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Impeachment Kabuki, Barricades and Empire

In Eastern Europe there was an interesting story about Caiaphas, the High Priest of the Sanhedrin, who urged Pilate to order the crucifixion of Jesus. Some churches that became Eastern Orthodox territory of eastern Europe (where I heard it…the Balkans) honored Caiaphas because it was he who (unwittingly) allowed Christ to be able to walk freely for 40 days after the Resurrection, because no one was looking for him. Some medieval churches even set a feast day in his name.

The story goes like this, and it’s about Satan’s role in Christ’s crucifixion. You recall Jesus meeting Satan in the Wilderness, (Matt 4 and Luke 4.)  Satan knew who He was. As the 99% spiritual head of the world, and the political head of the whole of it, (if you want to know where Good and Evil ranked in the political world at the time) Scratch offered Christ all those kingdoms of the earth, then made a beeline for Jerusalem to plot the execution of Jesus, when Jesus turned him down.

Like most master criminals, in his many guises Satan worked at the top of the pecking order; the front offices of both church and state, Roman and Sanhedrin. He didn’t work with coppers on the beat or men in the street. He talked to Peter Strozk, not his clerk-typists. He wanted Jesus killed and wanted Caiaphus to organize it. The Romans were disinterested in Jesus, but with Caiaphas, his hatred for Jesus was visceral. With whispers of a resurrection going around, Old Clootie then convinced Caiaphas to get Pilate to allow him to place his guards around the tomb instead of using Roman soldiers. Only Matthew mentions the specifics of this event, Matt 27:62 thru 28:15, and when those guards reported the stone had been rolled away to Caiaphas, not the Romans, to save face and avoid Roman wrath, Caiaphas gave them money, told them to stay shushed and sent them off for a few days at Miami Beach.

So neither Pontius Pilate nor the Devil knew. Satan was satisfied that “his threat” was over.

What Caiaphas inadvertently purchased for the Christian movement was 50 days. This allowed the risen Christ to reveal Himself to many of his followers, then ascend into Heaven 40 days after the Resurrection, followed by Pentecost, 10 days later, where His disciples would join with other followers numbering up to 120, all anointed with the Holy Spirit and the gift of tongues, who would start out in dozens of directions…while Satan snoozed thinking the threat had passed.

No one is sure just when Satan finally did find out, but he didn’t know when Paul began his missions a couple of years later, so it was a big head start. Scratch may not have known until the Romans started killing Christians under Nero in Rome 30 years later. In some places they still do today. (Just don’t expect The Hill or Washington Post to report it.)

So for some eastern churches, it was all thanks to Caiaphas, that Satan would miss Christ’s final curtain call, changing History forever.

De Lawd, He sho do work in mysterious ways.


So, In the “Who Dat Who say Who Dat? when I say Who Dat?” Department:

What does this new Congress’ impeachment of a man who is no longer president have to do with anything even remotely constitutional or for that matter, even sane? Is it driven by revenge? Getting even? And if so, for what? Did you know that the Supreme Court can end this “impeachment” simply by refusing to preside over the trial?

Is it driven by hate? Pure unmitigated, visceral, from-the-gut hate? Or maybe even fear, which Ayn Rand and also many psychiatrists now agree can be a building block of a certain kind of psychopathic hate.

If so, and I submit that it likely is, is this hate a component of a broader social insanity, including the ability to not recognize, or even deny it when one sees it? (Does “cognitive dissonance” fully cover it, or is it a much deeper condition, not just of the actors but of the witnesses…who obediently comply as if everything were normal? After all, America, at least its 20% upper echelon, jointly approved of the election of man who is clearly at some level of debilitating dementia, and that every word he has spoken since August, 2020, beyond “I gotta go potty” or “nice looking little girl” has been scripted by someone else. And that the 80% of every person who has seen Joe Biden, even in the most antiseptic of situations, have instinctively known this to be so.

A charade? Kabuki.? Or an alternate reality? And ultimately, should the remaining, and arguably sane, 80% be forced to go along with the scam.

With that in mind, Logic (common sense) infers that the vast majority did not vote for Joe Biden…thereby making the probability of a stolen election entirely probable…but about which I won’t go into here, since I am not speaking of how a rational, sane 60%-minimum of the voting people in America, without any real power (as we now know) except for the vote, view this entire process. (Yes, I’m sure a few old Democrats (probably from Jersey or Chicago, union stewards and the like) simply took it upon faith that whoever the Democrats are that are actually running the show behind Joe Biden’s curtain, that they will benefit from it. Accountants on Wall Street in the 1920s would have felt the same way about Warren Harding and Calvin Coolidge. “Whoever the Republicans put up will be fine.” And yes, in the 1920’s their educations in American patriotism would have been just as sparse then as it is today. “Patriotism is for country hicks, right?”)

