marcus. Among some social strata, this is a condition that hasn’t been dealt with by a swat across the arse for close to 50 years, and is now even illegal in many places. Still it’s a very localized form of pain with remarkable curative and deterrent powers. But in wealthier climes, going back much longer, (Upper Manhattan began boasting  of sending their children to child-shrinks back into the 1930’s) so an hour a month with a shrink and a rather steady diet of calming narcotics were ordinary and had been around for long time. And cynicism would settle in by the time they were 16 when they could gather with their closest classmates, also mostly one-parent short of a pair, and swap their drugs for Godknowswhat sort of party mix, while also trading spite-filled tales of nerds in their class, like that Cruz kid that shot up his school in Florida. Alcohol was also involved, And by the early 2000’s, the tools to accomplish meanness and vindictiveness had been technologically advanced with incredible variation and social media hazing come become refined sport. Later, many with high IQ’s and connections went onto some of the finer schools, knocking down secure appointments at major universities in all the trendy sciences, Psychology, Sociology, even Climate Science since the 80s, even marrying and having kids. A few slummed by going into Law. Most had secure trust arrangements meaning they’d never have to work a day in their lives, and if the money was properly managed, neither would their children.

We are now in Generation 3 since Nancy Pelosi, a debutante from Baltimore, and the leader of the Californian delegation to the 1976 Democrat National Convention, first earned her spurs by helping to cast out “classical liberalism” and replace it by what is now known as the Far Left. Of course, they had to use other names in those early years, Modern Liberal, Progressive, since the majority of Americans still had some strong, nativistic opinions about terms that had so long been abused by those brutish Russians (according to Hillary Rodham back in the day.) Nader’s Raiders were just a vanguard of things to come.

Today millions stand ready, just awaiting the sound of that Pavlovian whistle when they’ll drop what they’re doing and go do some deed for the Craft…such as a million gathering, doffing pink caps, many posing alongside Mom (and the occasional gelded Dad) to express their outrage that Hillary’s attempted steal was stolen, and protest a non-clan member being elected president. Or, at the drop of a Queen of Diamonds, they’d fly from Palo Alto just to lie about Brett Kavanaugh, proving that a network of master-manipulators are out there maintaining long membership lists on file as to who knew Brett Kavanaugh in high school. Think about it.

These 1960s (think Nancy Pelosi) children-of-the-damned’s turf quickly grew, inside two generations, from Upper Manhattan, Highland Park, Chicago, the DC triad, and the northeast corridor, to Lawrence, KS, Austin, TX and Aurora, CO and there are so many of them now they can begin sending their own delegations to Congress, even from Missouri.

It’s been mostly a girl thing although there will always be the David Hogg’s and Pete Buttigieg’s, only unlike the gals, who are largely Alphas, the males are almost never Alpha’s on the leadership-skill front. Smart yes, leaders, no. Can-do males tend to build their own companies and avoid law school and the soft track to political prominence.

The 2020 election has proven how Democrat Beta males and Alpha-females react when an Alpha male steps into the picture from the other side, and how much “market” power they can wield in economy-driven red states run by gelded Republicans. And they have, as their raising (described above) shows, absolutely no problem with stealing elections.

Don’t ignore Natural Law as we go along here, because Natural Law, unlike Man’s, is inviolable. If Alpha’s build and Beta’s steal or corrupt, they eventually will  invite a dictator; a Napoleon, Hitler, Bolshevism, Maoism, and can destroy their country, and their entire cultural memory and history. But they cannot survive.

We in America are at that crossroads now.

A public mental disorder after 75 years tends to take on a different type of urgencies in the minds of the grown-ups who could have stepped in and nipped it in the bud in the 1960s. Who knew? Today, it’s all become sort of ordinary, just quirky behavior, spoiled kids being spoiled kids

They are just kids, but I fear, based on Blasey-Ford’s demeanor, still are, well into their 50s.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, age 31, born during the Clinton Administration, fergodsakes, has recently screeched that she was almost assassinated during the January 6 breach of the Capitol Building, when no one got within yards of her.

But I think she believes it! She really believes she was danger.

I don’t think this is just a scripted scam such as Christine Blasey-Ford spewed during the Kavanaugh hearings. AOC’s reflexive comments seemed consistent with several videos and reports we’d heard, mostly found on Page 2 of Media, about students screeching for safe spaces because people like Ben Shapiro was going to speak about freedom of speech at a building “somewhere on campus”. That is a territorial foot-stomp that had been conditioned into them for years, and AOC’s screech is just such a fearful, whimpering whine.

There are dozens of ways to confront this.  So go back and start rethinking the what you’re seeing. Sane people do not voluntarily live in an insane world.

Something has to give.

Stay tuned.

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