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It’s Fear that Drives the Left’s Hate

Only two weeks ago I published, “The Genesis of Hate as a Religion in America” which was a synopsis of Ayn Rand’s book of essays about what she called “the Age of Envy” as she understood them in 1970, or what I call its “first generation”.

We are now in the third and you can see for yourself.

According to one observer, “Envy is therefore a combination of covetousness, nihilism, and schadenfreude” (gaining pleasure from someone else’s misfortune), hatred of the Good for being Good.

                “They do not want to own your fortune, they want you to lose it; they do not want to succeed, they want you to fail; they do not want to live, they want you to die.”

The Atlas Society (an Objectivist website) and Marilyn Moore, posted this in 2019, bringing their central theme into modern times, and while I don’t subscribe to Objectivism (I’m a Christian even) I recommend many of Miss Rand’s clinical observations, especially on these subjects she wrote about in this period, 1964-1971.

I recommend Rand’s Return of the Primitive, which can be purchased (used) for under $20. It contains all her most important insights into the psychopathy we’re now seeing run amok on our streets, its centerpiece being the one cited here, “The Age or Envy”. There’s also a peep inside the original campus takeover at UC-Berkeley (1964) and several more, woven together to portray an evil sub-culture at its beginning. My copy is heavily under-lined.

But my theme today is about Fear…

…which Miss Rand noted was a driving factor in what drives “haters”, which I outlined in “Ayn Rand’s Children of the Damned, a 1971 Prophecy Fulfilled” at RedState.com around 2010, republished here in 2017. .

That fear today is embodied in Donald Trump, and explains why they can’t just want to defeat him then drive him out of office. They must destroy him and his memory, and scatter his existence into the wind. Pardon the oxymoron, Miss Rand, but Donald Trump is the “antichrist” of three consecutive generations, each larger then the former, from Nancy Pelosi in the 60s, to Christine Blasey-Ford and Kamala Harris in the 80s, to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez in the 2010’s. Trump is the crucifix held up before Dracula.

(And yes, I know, there are males in this swarm, too. But what distinguishes the Left’s modern males, it Swalwells and Schiffs, from its leading females, is a fear that has already occurred, and that is the act of emasculation. The sovereignty of the modern mania-driven Left is found in its matrilineal line, something about which Miss Rand may not have been aware. In cosmic truth, they are leaderless.)

But Donald Trump is that Alpha-male, feared by both. He is America’s most successful small businessman in that he refused to turn his companies over to Wall Street boards of directors (see “emasculation” just mentioned) then live the good life from revenues. He is hands-on by nature, even in the sub-levels of his companies, from legal to accounting to marketing and day-to-day operations. Only small businesses do that anymore. That is what defines them. But Trump has the same sort of genius for the day-to-day minutiae of running a business as did Howard Roark, Ayn Rand’s fictional hero of “The Fountainhead” (1948) bending over a table of blue-prints. (In this context, this speech is worth a couple of minutes of your time.)

The Donald Trump’s of history have always been out there, and I’ve had the good fortune to observe a few up close, on three continents, since some actually sought me to pick my mind about biznez in Amerika, from the old Soviet Empire days. What was most remarkable about them is that they understood their limitations…whether geographic, historic, political or economic. The fictional Howard Roark, for instance, was content to remain a great architect. He didn’t strive to become governor. His genius extended to common sense, simple reason, and cause-and-effect, which is almost untaught in today’s modern culture.

I think Donald Trump wanted to become president because he observed a perfectly designed machine that was only running on two-cylinders and he knew how to fix it, a process which involved those very same elements.

In four years, no one can find a single feather of that American eagle he has attempted to pluck. He is the only American elected politician in memory who has actually lost money at his job.

So, you can imagine what his vision and skills have done to those people who had fleeced that machine nearly clean, and became rich and powerful in the process; the Ellsworth M Toohey’s (you’ll have to look him up, also from “The Fountainhead”, a perfect name and likeness for the type). By 2016 they had brought America to a place, by every law of Nature and History, it had to come; sink or swim.

But we could never fully appreciate the intoxication of Toohey’s-thinking in America until Donald Trump exposed the deep recesses they had been hiding on the conservative Right, the #NeverTrump’ers in, of all places, “National Review”, Bill Buckley’s creation, and all the castrati now found there, not to mention the @LincolnProject, all because they never knew (versus “forgot”) the transcendent nature of what “being American” actually meant. Instead, much like First Century Christian Gnostic-Greeks, they couldn’t abide a philosophy even Ma and Pop could grasp. “Love thy neighbor as thyself.” Where’s the profit in that? They have to believe that only the brighter minds can grasp this notion of human freedom. Not the People. ““Villeins (serfs) you were, villeins you are, and villeins you always will be.”, as one English duke said when they put down the serf-revolt of 1371.

Before Donald Trump the Ellsworth (and Karen) Toohey’s of America hadn’t been fearful of the American people since the Great Depression. In 2010, Obama woke them up, then in 2015 Donald Trump volunteered to lead them. The Left’s most instinctive fear is of those they can’t manage and control, which is why they have to bring the clamps down once Donald Trump is removed.

A Fourth of July celebration. St. Helena Island, South Carolina, 1939.

Now they are too late. And they are doubly afraid.

America has had several men and women who had the vision to know what their legacy would be before they would die. The history of literature, art, invention, even politics is filled with them, and it was because they aspired to reach things above the grasp of normal men. Donald Trump’s love of America is just such a transcendent thing, and he has already, in four short years, reawakened in well over 70 million of American adult men and women, parents and grandparents like… but also quite a few million youngsters, who make it all worth the effort. Imagine how that might turn our in another 30 years.

If great men ultimately fail, lesser-historians will gleefully line up to try and detail why they failed to please the audience. But Donald Trump’s story is not yet fully told, he still has the opportunity to render all those bios financial busts from the outset.

“If \” by Rudyard Kipling, courtesy of  Dan Scavino


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