So, is it the insanity behind Joe Biden’s simple dementia that alarms people?…or is it the casual acceptance of powerful people who should know better, almost all inside the government class, plus the Media? What’s in it for them? Are they believers or merely profiteers?

They should know better. Right?

So, yes, it’s likely a conspiracy, and more likely, a criminal conspiracy. And the 55%-60% who voted for Donald Trump in November believed their overwhelming vote would end it. And indictments and prosecutions would follow. Only they didn’t.

Nor did the orderly process of proving the fraud, which remained in the hands of the state class, and the courts refused to budge, not a one hearing a single drop of evidence, refusing actually, even though they saw enough on television to know there was more than just smoke to this fire.

So, the people have had to add one more institution to the bonfire of their trust in government.

That was when it really got insane, the day after, when the sane hicks of America finally understood the magnitude of the power of an insane state class, which can only be defined in terms of medieval kings, only recently married to modern Marxist China, the corporate directors of Apple, Amazon, Disney, and Google (who taught China 20 years ago how to trap and put citizens in jail simply by going on the internet) and dozens more.

The American majority had officially become mere numbers. Villeins the French called them in the 13th Century; Peasants, the Bolsheviks in the 20th.

Here the ability to distinguish between power-driven insanity, as Larry Arnn of Hillsdale so expertly analyzed in his “Orwell’s 1984 and Today” in the Dec, 2020 issue of “Imprimis” has simply melded with the “mere” seekers of wealth and status such as Mitch McConnell, or the simpler status and wealth greed at the Lincoln Project. (I don’t even have to bother to try to distinguish an old Nancy Pelosi from a young Ocasio-Cortez. The hate is the same, only one has the power, while the other wants it. )

Yes, seeking wealth and status is a kind of insanity, just as wanting to touch little girl’s prepubescent breasts is, and both are easy to deal with…but only in a sane world managed by moral people. But when they align with this level of insanity….

And then there are those 26,000-30,000 troops in Washington, 2000 of which, we’re told but can’t seem to confirm, have been deputized as US Marshalls, which is an enforcement branch, not protective branch, answering only to the DOJ. Are the troops all National Guard? And from what states? And why Air National Guard? From Hawaii?

Who sent them or ordered them to be there? Their governors? What is their chain of command? The Congress? The President? The Pentagon? Why are they still there? Or is DC about to become our next Vietnam or Iraq, where we just can’t seem to bring the troops home once deployed? Is the fencing and razor wire coming down any time soon? Do I need a special passport or note from my teacher in order to meander along the streets? Are fences to keep us out, or keep the government in?

Of course, rumors and gossip runs amok, and conspiracy theories are everywhere. None of which I believe, by the way. But I do take notes.

But the greatest conspiracy in the history of our country, much larger than Aaron Burr’s to create a new country under the protection of Spain, is staring us square in the face. Burr only had a few hundred get-rich-quick land opportunists to back his play. And they were all smitten by a standard kind of insanity; greed.

Lastly, no one in the media is asking any of the simpler questions I’ve raised earlier in this post. From HuffPo to Newsweek to Washington Post, New York Times, Fox News, ABC, CBS, no one is asking. Even Newsmax and OANN, who, bless their hearts, probably don’t yet know what to ask. Some see themselves as part of thrilling new chapter in world history, one in which they are entitled, by birth and by intellect to be a part, to a seat around the great council.

Today they number in the millions and their aim is world power, not knowing, as History has proved time and again,  that among their “colleagues” sitting around that conference table comprised of the Zuckerberg-types, Iger-types, Sulzbergers-types, and Xi may be the next Hitler. Krupps and Hugenberg never did see it coming either.

Today’s conspiracy is muti-faceted. And the common component, I surmise, is that One Ring to rule them all, (JRR Tolkein’s words), appears to be Hate; an uncontrollable and savage hate…of the Good because it is Good (Ayn Rand)…and average…a hate which they all share, and is directed at the 70% of producers who now refuse to roll over…whose self-worth is found in that Constitution and that Man’s ability to sneak away and build an empire for all men while Satan snoozed…

…leaving the United States as representing the last man standing against that empire that Old Clootie once ruled for thousands of years without any competition.

We no longer need to sort them out. As the old Crusader command, “Kill them all, let God sort it out” (“Caedite eos. Novit enim Dominus qui sunt eius.”) implied, the Lord will know His own. Only among the power-seekers I’m seeing these days, God would not claim one as His own.

Only no, we don’t have to kill them. After all, what drives them is fear. Give fear a chance.

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